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  3. 3. Conventions I’ve Applied are…The stage presence of the band members, one conventional stance for a band video is for them to stand with the singer in front of everyone else and the guitarists and bass player at either side, usually the drummer is at the back of the stage, however I didn’t need a drummer as the song doesn’t have any drum beats in it. I also used the high of the characters to show the roles of the importance of each member. Another convention of a music video of any kind is that you show footage of the band playing either on stage or in a practice room of some kind. <br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are… there aren’t any conventions that I’ve subverted in this shot. <br />Camera Work…In this particular shot the camera stays still and focuses on a wide shot of the three playing or singing. The idea of this is so it sets the scene, so you know who’s in the room and it feels as if your in the room watching them. I set up the camera at this position so that the scene is filled with the band. <br />Lighting… Within this room in stay free there are two high windows which let in a little light. And a few smaller lights scattered on the ceiling. These lights are all on different switches. I turned them all on so that the band was lit up and in the spot light.<br />Music…The music in this shot is part of the song.<br />Mise-En-Scene… Within this shot the cloths the characters are wearing are all generic rocker/ everyday clothing. <br />Intertextuality…The intertextuality of this shot is just the instruments that have been used in the band. These represents that this is a band playing and not just a gathering of friends. <br />
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  5. 5. Conventions I’ve Applied are… In this shot the rose is being put on the floor. Usually there are no extreme close ups within a music video<br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are… The whole concept of having an extreme close up in the video is stretching the conventions slightly. <br />Camera Work…Within this shot I have used an extreme close up of the rose. The camera stays still and doesn’t move around the rose.<br />Lighting… The general lighting within this shot is bright but not too bright to distort the picture.<br />Music… The music within this shot is part of the song by flyleaf.<br />Mise-En-Scene… Within this shot is a grave stone, grass and the rose. <br />Intertextuality… The rose itself has the symbolic meaning of saying bye to a loved one. <br />
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  7. 7. Conventions I’ve Applied are…I have taken the footage from the back of the character so that you could see the cross that the character is standing in front of.<br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are… the thing I did with this shot that differes from the conventions is that I was moving the camera back whilst zooming out to reveal the jesus on the cross. Conventionally the camera would only just be on the shoulder of the character.<br />Camera Work… I moved the camera backwards (aided by 3 skateboards)and zoomed out of the action in this shot.<br />Lighting… the only lighting that I used in this shot was the diagetic lighting from the sky. <br />Music… The music in this shot is from the song. <br />Mise-En-Scene…Within this shot there is a few trees that are behind the jesus on the cross. These are diagetic. <br />Intertextuality…The intertextuality in this shot is the cross which symbolises the christian faith and the rememberance of the dead.<br />
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  9. 9. Conventions I’ve Applied are… There are usually close ups of the singers in a music video as they make you feel closer to the band. This I did. <br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are…I didn’t challenge any conventions within this shot.<br />Camera Work…In this shot the camera is fairly close to hannah’s face, this is so that you can see the lyrics that hannah is saying. <br />Lighting… the lighting in this shot are the same as all the other band shots in this room. There are lights that are all lit up so that you could see the details in the shot. there is one light in the room which points directly at the position that hannah was standing in. <br />Music…The music is from the song.<br />Mise-En-Scene…wihthin this shot we see the microphone in which hannah is singing into and the wall of the room this just emphasises that they are being recorded in a band practice room. <br />Intertextuality… the microphone is the ideology which suggests they are in a practice room.<br />
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  11. 11. Conventions I’ve Applied are…In this shot we see the character cassie in the graveyard. Cassie is supposed to be a ghost which fits into the graveyard scene. Conventions of this are that you get long shots rather than close ups. So in this sence it is not a convention I have followed.<br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are… see above.<br />Camera Work… this shot is part of a longer scene where by the camera starts off being faced at hannah and then it does a 180 degree turn to reveal a gun and then cassie’s ghost holding it. This is to fit in with the lyrics.<br />Lighting… the lighting in this shot is just the diagetic lighting from the sky.<br />Music… the music is again from the song. It was the bit where she sings… ‘and my sister cassie pulled it’<br />Mise-En-Scene… within this shot we see the graveyard in which half of the video is shot. Within this grave I make it so it is where the characters that have died in the columbine shootings have been burried. <br />Intertextuality… the graveyard in the distance of this shot represents where the dead are burried.<br />
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  13. 13. Conventions I’ve Applied are…having some footage of the band members playing the guitar, usually you have a close up of the person playing an instrument. I’ve done this and I have taken it from an angle where you see the drum kit to emphasis the fact that it’s in a practice room.<br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are…usually you get a close up shot of the strings being held down or strung from right in front of them. I decided to change this and take the shot from an angle that’s slightly higher so that you could see exactly what is happening at one time.<br />Camera Work… Still camera at a midshot of the boy and the guitar. The camera is around level with the guitarists eyelinegiving me you a sence of being equal to the guitarist.<br />Lighting… The lighting is diagetic within the band practice room.<br />Music… from the song.<br />Mise-En-Scene… we see the bass drum from the drum kit which emphasises the fact that it is in a band practice room. Bam id wearing an outfit that fits in with a hard rockers style, and with his hair being the colour it is, it suggests that he has a colourful personality.<br />Intertextuality… the instruments tell you that your in a musical room.<br />
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  15. 15. Conventions I’ve Applied are…having a long shot to show some of the action is one of the generic conventions of a music video.<br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are…I have set this is a school and normally in Christian rock video’s you don’t set it within a school. <br />Camera Work…the camera is at a distance from the acting. The camera is still and slightly to the left of the action.<br />Lighting…the lighting in this scene is diagetic and is all from the class room in which I was recording.<br />Music… the music in this shot is also from the song.<br />Mise-En-Scene… in this shot is tables and several books which have been put out in an attempt to make it look like a busy classroom however this didn’t really work because they’re isn’t too many people in the room. The use of the gun in the shot help to tell you a part of the story behind the song.<br />Intertextuality… the gun might represent the death of those that would have been killed.<br />
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  17. 17. Conventions I’ve Applied are…I have applied the use of a crowd.<br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are… I have used a different kind of remembrance service in order to get the crowd.<br />Camera Work… within this shot the camera moves from the left and rotates to the right whilst slowly zooming in to Hannah who is in the far right of the crowd. <br />Lighting…the lighting in this shot is all diagetic. <br />Music… the music in the shot is again in the song.<br />Mise-En-Scene…within this shot we see lots of different groups of people whom are all at the remembrance service for one reason or another. The use of different community groups represents the scale of the loss at the time of the columbine shootings.<br />Intertextuality… the scouts represent one of the groups that have suffered from the shootings.<br />
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  19. 19. Conventions I’ve Applied are… the use of an extreme close up of the guitar and the strings being strummed. <br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are…I have followed the conventions in this.<br />Camera Work…the camera stays still and isn’t really close to the guitar.<br />Lighting…all the lighting is diagetic.<br />Music…the sound is from the song.<br />Mise-En-Scene…this shot is of the guitar and a hand playing it. The use of the guitar tells you automatically that it is a music video.<br />Intertextuality… The use of the guitar tells you automatically that it is a music video.<br />
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  21. 21. Conventions I’ve Applied are…having an angle that fills the screen. <br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are… The fact that this is a shot that is repeated twice to form one shot is unusual because the majority of the time its all recorded in one shot. Also usually when a shot is recorded like this you see the character singing the lyrics whilst looking at the grave stone.<br />Camera Work… the camera is stationary and behind the grave stone. <br />Lighting… all of the lighting is diagetic.<br />Music… the sound is from the song.<br />Mise-En-Scene…thisshot is full of the scenery of a graveyard. It shows that the song has something to do with death. <br />Intertextuality… the top of the gravestone tells you that this is some sort of remembrance video.<br />
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  23. 23. Conventions I’ve Applied are… the use of a long shot from an angle is a conventional camera shot, for any type of video where the character is looking up at something.<br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are… the scene in which the camera has been shot it. The houses in the distance are not conventionally shown in anything with a graveyard in it.<br />Camera Work… the camera is stable and doesn’t move within this shot.<br />Lighting… all the lighting in this shot is diagetic, from the sky.<br />Music…the music is non diagetic as it is from the soundtrack.<br />Mise-En-Scene… within this scene we see the stones on which the jesus on the cross is perched on and we see the edge of the church. This all sets the scene so that we know we are in a churches courtyard. This links in the idea of Christianity.<br />Intertextuality… there is nothing in this shot that really represents anything else that isn’t in the shot.<br />
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  25. 25. Conventions I’ve Applied are… the rule in which the band member is in half of the shot. This tells you that it is the person that needs your attention more than the background setting does. <br />Conventions I’ve Subverted are… there are none.<br />Camera Work… the camera stays in one position throughout the shot. It is a mid shot of the character showing the main parts of the setting. <br />Lighting… the lighting is diagetic.<br />Music… the sound is non diagetic and comes from the sound track.<br />Mise-En-Scene… within this scene is the graveyard in which the scene is set. <br />Intertextuality… the graveyard represents the remembrance of others.<br />