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Tech talk how innovation is the currency in todays engagement economy yesmail_fisher

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  1. 1. Innovation Is the Currency In Today’s Engagement Economy Michael Fisher President: Yes Lifecycle Marketing September 27th, 2017
  2. 2. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 2 • Marketers need the right data management processes and platforms in place to create a humanized engagement model that transforms their businesses into an insights driven one capable of effectively engaging today’s complex customers. • How does innovation create more effective marketing programs and effectively close the measurement gap that plagues many marketing organizations? – Coordination of communication across channels – Common measurement around the “Customer” rather than channel or campaign – Let Insights lead the way! Innovation For Today’s Engagement Economy
  3. 3. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 3 Every decision we make as marketers has an economic consequence. So shouldn’t all decisions be tied to fact based insights?
  4. 4. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 4 • Sent same day at 7:20 am • Same Shirts Different Price
  5. 5. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 5 • Display Ad Click-thru • No free shipping incentive • Sent 6:46am • Free shipping incentive • Female focus • Sent same day at 6:49am • Free shipping incentive • Male focus • Different % off incentive
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  8. 8. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 8 • Recognition of understanding the customer and not the channel or product • Integrating data that led to insights that led to actions that drive results • Triggering across channels • Measurement How Innovation Led The Way
  9. 9. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 9 Contributing Factors to Client Satisfaction: • Operational data management and innovation • Awareness and adoption support • Availability and integration of data and related assets Our Survey Data…
  10. 10. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 10 What We’re Hearing 70% said Improving Customer Engagement was a top priority Other priorities based on feedback from analysts, the market, and our customers: • Demand for a central command center • Insights living in all channels and part of every touch point
  11. 11. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 11 • 65% of marketers have some level of responsibility in 3+ channels • Average of 4.4 channels Marketers Have Cross-Channel Responsibilities
  12. 12. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 12 • Over 50% of email marketers have responsibilities in: – SMS – Social Media – Direct Mail – Display • Social and Display are critical for customer retention & engagement Importance of Cross-Channel Responsibilities
  13. 13. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 13 YLM Innovation Ratings: • New Products: +36.7% • Product Enhancements: +33.4% Yesmail360 (2017) vs. (2016): • Ease of Use/Intuitive: +21.9% • Available Features: +22.4% Product Innovation Ratings Up Dramatically
  14. 14. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 14 Frequency, Channel, & Response Rates Insights driven targeting with coordinated touches (frequency) and the “right” mix of channels make a difference in driving higher response rates 8.5% 7.4% 5.3% 2.0% 1.5% Response details Channel Mix Frequency
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  16. 16. Yes Lifecycle Marketing Confidential 16 Business Goals Program Campaign Message Business Goals Program Campaign Message • An effective data management & framework are critical to address measurement and insights gaps • In addition to traditional revenue and ROI metrics, defined metrics to address questions like: – Business: • What % of sales can be attributed to each marketing Channel? – Goals: • Which strategies and tactics were most effective at reaching goals? – Program: • What share of customer retention can be associated with each program? How Do We Close the Measurement Gap?
  17. 17. See for yourself @ Booth #1545