2014 NGB New Varieties Vegetables


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NGB members submit their new varieties of vegetables for inclusion in this program.

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2014 NGB New Varieties Vegetables

  1. 1. •Burpee Exclusive •Flowerless plants never bolt •Deliriously fragrant & flavorful •Produces all season - just won‟t quit •Tolerates warm temperatures •Harvest 60-120 days from transplant •Ocimum basilicum
  2. 2. •High-yielding Genovese basil •Upright, somewhat compact plants •Large cupped 4-inch leaves •Very uniform plant habit & leaf shape •Somewhat lighter leaf color •Choose organic or nonorganic seeds •Ocimum basilicum
  3. 3. •Red podded bean up to 24 inches long •Tender and very tasty, best used fried •Small seed with a very good yield •10 to12 foot vines •Harvest 75 days from sowing seed •Vigna unguiculata spp. sesquipedialis
  4. 4. •Compact plant perfect for window boxes, containers & small gardens •Disease resistance makes for reliable growing & strong garden performance •Slim, stringless, crisp textured, flavorful pods for snacking or cooking •Harvest 50 days from sowing seed •Phaseolus vulgaris
  5. 5. •Robust yield, strong disease package and truly outstanding flavor •Dark green, straight pods with slight sweetness, excellent tenderness •Seeds develop slowly within the pods so beans stay tender and “snap-able” for a longer harvest •Phaseolus vulgaris
  6. 6. •Phaseolus vulgaris
  7. 7. •A true baby beet well-proportioned even when young •Nice round taproot and smooth skin •Small, attractive tops help to form a well-proportioned bunch •Perfect for cooking or steaming whole •Beta vulgaris
  8. 8. •Gold exterior, deep rich color interior •Sweet and mild 2-inch round fruit •Tops are tender & sweet when young •Perfect for fall and winter salads •Very tolerant to foliar diseases •Beta vulgaris
  9. 9. •„Adelaide‟ is a true baby carrot •Has an early maturity, forming a blunt root tip at 3-4 inches long •Great for bunching & marketing as true baby carrots •Daucus sativus
  10. 10. •Vigorous deep purple standard carrot •Can grow a very large root 10” long •Very little core when given proper time to mature •Average maturity is 125-145 days •„Anthonina‟ is perfect for juicing •Daucus carota
  11. 11. •Exciting new high yielding, early, Georgia type hybrid •Wavy, lightly savoyed blue-green leaves regrow quickly after cutting •Upright plant has high ratio of blade to stalk, meaning more usable leaf per plant •Brassica oleraecea
  12. 12. •Snack-size 4-inch gourmet type •Thin skinned non-bitter fruit •Crisp, firm fruits can be eaten without peeling •High-yielding - starts producing and keeps producing for many months •Cucumis sativus
  13. 13. •Mini 3-4 inch spineless, seedless dark green snack cucumber •Excellent flavor •Pick daily for best quality •Parthenocarpic and gynoecious •Vining, requires staking •Cucumis sativus
  14. 14. •Prolific creamy white slicing cucumber was a favorite of taste testers •Remarkably uniform 7-8 inch fruits are consistently straight and abundant •Distinctive white color, tender skin, fresh sweetness, and pleasant crunch •Vigorous vines resist Powdery Mildew •Cucumis sativus
  15. 15. •„Raja‟ is white, „Suraj‟ is light purple •Heavy-yielding Indian types have round to egg-shaped fruits •Compact sturdy plants produce high yields of fruits 2.5-3 inches long •Great fruit shape for stuffing •Solanum melongena
  16. 16. •Sweet, mild tasting semi-savoy kale •Wonderful in salads and stir-fries •Leaf color similar to „Red Russian‟ but with white midrib and veins •Cold tolerant and hardy •Harvest 50-60 days from sowing seed •Brassica oleracea
  17. 17. •When cooked, has a creamy texture and is sweet like an onion •Edible, mild flavored stem resembles a long, fat green onion •Upright 2-3 foot tall fan shaped fruit •Requires plentiful and even moisture for good yields •Allium porrum
  18. 18. •Frilly loose salad heads 8 inches tall •Used for baby leaf, cut and come again, or grown to full maturity •Very sweet leaves and typically not bitter when heat stressed •Well adapted to container gardens or raised beds •Lactuca sativa
  19. 19. •Thick medium green flesh tinged with salmon around seed cavity •Unique spicy flavor •Vigorous vines bear 10 or more 3-5 lb. round melons with smooth skin •Harvest 80-85 days from sowing seed •Cucumis melo
  20. 20. •Exceptionally tender shoots impart the sweet taste of fresh peas to salads and cooked dishes •Easy to grow in the garden or indoors in a shallow tray •Best cut at 4-6” tall for fresh use •Psium sativum
  21. 21. •An okra from Asia •Reddish orange color •Produces pods 6 to 7 inches •Harvest at an early stage for most tender 50-75 days from sowing seed •Grow in full sun or shade •Hibiscus esculentus
  22. 22. •Considered a long “intermediate day” or a short “long day” variety •Sweet flavor dark red 1 pound onion •Boasts a strong root system •High yield & good storage potential •Resistant to pink root, fusarium & bolting •Allium cepa
  23. 23. •Blue podded soup pea •Spectacular 5-6 foot tall plant is so beautiful it can be grown as an ornamental •Requires staking •Harvest 80-85 days from sowing seed •Pisum sativum
  24. 24. •New specialty sweet peppers golden yellow „Aura‟ and bright orange „Glow‟ are shown with red „Lipstick‟ •Sweet, juicy, and thick-fleshed •Delicious in salads, salsas or roasted •Attractive 4-5 inch long tapered •Capsicum annuum
  25. 25. •Burpee Exclusive •Big beautiful sweet Marconi pepper •Bushy upright plants produce plentiful yields of 13-inch beauties that transition from green to red •Harvest 65-80 days from transplant •Capsicum annuum
  26. 26. •Poblano (ancho) pepper with mild to moderate heat •Nice for stuffing, grilling, chopping, salsa, or chili •High yields of uniform, smooth, dark green 2-lobed 6”x3” fruit that turn red if left on the plant longer •Capsicum annuum
  27. 27. •Beautiful elongated sweet bell pepper – harvest when bright red – about 60 days from sowing seed •Culinary must have – sweet, juicy, crispy crunch, smooth, firm & glossy •Consistent size and fruit quality •Capsicum annuum
  28. 28. ® •High yields of sweet dark green fruit •Well adapted for spring and summer throughout the United States •Blocky, smooth attractive fruit mature from green to red •Resistant to Bacterial Leaf Spot 0-3 •Capsicum annuum
  29. 29. •Oriental radish hybrid •Mildly spicy, good fresh or stir fried •2.5-3 inches long •Bright pink skin, white flesh •45 days to harvest •Raphanus sativus
  30. 30. •Beautiful festive blend of black, white, yellow and purple radishes •Round fruits 2 to 2½ inches •Adds spicy flavor and abundant color to your salad or relish tray •Harvest in 23-30 days •Raphanus sativus
  31. 31. •A small butternut that is an orange buff color •Grows 4-5 inches and weighs 5-8 oz. •Vining plant spreads 30-50 inches •Harvest 100 days from sowing seed •Some resistances to Powdery Mildew •Cucurbita moschata
  32. 32. •High-yielding hybrid spaghetti squash •Mild, slightly nutty taste •Similar size (2.5-3 pounds) to the standard OP variety •Excellent uniformity in size and shape •Harvest 90 days from sowing seed •Curcurbita pepo
  33. 33. •Personal sized Kabocha winter squash •Great ornamental and delicious edible •„Shokichi Shrio‟ is gray •„Shokichi Green‟ is green •Small single-serving size ½-1¼ lbs. •High yielding 6-10 fruits per plant •Cucurbita maxima
  34. 34. •Highest sugar content of any winter squash, gets sweeter during storage •Huge club-shaped fruit 8-40 pounds •Harvest 100 pounds or more per vigorous mildew resistant vine •Needs long warm growing season of 160-200 days from sowing seed •Cucurbita moschata
  35. 35.  •Exclusive to Johnny‟s - new group of small-fruited (25-30 grams) striped tomatoes with exceptional flavor •Shapes are elongated, round, miniplum and julienne •Colors are yellow, green, pink, purple, blush with varied striping •Solanum lycopersicum
  36. 36. •Burpee Exclusive •Prolific red cherry tomato •Great big flavor packed into 1 ounce •Patio-ready bushy determinate plants produce right into frost •Bumper crop of 300 little sweeties •Solanum lycopersicon
  37. 37. •Exceptional slicer tomato 5-6 oz. •Compact, vigorous determinate plant •Mounded, spreading habit •Early yields (63 days from transplant) of bountiful harvests •Perfect for patio containers and small gardens •Solanum lycopersicum
  38. 38. •Yellow cherry tomato with indigo anthocyanin pigmentation •Exceptional flavor, ideal balance of sugars and acids •Can have 8 fruit per cluster •Harvest 1 oz. cherries 80 days from transplant •Solanum lycopersicum
  39. 39. •10-14 ounce firm round beefsteak with good sugar and acid balance •Deep red color inside & out •Vigorous tall bushy determinate plant •Disease resistance to fusarium 123, verticillium, TSWV, Late Blight, moderate early blight and nematode •Solanum lycopersicum
  40. 40. •Burpee Exclusive - biggest tomato ever bred - up to 3 pounds •Loaded with true heirloom tomato flavor and head-spinning fragrance •Indeterminate plants produce gorgeous, humongous fruits 75-80 days from transplant •Solanum lycopersicum
  41. 41. •Burpee Exclusive •Early - 49-52 days from transplant •Round 5-6 ounce sweet juicy fruits •Disease tolerance to Verticillum and fusarium •Indeterminate – requires staking •Solanum lycopersicum
  42. 42. •Icebox type, has round shaped fruit •Personal sized triploid with average weight of 5-8 lbs. •Sweet flavored deep red flesh •Dark rind, almost black •Harvest 65-75 days from sowing seed •Citrullus lanatus