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Born To Be Wild 3D - Educational Poster


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Born to be Wild 3D will inspire you! National Wildlife Federation has teamed up with the film to empower you to take action. Learn more about these amazing animals and find out how you can help protect them--and also help wildlife where you live.

Published in: Education
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Born To Be Wild 3D - Educational Poster

  1. 1. Born to be Wild 3D is a story of the remarkable bond between humans and animals. It is about love,dedication, and saving endangered species one life at a time. In the film, you’ll meet baby orangutansand elephants who have lost their families. You’ll also meet the extraordinary people who rescuethese orphans. Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas works with orangutans in the lush rainforests of Borneo.Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick works with elephants on Kenya’s rugged savannah. Together, they andtheir teams are raising these incredible animals and returning them to the wild.Hey Kids, Parents, D i d y ou k n owand Teachers! • A m a le Afr ?Born to be Wild 3D will inspire you! NWF has teamed ic a n e le p h a n t’ • A m a le ora s tu sk s ca n be up with the film to empower you to take action. Learn n gu ta n’s a rm 8 f ee t lon g !more about these amazing animals and find out how ti p t o ti p ! s ca n s tre tc h 8 f e e t fromyou can help protect them—and also help wildlife • An a d u lt Awhere you live. fric a n e le p h a p ou n d s of m n t p oop s a bou a n u re a d a y. t 200 • Download the Official Educators Guide at • An a d u lt m a le ora n gu ta n • E le p h a n ts w ei gh s a bou t u se t h e ir t ru 200 p ou n d s.• Watch the the trailer and meet filmmakers n k s to b re a th and conservationists working to save sh ow e r, a n e, s n if f, d p ic k t h in gs u orphaned wildlife at • O ra n gu ta p . n s bra ch ia te ( m e a n s th e BR AY-k e e -a yt y u se t h e ir a rm ) . Th is • Visit for crafts, games, to b ra n ch . s to s w in g from b ra n ch and all kinds of animal fun! • Mos t sc ie n ti st s p la ce e le n e a r th e top o p h a n ts a n d o f th e li st o f th ra n gu ta n s a n im a ls. M e w orld’s s m a a k e you r ow n l rt e st of h ow t h e is t se a n im a ls a re si m il a r a n d h ow t h e y a re d if fe re n t. You w il l be su rp ri se d by w h a t you l ea rn a bou t th em !© 2011 National Wildlife Federation. Permission granted fornon-commercial educational uses only. All other rights reserved.
  2. 2. Go Wild!
  3. 3. What’s her job? Studying wild orangutans and helping orphaned orangutans return to the wild. Where does she work? Borneo, Indonesia What are her biggest achievements? • Keeping up the longest-ever study of a wild mammal by a single scientist (40 years). • Founding Orangutan Foundation International to support orangutan conservation.dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas • Setting up the Orangutan Care Center, where 330 orangutan orphans are being rehabilitated right now. oranGuTanS and elePHanTS are endanGered SPecieS. learn WHy Jou rn a l and WHaT you and your faMily O bs e r v a t i on can do To HelP THeM aT Ke e p a n ade a bi g d i f fe re n c e WWW.nWf.orG/BornToBeWild ts h a v e m o d o t h e i r w ork , o sc i e n t i s i m a l s. T Th e se t w m a n y a n h a n ts a n d i n t h e l i v e s of ta n d t h e e l e p o MeeT a Wildlife Hero: o u n d e rs h e y h a d t t h e y fi rs t h a d t ta n d t h e m , t dr. daMe daPHne SHeldricK o u n d e rs i m e . What’s her job? Raising orphaned elephants ora n gu t a n s. T e f u l l y f or a l on g t l l s ? C h oose h e m c a r ki obse rv e t i e n t i s t ’s s e w i l d , (and other endangered animals) and returning u n e u p you r sc e i n t h them to the wild. Wa n t to t c a n e a si l y obse rv i m a l you n ot e book Where does she work? Nairobi National Park in Kenya, Africa a n a n i r re l . Ke e p a d or a squ ot i c e a n d What are her biggest achievements? su c h a s a bi r d ow n w h a t you n u w ri t e le : • Making a special milk that helps orphaned elephants w h e re yo r e xa m p t h i n k . Fo a l d oi n g ? live. Before she figured out the right formula, baby w h a t you you se e t h e a n i m t h ot h e rs elephants couldn’t survive without their mothers’ milk. • Wh a t d o l i n t e ra c t w i e a n i m a • Teaching more than 50 keepers how to rescue and • Ho w d oe s t h rehabilitate animals at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. ind ? t w h y t h e of i ts k u h a v e a bou • Seeing some of the orphans she raised return to the e a s d o yo t h i n gs ? Wh a t i d n wild, have babies of their own, and then bring the babies • e s c e r t a i a n i m a l d o back to meet their human family.dr. dame daphne Sheldrick