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Tech talk provide right content and better customer experience with a modern pim riversand_lavelle

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  1. 1. Provide Right Content & Better Customer Experience with a Modern PIM DOUG LAVELLE IT Management Consultant
  2. 2.  Nation’s leading resource for educational products.  Largest school supply and school furniture distributor in the country.  110,000 products from more than 2,000 manufacturers.  Each of SSI’s companies is one of the top providers in their niche educational market in the United States. School Specialty brands address the full spectrum of educational needs, from basic school supplies to furniture and playground equipment, to standards-based curriculum solutions. Overview In the K-12 Marketplace
  3. 3.  20 years of IT/IS Management and Technical experience  MDMCenter Implementation for School Specialty  Lead implementation of a full ERP (Infor M3) solution for OtterBox  Over 9 years with Staples/Corporate Express as the Director IS Contract Systems, responsible for leading the development and architecture groups of e-Commerce, PDM, ERP, SFA, Process Architecture and Technical Architecture DOUG LAVELLE IT Management Consultant Overview
  4. 4. Managing product data with an ERP is not feasible for a customer obsessed enterprise Highly customized ERP implementation - unnecessary applications and no longer supported - 61% of ERP implementations take longer than expected. - 74.1% of ERP projects exceed budget. Tight Ecommerce integration - Limited product representation - not enough to cater to different requirements Outdated platform - Difficult to maintain and costly to change - Multiple legacy systems used in Federal government which are more than 50 years old. Business has to perform manual process & procedures Not enough checks or process control ERPEnterprise Resource Planning CRM & Sales Customer Web Portal Distribution Time & Projects Dashboards Finance Purchasing Manufacturing 1. 2. federal-government/128599/ Customer experience for internal and external resources is negatively impacted
  5. 5. ELT Acquisitions never fully integrated Weak Economy Overly customized ERP, tight eCommerce integration The Perfect Storm *Panorama ERP Study School Specialty Story  Rebuild SSI Culture  Build customer connections  Grow Revenue
  6. 6. School Specialty Decision De-couple many key capabilities from the ERP  Ecommerce  Product Information  Customer Information  Salesforce automation Provide much needed advancements while decreasing the footprint and complexity of an aging ERP
  7. 7. PIM Fit in the SSI Enterprise Supply Publish ERP Images PIM Critical Path Management Develop Video Ext. Source e-store Print Mobile Web Enrich Translate Classify
  8. 8. PIM Enriched Content with PIM  Change data means change code and QA – Costly  Single representation – Hinder ability to modify customer facing attributes  Flexibility to enrich items with more attributes with configurations  Agile  Author data for ecommerce engine ERP
  9. 9. PIM Multiple Hierarchies with PIM  Complex to manage different representations & categorizations  Different requirements for Finance, Sales, Ecommerce  Internal teams competing for their view  Create different hierarchies as per requirements and manage products within PIM  Ecommerce hierarchy  Print hierarchy  Finance hierarchy ERP
  10. 10. PIM Data Quality & Workflow with PIM  Little visibility of incomplete data  No workflow  Complex Batch jobs  Not tuned for new ecommerce requirements  No ability to assign roles by item attribute  Visibility into data accuracy  Validation at data entry  Visibility of the incomplete data to the right people  Simplified & automated jobs  Queue for merchants for items they have to work on ERP
  11. 11.  Know your business requirements from each department  Capabilities & functionality centric approach  Objectify your business goals This is NOT solely a technology decision, it MUST be made in partnership with the organizations that will utilize the system! How do you choose your PIM
  12. 12. How do you make the implementation a success  Multiple mini UAT’s  Agile course correction  Train business users  Phased Implementation - Better ROI Partnering with the business users throughout the UAT’s is key to their buy-in and the implementations success!
  13. 13.  Lower TCO & quick time to market  Single unified web based interface  Smart sheet capability  Look at product data from quality metric perspective  Multi Domain functionality – extend similar ecosystem to products and customers Riversand aligned with SSI on the philosophy of flexible multiple UAT’s which helped in making the project successful and achieve our business objectives. SSI Riversand PIM Solution