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Going gaga for brands in La La Land


Published on 2017
Mondy Herndon, TOMS
Nina Ojeda, PRETE

Published in: Retail
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Going gaga for brands in La La Land

  1. 1. Going gaga for brands in La La Land Mondy Herndon, VP, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and CRM, TOMS Nina Ojeda, Columnist, Inc. Magazine, CEO & Founder, PRÊTE
  2. 2. 19 Using Emotional Connections to Reach New Customers
  3. 3. 20 Context Stickiness • Recession • Mortgage melt-down • Bank failures • Distrust of big business • Social Entrepreneurship • One for One Celebrity Influencers Malcolm Gladwell, “The Tipping Point” The Law of The Few TOMS Tipping Point The moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. TOMS
  4. 4. Kristen StewartZoe Kravitz Emma Stone Zac Efron
  5. 5. Changing Times: Slow Down in New Customer Acquisition Growth Plateau Sales driven primarily by loyal customers Decline of new customers Launch
  6. 6. Before CRM: Sales data Email Google DemographicsWith CRM: Catalog Social Media Sheer ID Loyalty Customer Service CRM: Data • Drives retention by enabling personalized experiences for loyal customers • Drives acquisition by using current customer profile to target “look-alike” customers Results: 18% increase in revenue from current and new look-alike customers YTD
  7. 7. Over-targeting brand loyalists (or people who look like them) can restrict the ability to reach new growth audiences. So how do we overcome this problem?
  8. 8. BEM: Emotional Connections Behaviors: Have consumers shown interest in (or exhibited behavior that indicates they might be interested in) a specific product or concept? Have they actively sought out or mentioned a specific product or concept? Emotions: What is the general mood of a nation? Are consumers displaying particular emotional responses to suggest they would be more receptive to certain brand messages? Moments: Has a trigger in politics, a natural disaster other real-world events caused a product or concept to become relevant? The BEM model allows us to combine consumer insights and triggers – including conversation scrapes, content emotion analysis and real-world events – with platform preferences to improve targeting and tailor messages.
  9. 9. TOMS’ Shared (Emotional) Values: Humanity, Fairness, Opportunity, Equality, Give Back, Being Best Self Mental health Gender Equality Cyber security Immigration Terrorism Poverty Economy/unemployment Government accountability Health/Wellness Environment Education Racism Current Loyal Customer • Older Millennial • 24-35 • Married • Children New Customers • Young Millennial/Gen Z • 16-24 • Single Shared Interests
  10. 10. 1997-1999 1991-1996 1986-1990 Facebook YouTube Instagram Snapchat Tumblr Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Target Communication Channels by Platform Usage GENZMILLENNIAL 2000-2003 1980-1985
  11. 11. = Fastest sell-through of Men’s product YTD Emotional Connection = Concern for the Environment Trend = New Administration’s Environmental Policy Changes, Sustainability, Renewables Channels = Facebook and Instagram Target = Millennials & Gen Z students, teachers, scientists, sustainably activists Test Case 1: Environment
  12. 12. Emotional Connection = Nostalgia Trends = Fantasy, Magic Target = Starbucks Unicorn, Unicorn makeup, Lisa Frank fans Channels = Facebook, Instagram Test Case 2: Fantasy
  13. 13. Uncovered a new customer segment by tapping into “gender blurring” trend. Ads served only to prospects 100% Sell Through in 3 days Paid social ROAS = $6
  14. 14. Brand: Harper Wilde Values/Emotional Connection: Empowerment, Equality, Fairness, Honesty, Comfortable in own skin, Best-self Shared Interest: Health and Wellness Trend: Girl Power Women's circles are trending because of their open- minded approach toward communal healing, touting wellness through authentic community connection. These organizations extend beyond the meet-ups themselves: Instagram, blogs & microsites create mentorships between founders and followers, allowing the self-improvement conversation to build organically every day.
  15. 15. From clubs to magazines, the women-only experiential-wellness movement has grown exponentially. In 2017 brands are witnessing a more confident consumer who seeks quality over quantity; someone whose fashion choices are deeply influenced by utilitarian purpose as much as style. Target Communities
  16. 16. Thank you!