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Que Seja Assim - Storyboard English


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StoryBoard for the animation Que seja assim

Published in: Design
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Que Seja Assim - Storyboard English

  1. 1. StoryBoard | Que seja Assim
  2. 2. • Music • Camera moviment •Scene Subtitle
  3. 3. Eu quero saber Saaa.... Pan - around the character Camera stops at front view The bright light is inside the mirror, the “door”. She is enchanted - Blink. Detail plan Ela looks ahead...Searching for something ... and sees the bright light beeeer Saber... Saaaaber...
  4. 4. Tem quem não sabe o que é amar Instrumentos Ela walks to the mirror - She wants to see the bright light She gets closer to that... ...but the bright light goes away She gets closer... ...and gets scared by the image in the mirror - her masked version The masked one calls her... Stablishing shot - Ela and the mirror Close in Ela Porque tem medo Porque tem medo
  5. 5. ... to put the mask on her and dominate her. When the mask is on... The mirror cracks - the”door”to the bright light is gone. Mirror’s explosion - shrapnel everywhere Ela tries to take the mask off... cross fade - transition Zoon out Quase como amar demais Mas é só medo Mas é... só meeeee... dooo..
  6. 6. But it is to late, now she wears the mask, embracing her inner monster. Then strat a conflic inside her. Ela succumbs and falls onto the shrapnel She cuts her hand, starts bleeding Detail plan - Pan fallowing the blood Pan fallowing the blood | stops when the kid starts to grow. Medium plan The liquid becames the kid. The essence. Não cabe à ninguém avaliar O que é, o que vai dar Só lhe peço um favor não me deixe A mercê do tempo, a mercê do tempo uhhh... voz: uhhh... eeee aa ee aa ee auê... iiiiiii....
  7. 7. Eu quero saber Se eu já devia começar a te esquecer ...a gente tem que compreender The kid plays with Ela, to give the strength and life back to her *changed* The mask goes away in Ela’s spin (see video. ref) Ela thanks the kid The mirror is rebuilt, as the door to the bright light. Ela realizes the others character make part of her. But now she can control then. Que seja assim Que seja assim E alguma coisa a gente... ...tem que compreender
  8. 8. The kid is gone. The essence stays Ela goes find her bright light. voz: iiii... Storyboard por Natália Faria