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Bringing blockchain to retail


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Presentation from NRFtech 2018
Jon Nordmark, CEO and Co-Founder,
Argentina Moise, CEO & Founder, Bleexy

Published in: Retail
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Bringing blockchain to retail

  1. 1. Blockchain = 90’s Internet • Investment • Excitement • Use case visions History rhymes … • Path to maturity • Adoption curve • Evolution of protocols built on Blockchain More Profound Impact Source: Software Infrastructure
  2. 2. Blockchain Tim Draper Draper Associates and DFJ • “Blockchain and Bitcoin … open, transparent, frictionless, secure.” • Computationally-based society = profound • “This technology is bigger than the Internet.” • “While the Internet transformed music, communications, information, entertainment, and transportation … • “blockchain … will change institutional footprints, allowing …. • governments to be virtual, • banks to be unnecessary, • ownership to be ironclad, • insurance to be frictionless … • “Hackers will be out of business.”
  3. 3. Blockchain use cases by industry Blockchain use Cases list by industry: Blockchain … Reddit
  4. 4. =+ AI + Unprecedented use of PII Personally Identifiable Information AWS Internet of Things AWS Blockchain
  5. 5. © 2018 Bleexy & Chainyard - Confidential & Proprietary 07/06/2018 The World’s First Decentralized E-commerce Ecosystem Using blockchain technology, synchronized database and powerful encryption capabilities, along with its ability to generate smart contracts, retailers can gain early-mover advantage to more effectively collaborate and enhance trust across the value chain. © 2018 Bleexy & Chainyard - Confidential & Proprietary 07/06/2018
  6. 6. © 2018 Bleexy & Chainyard - Confidential & Proprietary Slide 1 07/06/2018 Today, the world’s most valuable resource is data
  7. 7. © 2018 Bleexy & Chainyard - Confidential & Proprietary Slide 2 07/06/2018
  8. 8. A Buyer places an ONLINE order with Retailer (A) selecting Price & Shipping Option A Smart Contract reviews fulfillment options; Initiates Retailer(A) to fulfill or get fulfilled by another Retailer(B) Retailer(B) issues delivery order to Logistics/Shipper (via Smart Contract) Shipper delivers product and gets Buyer attestation that gets recorded on Blockchain A Smart Contract triggers charging the Credit Card, and issues credits to Retailer (B) Audit Records and Transaction History are automatically created. Trace the end-to-end supply chain. The blockchain records the ORDER and sends acknowledgement to Buyer The blockchain records the FULFILLMENT ORDER based on Retailer POLICIES The DELIVERY ORDER is recorded on the chain All retailers have a trusted copy of the ledger and have the same view. Settlement transactions are calculated and payment advices are generated The POD is recorded on the chain and triggers and event to process the credit card Blockchain Smart Contracts in Retail © 2018 Bleexy & Chainyard - Confidential & Proprietary Slide 3 07/06/2018
  9. 9. Blockchain Retail System Architecture User Interface (Buyer / Retailer) Application Layer (REST APIs) ERP Connectors Data & Analytics APIs Off-Chain BL Layer Blockchain Layer Smart Contract APIs © 2018 Bleexy & Chainyard - Confidential & Proprietary Slide 4 07/06/2018
  10. 10. Join Bleexy Today: Thank you! Argentina Moise 703.731.7771 © 2018 Bleexy & Chainyard - Confidential & Proprietary Slide 5 07/06/2018