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The next wave of digital disruption in retail and hospitality_CDW_Intel


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The next wave of digital disruption in retail and hospitality_CDW_Intel

Published in: Retail
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The next wave of digital disruption in retail and hospitality_CDW_Intel

  1. 1. The Next Wave of Digital Disruption in Retail and Hospitality
  2. 2. Andy Szanger Director, Corporate Sales David Dobson Global Industry Director, Retail, Hospitality & Consumer Goods
  3. 3. Transformation is no longer a choice – it’s a business imperative Most common pain points: Transformation in Retail Making it work with a lean staff Cost of deploying and running a solution Additional training for their sales associates Creating a good change management process for technology adoption Introducing risk into the environment
  4. 4. Transformation in Retail Retailers across the globe are rapidly developing digital commerce strategies to capitalize on the $4.5 trillion market opportunity digital transformation presents Is it worth it?
  5. 5. AI’s Place in Retail AI creates an opportunity to bridge the gap between virtual and physical sales channels AI could save retailers as much as $340 billion annually by 2022 When it comes to AI, do you lack the right internal resources and skills?
  6. 6. Case Study: Computer Vision Utilized enhanced deep learning neural networks to take analytics to the next level The Power of Machine Learning Source: things/solution-briefs/intel-vision-products-business-brief.html
  7. 7. Visual Retailing Sources: • Digital signs capture 400% more views than static signs. • 62% of shoppers prefer self-service and self-checkout to human interactions. • Quick-service restaurants that offer diverse forms of digital signage represent 20% of the digital signage industry today. • Digital signage reduces the perceived wait time at checkouts by as much as 35%.
  8. 8. • 2020 + 2021: Time to deploy technology, particularly AI • Implement AI and ML solutions to gain insights into your data • Continue the conversation: Where We’re Headed Join us in Booth #3663 for a Bring IT On session