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Race Report 2020 Issue 1

Round 1 of the Australian Kart Championship

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Race Report 2020 Issue 1

  1. 1. ISSUETWO Australian Kart Championship Round 1 at Tailem Bend, SA HBR2020
  2. 2. ello, I am Hugh Barter, 14 year old Australian-Japanese go kart racer. I have been racing since I was 5 and my dream is to be an F1 champion. Since worldwide outbreak of COVID- 19, I have been doing remote study for school at home and my go kart races in Australia have been postponed and the calendar is still to be announced. At the moment, I am focusing on the sim-racing and my fitness at home almost every day. It is very patient time for everyone, but I am thinking in a positive way that this is the period to establish ability. So please stay safe and healthy for everyone!!! As soon as the restriction of COVID-19 eases, I will start to drive Formula 4 cars to prepare for the following years. Please follow my progress and journey as I establish my motor racing career. I hope you enjoy the Hugh Barter racing race report. H N O T E F R O M T H E R A C E R
  3. 3. HUGH’S RACING S C H E D U L E S 2020 AUSTRALIAN KART CHAMPIONSHIP (KA2 CLASS) Round 1 28 Feb – 1 March, Tailem Bend in SA Won! (Following races postponed due to the CV-19 later this year) 2020 AUSTRALIAN KART CHAMPIONSHIP (KA2 CLASS) Round 2 Ipswich in QLD Round 3 Newcastle in NSW Round 4 Packapunyel in VIC Round 5 Port Melbourne in VIC 2020 Rotax Pro Tour series (JUNIOR MAX CLASS) Round 1 Port Melbourne in VIC Round 2 Ipswich in QLD Round 3 Eastern Creek in NSW Round 4 Wodonga in VIC SPONSORS FOLLOWME INSTAGRAM @hughbarterracing Facebook @hughbarterracing Twitter @Hugh Barter WEBSITE
  4. 4. SIMULATOR RACING riving simulators are used for entertainment as well as in training for driver’s education. Driving simulators are being increasingly used for training drivers all over the world. Research has shown that driving simulators are proven to be excellent practical and effective educational tools for driva ability. Hugh’s recent driving simulator was contributed by Steve Brown. Steve is one of his racing friends as well as supporter of Hugh’s racing carrier. Steve built and set up his driving simulator machine with professional devices such as Fanatec steering wheel, pedals and shifter kit, etc with driving simulation software. The high spec simulator comes really close to actual driving. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, A lot of racers in the world started Sim-racing, which is online simulator racing. Hugh joined Evolution racing team (online sim racing team) and compeated in a lot of different category in Australia and international races every week. He is especially practicing to drive fomula cars with the simulator to prepare himself for the upcoming years.
  5. 5. BODY FITTNESS ugh used to go to Fitness Gym twice a week and trained his muscle with his personal trainer. However since worldwide outbreak of COVID -19, all gym and fitness club have been closing, so Hugh keep training his body by himself. He focuses onto physical exercises which are plank, upper muscles, lower body muscle, neck and flexibility. Hugh also will start training of hand-eye coordination, memorization and reaction time for future Formula 4 season. He has got assistance from 321 PERFORM in France. 321 PERFORM is a training center whose expertise is used for the development of the professional drivers in their care. By integrating themself into the center, after having established their requirements profil, these drivers will follow the scientific development program dedicated to them. Mature drivers will make a career in F1, LMP1, WRC Rally..., and like Sébastien Ogier (6 times World Champion WRC), Esteban Ocon (driver Mercedes - Force India F1 2018). 3.2.1 PERFORM 2 route de Las Devese 66120 Etat, France E-Mail : Tél : +33 (0)9 81 85 79 10
  6. 6. ichard Mille Young Talent Academy. If that name looks familiar, it’s one found on the sides of the cockpits of F1 cars. Successfully launched in 2018, the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy will offer a chance for Birel ART/ Ricciardo kart racing drivers from around the world to make their mark in single- seaters this October. The result of a close collaboration between the Richard Mille brand - the Swiss based watchmaking company and the Birel ART group, this completely free training and talent detection operation will award the 2020 winner with a full season in the FIA 2021 French F4 Championship. Hugh was selected one of 10 drivers between the ages of 14 and 18 from 5 continents. They were chosen according to their potential and will meet on the famous Bugatti Le Mans circuit for the active phase of the RMYTA, season 3, for two days to evaluate their physical and mental capacities, as well as their driving skills in FIA F4 single-seaters. Hugh will even more focus to prepare (driving skill, fitness and mental strength) for this shoot out for the next 2 months.
  7. 7. P +61 3 9421 3488 F +61 3 9421 2744 420 Burnley Street Richmond Victoria Australia 3121 Hugh Barter Racing is delighted to announce that Maranello Motorsport has become our sponsor. Special thanks to the CEO of Maranello Motorsport, Mark Coffey to be a part of Hugh’s racing journey. Maranello Motorsport buys/sells road and competition Ferraris as well as prepares cars and driver training to elite standard with personal mentoring. Maranello Motorsport is a GT racing team that is competing in the Australian GT Championship. Maranello Motorsport was formed in the late 1990s by Mark Coffey to enter Australia's then premier sports car racing series, Nations Cup. Maranello Motorsport has the biggest stable of racing Ferraris in the country and a hand-picked showroom of used and new Ferrari road and race cars. Maranello Motorsport won the 2014 and 2017 Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour at the Mount Panorama Circuit. Contact Maranello Motorsport
  8. 8. This is the 10 years of Hugh Barter. Hugh was born in Nagoya, Japan and is growing up in Melbourne, Australia with Japanese mother and Australian father. Hugh has always loved anything with wheels - his tricycle, his bike and, of course, his toy cars. Even at age 3, Hugh was fixated on driving. At the race event at Phillip Island, he drove a racing simulator on site around Mt Panorama - not an easy track to drive. Many people witnessed his gifted talent - ability of driving. Hugh was then given a PlayStation 2 with pedal and steering wheel for his 4th birthday and a go-kart for his 5th birthday. Hugh’s passion for motor sport is infectious. Since he first pulled on a helmet, his focus has been on his ultimate goal: to become Formula 1 World Champion. As soon as he got a go kart racing licence on his 7th birthday, he started racing. Since then, he has spent almost every weekend on a race track. Hugh has been racing and very competitive in the junior elite class in Australia and Europe. He consistently finished in the top three of the field. Hugh is not only competitive racer but also exceptional sportsmanship racer. Hugh was awarded “The Jason Richard Memorial Award” in 2017, which recognizes both outstanding competitive achievements and exceptional sportsmanship. Hugh Barter became the first Sub-Junior and first non- Senior driver to be awarded. THE JOURNEY SO FAR
  9. 9. He “can’t wait” for race weekends and is always pushing to improve his race craft. Hugh listens to feedback and makes the desired corrections using his technically knowledge that has developed over the years.. Hugh has extraordinary self-discipline and understands that racing takes a lot of hard work and persistence. He is very conscious of his health and understands the commitment required to race at the top level. This year, Hugh was selected by Australian Formula 1 star Daniel Ricciardo Kart Factory team, to lead their campaign in three of Australia’s elite karting categories for the 2020 season. Hugh and the team are planning to start practicing to drive Formula 4 car and attend Richard Mille Young Talent Academy in this October in France. He is inspired to reach his dream of becoming a F1 champion by reading autobiographies of past and current racing champions. Hugh Barter is one of those with the dream, and with the aspiration to move into Formula 4. The end game here is Formula 1. Date of birth: 15 September, 2005 Birthplace: Aichi, Japan Lives: Melbourne, Australia Current Class: J-Max & KA2 & KA3 Interests: Racing, F1, Online Racing Goals: Win Australian Championship
  10. 10. mbition: Become a Formula 1 Champion
  11. 11. nyone whose come into contact with Hugh Barter will realise this little dynamo represents a unique opportunity for companies and global brands. Hugh has been racing karts for last 10 years and trains every day on his simulator with a view to improving his race results at every event. He has a very deep and knowledgeable understanding and continually hones his race craft in the knowledge that winning World championship means self-discipline, commitment, hard work, dedication and persistence. Hugh is completely focused on his goal to reach the top level and succeed. Hugh’s talent, enthusiasm and results in racing have not gone unnoticed. Being coached by one of top kart drivers, Hugh’s great temperament and infectious personality has attracted private sponsorship and over 200 thousand Facebook followers. But to succeed his racing carrier he needs help and support, so is currently seeking sponsorship and financial support from business, corporate and multinational companies to form long term relationship. For more info on Hugh contact: SPONSORSHIP
  12. 12. F R O M T H E R A C E R A very special thanks to my sponsors that keep me going around the truck and chasing my dream. Page Tasman Freight Carroll Goldsmith Lawyers Amato-Design GOODLIFE HEALTH CLUB TRYDEL – UP & GO 888 PROPERTY GROUP PENRITE OIL PANTA RACING FUEL CAM BOX - MECA INURZONE GYMLAB Brighton VolkswagenXenon Technologies Pty Ltd ZIPPY TIE MAN CC RACING
  13. 13. Issue Three: ` HBR2020