Cutting-Edge Link Building Strategies in a Post-Penguin SEO World


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Google's Penguin Update has changed SEO forever, especially effective link building. That's why we've created innovative linking strategies proven to succeed in a post-Penguin SEO world!

We introduce these new strategies and show you how to master post-Penguin linking.

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  • WelcomeExcited to have you attendLinking is still the most important aspect of rank generation
  • Today we are going to be walking through the link building story the happy, go lucky era before Penguin where manipulating the search engines with links was really easy.To Penguin hitting the web and changing the scene for everTo us responding to Penguin with an effective new strategy which is better and in more sustainable. We’ll look in detail at our new linking strategies.We then move on to look at the future And finally end with Q&A
  • Easy to build linksGoogle results were highly manipulatedLow quality anchor texted links generated resultsLinks alone could rank a siteIt didn’t matter too much where the links to your site were coming from
  • Background on Penguin
  • Penguin hitsThousands of sites get link warnings and penalizationsGoogle penalizes bought linksLink schemesBlog networkssitewide linksbad neighborhoodsover done anchor text
  • What was affected
  • So how has the landscape changedAnchor Text Diversification – 65%RelevancyTrustPowerVaried FootprintCost
  • Model winnersWhen there is a shakeup there are always winners and losers.So the question is what were the winners doing
  • Does Susan need to sell her sole to the Devil to get links
  • Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. In modern browsers, it is often blue and underlined.Search engines use this text to help determine the subject matter of the linked-to document.If your keywords are in the anchor texts of links pointing back to your site, Google crawlers see you as being incredibly relevant for those search terms.
  • Link Research ToolGet some examples of Toxic and Suspicious links
  • Diverse linking created an expansive online footprint. This is what gives your site a great liking profile that keeps it looking natural and authoritative. And this is what helps drive rankings on Google.To create an online footprint, you need backlinks with:RelevancyTrustPowerAnchor text diversification
  • Link Superhero
  • Most comprehensive link menu You want to look natural and at the same time have a huge Internet presenceLink sources from across the Internet
  • Article written and published on relevant blogOnline PR with powerful backlinks500 words and 3 backlinks per monthBlog outreach to hundreds of websitesSocial media promotion of each new blog post
  • Custom design and creationImplement on your websiteSEO optimized landing page PR outreach to top sites and bloggers20-40 quality backlinks Syndicate the infographic to top industry sites, blogs, social networks and infographic directories
  • Video creation if needed (additional cost)Profile creation and optimization onpopular video sitesDistribute video topopular video sites and video bookmarking sites50 backlinks per month
  • Create monthly presentations based on industry and company newsMarketing presentation will be well-researched, styled, and include several graphicsDistribute to popular document sharing sites20 backlinks per month
  • PowerPointsHowTo’s
  • Generate monthly audio files promoting your business Create profiles on many popular audio sharing websitesDistribute the audio clip to popular audio sites each month25 backlinks per month
  • Create 1 classified ad per monthPromote your top products and servicesDistribute the ad to the top free classified ad sitesEach classified ad distribution will promote unique content and quality backlinks ads75 links per month
  • Create 1 coupon per monthPromote your top products and servicesDistribute to the top free coupon sitesEach classified ad distribution will promote unique content and quality backlinks 25 links per month
  • Create 1 event listings per monthPromote your corporate newsCreate company profiles and distribute the events to popular websites such as Eventbrite25 links per month
  • Setup a storeon a virtual shopping mallCreate profilesGet 25 new backlines
  • Submit your company and product listings to industry relevant directoriesProfiles and content will include keywords and backlinksOptimized anchor texts and follow links Incredibly powerful and drive immediate rankings & SE traffic
  • Submit your company and product listings to relevant social media bookmarking sitesOptimized anchor texts and follow links Incredibly powerful and drive immediate rankings & SE traffic
  • We will submit your blog to the most popular blog directories Create profiles on blog directory submissions Profiles and content will include keywords and backlinks Promote your blog content to new audiences
  • Create RSS feed for your company blogWe will distribute your blog feed to 75 popular handpicked RSS feed directoriesDetailed reports including the list of RSS feed directories used along with the screenshots of each submission available Promote your blog content to new audiences
  • Cutting-Edge Link Building Strategies in a Post-Penguin SEO World

    1. 1. Cutting-Edge Link Building in Post-Penguin SEO WorldBernard MayPresidentAdam de JongMarketing Manager
    2. 2. The Link Building Story Looking Natural Before Penguin The Impact Our Response The Future Q&A
    3. 3. History of Penguin
    4. 4. The Days Before Penguin
    5. 5. Penguin Algorithm Change
    6. 6. April 24 2012: Penguin Strikes
    7. 7. Agenda
    8. 8. Penguin’s Impact
    9. 9. Looking Natural
    10. 10. Pre and Post Panda
    11. 11. Penguin NaturalLooking Winners
    12. 12. Looking Natural
    13. 13. What is an Anchor Text?
    14. 14. Anchor Texts
    15. 15. Types of Links
    16. 16. Deep Linking
    17. 17. Link Source
    18. 18. Trust and Link Juice
    19. 19. Creating an Online Footprint
    20. 20. Responseto Penguin
    21. 21. Link Generation Menu
    22. 22. Link Generation Menu Classified Ad DistributionOutreach Link Building Coupon DistributionGuest Blogging Event DistributionInfographic Marketing Local CitationsContent Link Building Ecommerce DistributionPress Release Directory Link BuildingSquidoo Industry Relevant DirectoriesInfoBarrel Social Media BookmarkingPitch Engine Blog Directory SubmissionsApSense RSS Feed SubmissionsMultimedia Link BuildingVideo DistributionPresentation DistributionDocument DistributionAudio DistributionImage DistributionPromotional Link Building
    23. 23. Outreach Link Building
    24. 24. Guest Blogging
    25. 25. Infographics
    26. 26. Infographic Marketing
    27. 27. Content Link Building
    28. 28. User Generated Content Sites
    29. 29. Multimedia Link Building
    30. 30. Videos
    31. 31. Presentations
    32. 32. Documents
    33. 33. Audio Files
    34. 34. Images
    35. 35. Promotional Link Building
    36. 36. Classifieds Ads
    37. 37. Coupons
    38. 38. Events
    39. 39. Local Citations
    40. 40. Ecommerce Stores
    41. 41. Directory Link Building
    42. 42. Industry Directories
    43. 43. Social Media Profiles & Bookmarks
    44. 44. Blog Directories
    45. 45. RSS Feeds
    46. 46. Future Of Linking
    47. 47. Complex Linking Will Be Costly
    48. 48. Content Exchange
    49. 49. Obvious Linking Will Be Penalized