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2017 NGB New Varieties Flowers


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Excited to share the newest flowers and ornamentals for 2017. Our National Garden Bureau members bring you exciting, new flower and ornamental varieties for your home garden, containers, and patio pots.

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2017 NGB New Varieties Flowers

  1. 1. Flowers & Ornamentals New Varieties For 2017
  2. 2. Angelonia Archangel Cherry Red • Huge flowers • Thrives in extreme heat, humidity and drought • Great for a “Thriller” • Angelonia angustifolia Ball Horticulture Company
  3. 3. Begonia Megawatt • Flowers continuously late-spring through fall • Striking flowers, sitting above sturdy Stems for superior show. • Begonia interspecific PanAmerican Seed
  4. 4. Begonia Funky™ Pink • Unique "shredded" double flowers, outstanding color and texture • Breakthrough in tuberous begonia breeding! • Begonia hybrida Benary
  5. 5. Begonia Santa Barbra™ • Huge 2” (5 cm) flowers in clean white for an elegant, tropical look • Outstanding weather and drought tolerance • Begonia hybrida Benary
  6. 6. Begonia Topspin™ • Ideal for early spring through summer seasons • Great in containers or low edging areas of your garden under the shade • Begonia semperflorens Syngenta Flowers
  7. 7. Begonia Unbelievable Miss Montreal • Cold tolerant • Classic beauty • Compact mounding habit •Self cleaning • Begonia hybrida Dümmen Orange
  8. 8. Bidens Bee Alive • Excellent for attracting pollinators •Works great in combinations • Bidens Ferulifolia Ball Floraplant
  9. 9. Calibrachoa Aloha Nani Golden Girl • Boldest gold on the market! • Very well-behaved • Featuring an absurd quantity of oversized flowers in bold colors • Calibrachoa hybrida Dümmen Orange
  10. 10. Calibrachoa Paradise Island Fuseables® F1 • KaBloom™ Yellow, Denim and Rose varieties come together in an easy-to-sow, easy-to-grow multi-seed pellet • Calibrachoa hybrida Harris Seeds
  11. 11. Calla Pink Melody F1 • Produces large elegant blooms of white brushed with rose pink edges • Exquisite cut flowers too! • Zantedeschia hybrida Harris Seeds
  12. 12. Celosia Asian Garden • Outstanding robust branching habit • Knee-high garden plants • Pollinator magnet • Celosia argentea All-America Selections
  13. 13. Celosia Dracula • Novelty celosia that shows one dark-red flower atop purple-bronze foliage • Unusual shape and eye- catching color adds drama • Celosia cristata PanAmerican Seed
  14. 14. Coleus French Quarter • Its stunning colors and patterns hold in either sun or shade • Premium variety that is very late to never flowering • Solenostemon scutellarioides Ball Horticulture Company
  15. 15. Coleus Pineapple Surprise • An iridescent chartreuse with deep burgundy hearts splashed with green. • Solenostemon scutellarioides PanAmerican Seed
  16. 16. Coleus Fancy Feather Copper • Long feathery multi- colored leaves • Beautiful range of colors from copper and persimmon to magenta • Plectranthus hybrida Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.
  17. 17. Coleus Main Street Michigan Avenue • Holds its color even under high light conditions • Performs equally well in sun or shade • Solenostemon scutellarioides Dümmen Orange
  18. 18. Cosmos Cupcakes • Fused petals form deep cups • A mix of semi-double and single blooms •Novel cosmos resemble fluted cupcake wrappers • Cosmos bipinnatus Johnny’s Selected Seed and Park Seed
  19. 19. Cosmos Xanthos • The first true yellow cosmos! • Early flowering with 2.5" soft yellow blooms and a nice compact, well-branched habit • Cosmos bipinnatus Harris Seeds
  20. 20. Daffodil Lemon Ice • Large cupped narcissus • Slightly fragrant • 12-18” tall with 2-4” blooms • Narcissus hybrid Van Zyverden, Inc.
  21. 21. Daffodil Moonlight Sensation • Very heavy flowering daffodil with up to 5 stems per bulbs and 2 to 4 florets per stem • Provide a high focal impact • Narcissus hybrid Brent and Becky’s
  22. 22. Dahlia Fired Up • Enormous, red-orange flowers • Blossoms have quelled and twisted petals •Dahlia pinnata Longfield Gardens
  23. 23. Dahlia Magic Sunrise • Bright, flamingo pink dahlia with a glowing yellow center •Months of beautiful bouquets •Dahlia pinnata Longfield Gardens
  24. 24. Dianthus Supra Pink F1 • Lacy edges and a spicy fragrance, the plant combines well with other AAS winners • May over winter •Dianthus interspecific All-America Selections
  25. 25. Gazania Enorma Series • Bred for large flower size and glossy dark green leaves • A new series of Gazania in six colors •Gazania rigens Hem Genetics
  26. 26. Geranium Calliope® Medium • Tolerant for all types of weather, it thrives in hot sunny gardens and also performs equally well in partial-shady • Pelargonium x interspecific Syngenta flowers
  27. 27. Geranium Calliope® Medium Dark Red • Outstanding flower color, great branching • Unmatched when compared to regular zonal geraniums •Pelargonium x interspecific All-America Selections
  28. 28. Geranium Savannah Cerise Sizzle • Features dark foliage, medium vigor •Vibrant blooms atop well- branched geranium foliage • Pelargonium hortorum Dümmen Orange
  29. 29. Hen and Chick Gold Nugget™ • Unique golden color with red picotee edges during cooler temperatures. Bright green in summer. •Great for rock Gardens & ground cover • Sempervivum tectorum UpShoot LLC
  30. 30. Hydrangea Diamond Rouge™ • The reddest H. paniculata on the market • Start white and progresses to pink, raspberry red and finally wine red • Hydrangea paniculata Bailey Nurseries
  31. 31. Hydrangea Miss Saori • Chelsea Flower Show “Plant of the Year” • Vividly colored double petals have deep rose margins softening to white in the middle • Hydrangea macrophylla UpShoot LLC
  32. 32. Iris Eyecatcher • A lovely little new bulbous iris hybrid with multiple colors • It is great for forcing and has a grape-like fragrance • Iris reticulata hybrid Brent and Becky’s
  33. 33. Lewisia Elise Ruby Red • Flowers the whole season long • Due to its habit it is a nice plant that will do best in a container. • Iris reticulata hybrid Brent and Becky’s
  34. 34. Ligustrum Straight Talk™ • Perfect as a vertical accent in tight spaces • Flowers are white, followed by black fruit •Ligustrum vulgare Bailey Nurseries
  35. 35. Lupinus Lupini • A nice compact first year flowering garden plant that does not require cold to start flowering. • Lupinus polyphyllus Floragran
  36. 36. Mandevilla Sun Parasol® Apricot • Offers a pastel option •Centers have a darker orange ring in the center and soft peach petals • Mandevilla hybrida The Suntory Collection
  37. 37. Marigold Fireball • Fireball flowers open red, then turn to fiery bronze and dark gold as they mature. • Perfect for the patio in containers • Tagetes patula PanAmerican Seed
  38. 38. New Guinea Impatiens SunStanding Purple • Impossibly bright purple flowers over glossy green and bronze foliage • Naturally compact and uniform • Impatiens hybrida Dümmen Orange
  39. 39. Nicotiana Flowering Tobacco Garnet Gem® • Starry red flowers are trumpet shaped • Flowers completely covering the plant • Nicotiana hybrida Select Seeds
  40. 40. Ornamental Kale Yokohama F1 •Very unique, extra-curly fringed leaves. • Slow to bolt—longer and stronger performance in the garden. • Brassica oleracea Sakata
  41. 41. Ornamental Purple Ornamental Pepper Hot Pops Purple • Produces colorful little round pepper fruits that are attractive, but not for eating. • Start orange and mature to purple •Capsicum annuum PanAmerican Seed
  42. 42. Pansy Cool Wave® Pansy Morpho • Deliver easy spreading color in the ground • Make excellent hanging baskets for early spring. • Viola wittrockiana PanAmerican Seed
  43. 43. Penstemon Twizzle Coral • Features elegant spikes of delicate coral pink flowers. • Pollinator friendly • Outstanding garden performance • Penstemon barbatus Van Hemert & Co.
  44. 44. Penstemon Twizzle Purple • A natural and elegant plant habit • Strong upright stems and long airy spikes with graceful flowers • Penstemon barbatus All-America Selections
  45. 45. Pentas BeeBright™ • Great pollinator attractor • Vibrant color to brighten your garden • Pentas lanceolata Syngenta Flowers
  46. 46. Pericallis Senetti® Ruby Red • Thrives in temperatures as low as 38 degrees • Bloom count can be as high as 200 flowers • Pericallis hybrida The Suntory Collection
  47. 47. Petunia Amore™ Purple Hearts • Heart shapes on every flower, spreading a message of love and friendship • It is a true novelty •Petunia hybrida Danziger
  48. 48. Petunia Amore™ Queen of Hearts • Heart shapes on every flower, spreading a message of love and friendship • It is a true novelty •Petunia hybrida Danziger
  49. 49. Petunia Laura Bush Blend • Bred for heat tolerance and disease resistance • Mix of magenta, purple, pink, and white blooms • Petunia x violacea Botanical Interests
  50. 50. Petunia Success!® Pink Vein • Creates mounds of vibrant color in your hanging baskets; patio pots or garden beds • Hold up in the rain or sun and won't break open •Petunia hybrida Benary
  51. 51. Petunia Surfinia®Heartbeat • More compact in its growth but remains mounding in habit • Ideal for full sun or part shade • Petunia hybrida The Suntory Collection
  52. 52. Petunia Sweetunia Suzie Storm • Subtly-veined deep plum outlined with cheerful raspberry flower • Works well in containers and hanging baskets •Petunia hybrida Dümmen Orange
  53. 53. Gerbera Revolution Red Lemon • Great gift plant or indoor potted plant • Daisy-like mid-size flowers on compact stems with dark green leaves •Gerbera jamesonii Kieft-Pro Seeds
  54. 54. Russian Sage Perovskia Blue Steel • Exceptionally long blooming • Aromatic, silvery foliage that carries clouds of small blue flowers on strong silver stems • Perovskia atriplicifolia Kieft Seed
  55. 55. Snapdragon Candy Tops F1 • Are upright with sturdy stems providing better garden appeal • An abundance of blooms •Plays well with others in mixed containers •Antirrhinum majus nanum pumilum Sakata
  56. 56. Snapdragon Snaptastic™ • This flower is more resilient in the heat • Stronger stems provide support for less breakage •Antirrhinum majus Syngenta Flowers
  57. 57. Sunflower Early Black Heart F1 • Stunning color combination • Medium 7-8 inch heads • 100 % pollen less • Helianthus annunus Seeds By Design
  58. 58. Sweet Pea Old Spice • A great choice of an organic Sweet Pea that will do well in warmer climates • Lathyrus odoratus Terra Organics
  59. 59. Tulip World Peace • Successfully re- bloomed when planted in large containers of compost • Bright 55 mph colors on durable blooms • Tulipa darwin hybrid Brent and Becky’s Bulbs
  60. 60. Verbena EnduraScape™ Pink Bicolor • Hardy in the hottest days of Summer • Can take the cold down to low teens •Verbena peruviana All-America Selections
  61. 61. Viburnum Opening Day™ • Perfectly round, baseball size flowers that open with a tinge of green and mature to pure white • Viburnum plicatum Bailey Nurseries
  62. 62. Vinca Mega Bloom Orchid Halo F1 • Easy to grow, large flowers, vigorous plants and heat tolerance. • Catharanthus roesus All-America Selections
  63. 63. Vinca Mega Bloom Pink Halo F1 • Easy to grow, large flowers, vigorous plants and heat tolerance • Catharanthus roesus All-America Selections
  64. 64. Vinca Solar Avalanche F1 Series • Very floriferous, having larger, rounded flowers with overlapping petals • A great "Spiller" component • Catharanthus roesus Hem Genetics
  65. 65. Viola Corina Terracotta F1 • A unique blend of apricot and orange with a slight purple haze • Extremely floriferous, covering the plant in flowers • Viola cornuta Hem Genetics
  66. 66. Zinnia California Giants Mix • Organic Mix that contains Cherry, Orange, Pink, Scarlet, Yellow and White. • Flowers are very large and can become double flowers • Zinnia eleganz Terra Organics
  67. 67. Zinnia Profusion Red • New Red — the first true- red zinnia • Blooms which cover flower continuously from spring through frost • The bright color does not fade • Zinnia hybrid All-America Selections
  68. 68. Zinnia Queen Lime with Blotch •Special color green with rose more to the center • Zinnia elegans Floragran
  69. 69. Zinnia Queen Lime with Blush • Innovative and elegant • Mostly double and semi-double blooms • Zinnia elegans Johnny’s Selected Seeds