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  1. 1. ALTLANTIS Natalia Arias Chamorro
  2. 2. • The firs time that atlantis exist in our records is in some dialogues from Platón, since then raises the hypothesis of the existence or not of this "continent"• It is a mystery because from Platon account, not very large indeed, have created thousands of hypotheses that defend and attack this story in order to create controversy or to explain other phenomena in the earth.
  3. 3. • Aristóteles while being pupil of Platón denied its existence.• It was located west of the Strait of Gibraltar, an island larger than Africa and Asia combined.• The cataclysm occurred, according to Platon, 9500 years before he writing such things.• It has held up by aliens• This empire has disappeared in the middle of the Atlantic, Indian, British Isles, France, the Canary Islands, Cuba, Yucatan, in the Andes, in Arabia, Greenland and Antarctica, among other places
  4. 4. The best hypothesis continent talks about this, saysit was the cradle of a civilization rich in minerals likegold and silver and also was highly developed inevery way, putting the other continents theirdescendants. They had kings, as the story had builttemples, palaces, ports and shipyards, and enslavedsome of its neighbors. When you set out to conquerthe eastern Mediterranean, were defeated byAthens and an earthquake and a flood submergedthe island continent in the ocean in a day and night.
  5. 5. • Any continent or island of dimensions as described could have been submerged or flooded leaving evidence of it• Is probably that it had been confused by Platon, with another island or country that in really exist• Is interesting and funny how the text of Platon, mounts of centuries later, had caused a lot s of controversies