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How a culture of inclusion and workplace diversity positively impacts IT teams


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NRFtech 2019 presentation
Molly Ford, Senior Director, Global Equality Programs, Salesforce

Published in: Retail
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How a culture of inclusion and workplace diversity positively impacts IT teams

  1. 1. Creating a Culture of Equality @QueenMollyMol Molly Q. Ford, Senior Director, Global Equality Programs
  2. 2. The Decline of Women in ComputingThe Decline of Women in Computing
  3. 3. 35% increase of new hires were women last year 1 in 2 employees is in one or more Employee Resource Groups 47% of new college graduate hires in the U.S were women or URM +4% YOY Population of URM has increased and kept pace with rapid growth of company
  4. 4. Equal Pay Equal pay for equal work Equal Opportunity Inclusion for all in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Equal Rights Equality for every human being Equal Education Every child deserves a world class education Business as a Platform for Change
  5. 5. Empowering Our Employee Resource Groups 1,027 Abilityforce Asiapacforce BOLDforce Earthforce Latinoforce FaithforceWomen’s Network Southasiaforce VetforceOutforce
  6. 6. The Function of an Employee Resource Groups Inclusion Philanthropy Professional Development Provide a network to members of underrepresented communities and their allies. Champion causes impacting our communities and volunteer through giving back. Foster career development to enhance our workforce, mentorship networks and professional growth.
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  10. 10. Using the Platform
  11. 11. Business Value of Equality Impact of Unconscious Bias Equality Ally Strategies Inclusive Leadership Practices Internal: Ohana Groups Internal: Inclusive Hiring