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Research into the global music for hotels market

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N1 phono tech_research_ph.2_15_06_2015

  2. 2. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 2 1.0 LUXURYHOTEL MARKET There is nointernationally accepted definition for the luxury hotel market. Whilstthere are several possibleindicators todefine a hotel market segment, the underlyingtrade andits key determinants – suchas location, property features, facilities, services, brandand operator– providean insightinto the segment. Capturinga property’sunderlyingcharacteristics andmarketpositioningas perceived by its guests, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) is a first point of reference in defining the segment. In Paris, the segmentationof the upperend of the market is relatively straightforward. The top performers form a distinctive set with pre-downturnADRsbetween €650 and€950, while the followers are further behindwith ADRs of between €300 and€400. Thereare very few properties tradingin between. In London, clear segmentationprovesmoredifficult as the difference in ADR between the top andthe following set is less pronounced. While topperformers in Londonreached ADRs from £400 to around£550, thereare several properties that directly challenge the top set. The global luxury hotelsmarket'sperformance has recovered from the slowdownrecorded at the beginningof the historic period(2009-2013)duetothe financial crisis and recession. Overall, growth was recorded in the four markets - Americas, Asia-Pacific,Europe, MiddleEast and Africa - acrossall key performance indicators(KPIs) duringthe historic period. Growth is expected to continueover the forecast period (2014-2018)supportedby therise in tourismflows andexpenditure. According to the Travel and TourismIntelligence Center's (Travel and TourismIC) analysisbased on40 countries aroundtheworld, the USwas the leader in the luxury hotel marketin terms of bothrevenue andnumber of establishments. TheUSrecorded revenueof US$43.9billionin 2013, whichis more than doubleits closest competitor, China, which recorded US$20.6billionin revenuein 2013 Growth in the Travel and Tourismsector in Asia-Pacific has provedbeneficial for the luxury hotel market. Rising middle class populationandeconomicgrowth have supportedtheincrease in touristvolumeand expenditure, consequently leading to rising demandfor accommodation. Internationalhotelierssuchas InterContinentalHotels, Starwood, Hilton, Marriott, andAccor cater to the luxury segmentin the region. Domestic hotel operatorsmostly focuson the budgetand mid-scalesegment In the MiddleEast and Africa, a large number of deals were recorded in SouthAfrica and the UAE. Political unrest andviolence in countriessuch as Egypt, Tunisia, andMoroccohas keptinvestorsaway. A total of 13 luxury hotel deals we completedin the UAE during the period between 2010 and2014 (September) while five were recorded in SouthAfrica during the sameperiod A large numberof leading global luxury hotel chains are based in the US, suchas StarwoodHotels and Resorts, MarriottInternational, andWyndhamGroup. Accordingto TTIC analysisbasedon 40 countries aroundthe world, the USwas the leader in terms of numberof luxury establishmentswitha totalof 1,017 luxury hotelsin 2013. Citiesin the USare amongthe leading and fastest-growingtourism destinations, whichfuels the demandfor luxury accommodation. Forexample, according the MasterCard Global DestinationCities Index2014, NewYork was the sixthmostvisited city in the world with an estimated 11.8 millionvisitorsin 2014. The luxury hotel marketin Asia-Pacific hasalso recorded growth. China was the largest market in terms of total revenue in 2013, followedby Japan, which was the leader in terms of numberof guestsat luxury establishments. HongKongrecordedthe highest revenue per available luxury roomandwas also the leader in terms of occupancy rate in 2013.
  3. 3. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 3 Russiaand Turkey were the two largest luxury hotel marketsin Europe in terms of total revenue in 2013. The UK, Italy, andFrance are also amongthe leading destinations. Duringthe historicperiod, the French luxury hotel market was the fastest-growingin terms of revenue while Turkey recorded the fastest growth in terms of numberof guests. France also recorded the highest growthin number of luxury hotels duringthe historic period. The UK led in termsof occupancy rate. Variations in performance are recorded in the luxury hotel marketin countriesin the Middle East and Africa. The Arab Spring revolutionled to political instability, unrest, andviolence in many countries, particularly Egypt. The Travel and Tourismsector in these countries suffered with significant decline recorded in international arrivals, consequently havinga negativeimpact on demandfor accommodation. On the otherhand, the popularity of countriessuch as the UAE as leading touristdestinationsin the Middle Eastincreased. A reportpublishedby InterContinentalHotelsGroup(IHG),‘Creating Momentsof Trust – the key to buildingsuccessful brand relationshipsin the KinshipEconomy’, suggeststhattowin guestloyalty in the future, hotelsneed to deliver a global, local andpersonalisedexperience. The research also showsthat personalisedbrandexperiences which resonatewith the local culture are particularly importantfor the fast-growingnumberof internationaltravellers from emerging markets. 2.0 BRAND RELATIONSHIPS The collision of these three dimensions, accelerated by the rapidrise of technology-enabled personalisationin recent years, is changingthe experience guests expect when they travel. Hotel brands thatare able to become truly “3D” – by delivering localised andpersonalisedexperiences throughtrusted global brands - will buildthe trust thatis needed to sustainlasting relationshipswith guestsand outperformin the future. Last year, IHG published:‘TheNew KinshipEconomy’, whichhighlighted a transitionfrom brand experiences to brandrelationshipsin the hospitality sector. Commentingonthe report, Richard Solomons, IHGChief Executive said: “This report marksa step-changein the thinkingthathas dominatedthetravel and hospitality industry over the last two decades. Hotel brandshavetraditionally concentrated onbeing 2D – how to be both global andlocal. Butour research showsthat the rise of personalisationmeansbrandsmustbe 3Din order to buildbothtrust andlasting relationshipswith guestsand to win in a highly competitiveglobal market. We knowthat ourguests trustIHG’sglobal brandsto deliver on a promiseof quality and consistency time and time again. But they increasingly expect these samebrandsto deliver localised and personalisedexperiences, whether they are travelling for businessor pleasure. Thatis why we have developedour ground-breakingHUALUXEHotels&Resorts andEVEN Hotels concepts, and why we are focused onsupportingtechnology-enabledpersonalisationacrossourbrandfamily.” The report, surveyingmorethan7,000 internationaltravellers, showsthat emerging markettravellers have been travelling more frequently thantheir developedmarket counterparts. Whilstthey are more likely to look to a global brandfor an assurance of quality, emerging market travellers are also more likely to makechoices basedon differences between hotel chains. This groupprize personalisationandfit with local culture mosthighly of thosesurveyed. Thesetrends pointto the importanceof trustedglobal brands being able to deliver the combinationoflocalised, personalised experiences. The report also showsthat initiatives thatallow gueststo create their own experiences throughtechnology are equally important,
  4. 4. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 4 particularly to the Millennial ‘LaptopandLatte’ businesstraveller group – which has the mosttrustin global brandstobe innovative. Findingsin the report include:  Global: Travellers think thatglobal hotel brandsdoa better job thanlocal hotelbrandson several dimensions, includingsafety andconsistency. Travellers also expect global brandsto do a better job at offering the mostinnovativefeatures andservices. This is especially true for the younger generation of businesstravellers - 75% of the Millennial 'Laptopand Latte' businesstravellers (a new traveller groupIHG identified in last year's KinshipEconomy Report)think that global hotel brandsdoa better job of being innovativecomparedto 66% of all travellers.  Local: Travellers now expect global brandsto be relevant in terms of local tastes, customsand cultures. Travellers from emerging marketshold thisview moststrongly – 68% of travellers from Brazil, 60% from UAE and58% from Chinadisagree with the statement“a global brandcan never be a good fit with local culture.”  Personal:For the majority of travellers the biggest benefit that personalisationdeliversis increased comfort duringtheir hotelstay – 59% of travellers say thattheir hotel stay will be significantly more comfortable. o Increased comfortis followed by the benefit of feeling morevalued by the hotel brand – 54% - and in emerging marketspersonalisationmakestravellers feel more respected by the brand. 62% of Chinese travellers agree that personalisationmakesthemfeel respected comparedto 39% of travellers from all countries surveyed. o 62% of Millennials said thatbeing able to access personalcontent – suchas moviesor music – would motivatethem to returnto a hotel comparedto 55% of travellers of all ages. 72% of travellers over 65 said a hotel thatmade it easy to makehealthy foodand beverage choices would motivatethem toreturn, comparedto 61% of Millennials.  Emerging markettravellers: The “new global explorers” – a new groupof travellers originating from emerging marketsidentified in last year’sKinshipEconomy report – have higher expectations for personalisationthantravellers from developedmarkets. 64% of Chinese and 62% of Brazilian travellers expect a hotel to tailor the experience they haveto their personal needs, compared to43% of US and42% of UK travellers. o Travellers from emerging marketsare also more likely to look to a global brandfor an assuranceof quality - 60% of Russianand54% of Chinese travellers versusapproximately 40% of USand UK travellers. They are also the mostdiscerning hotelguests – being more likely to report variance acrossbrandswhen they travel. o These travellers prize personalisationmorehighly thandevelopedmarket counterparts as well as trustingglobal brandsmore thanlocal with their personal data. 82% of Chinese and69% of Russianconsumersbelieve that a global hotel brandwon’tmisuse personaldata. 3.0 TARGET MARKET Over 61,000 newroomsunderconstructionThe Europeanhotel developmentpipeline at end December 2013 comprised864 hotelstotalling142,953 rooms, accordingtothe monthly Global Construction Pipeline Report by STR Global. These figures were upon November’spipelineof 813 hotels and136,032 rooms. What’sactually being built? There are over 61,000 roomsestimatedunderconstructioninEurope according to STRGlobal. The supply pipeline (including hotelsin the planningstage) is forecast to increase by 3% overthe next three years – althoughthiscan be expected to increase asthe economic backdrop improvesanddevelopers andinvestorssee new opportunities.
  5. 5. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 5 With demandcurrently outstrippingsupply inEurope, these levels are notconsidered an issue, although at a local marketlevel this couldbe a different story. Generally, Russia, UK, Turkey andGermany have sizeable pipelines and accountfor around60% ofthe 61,000 rooms. Someofthe largest increases as a proportionof existing supply can be seen in Moscow, Istanbul, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Edinburgh, Zurich, Frankfurt andVienna. Currently Dublin hasno new roomsin the pipeline. Upscale leads the charge Upscale segmentscompriseover half of the total underconstructionwith midscale roomsaccountingfor arounda quarter andeconomy andluxury, around13% and8% respectively. A further 5, 500 roomsare also underconstructionbutso far haveno affiliation, according to STR Global. HOTEL GROUPS - CHAINEDBRANDHOTELS(Europe & America / Lux, Upper Upscale& Upscale only) Brand Headquarters Locations Founded Hotels Rooms Luxury Upper Upscale Upscale Accor Paris, France Worldwide 1967, some of its brands predatethis 3,700 450,487 Sofitel,Thalas sa Pullman,MG allery,Mama Shelter Grand Mercure, The Sebel, Quay West TheAscott Limited Singapore Asia-Pacific, Europe, Gulf 1984 200 22,719 Ascott The Residence Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States and Brussels, Belgium Worldwide 1938 (Carlson), 1960 (Rezidor) 1,439 166,241 Quorvus Collection Radisson Blu Park Plaza, Radisso n,Radisson Red ChoiceHotels Rockville, Maryland, United States Worldwide 2006 6,372 497,023 Ascend Collection,Ca mbria Suites, Clarion Hotel Fairmont Raffles Hotels and Resorts Toronto, Ontario, Canada Worldwide 2006 105 42,000 Fairmont,Raf fles Swissôtel Hilton Worldwide McLean, Virginia, United States Worldwide 1919 4,115 [1] 678,630[ 1] Conrad,Wald orf Astoria Hilton Hotels & Resorts,Dou bleTree Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewoo d Suites, Home 2 Suites Hyatt Hotels Corporation Chicago, Illinois, United States Worldwide 1957 560 [2] 152,986[ 2] Grand Hyatt,Park Hyatt Andaz, Hyatt Regency Hyatt InterContinent al Hotels Group (IHG) Denham, Buckinghamshir e, United Kingdom Worldwide 2003 4,800 [3] 710,000[ 3] InterContine ntal Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Crowne Plaza HotelIndigo Marriott International Bethesda, Maryland, United States Worldwide 1927 4,087 [4] 697,000[ 4] BVLGARI, JW Marriott, Ritz -Carlton Gaylord,Marr iott,Renaissa nce Marriott Executive Apartment Millennium Hotels London, England, United Kingdom Worldwide 1972 120 30,939 Millennium Hotels ThePeninsula Hotels Hong Kong Asia-Pacific, North America 1928 10 The Peninsula Hotels
  6. 6. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 6 Regent Hotels & Resorts Taipei, Taiwan Worldwide 1971 7 Regent Hotels & Resorts Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Hong Kong Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America, Europe 1971 78 33,553 Shangri-La Hotels Traders Hotels, Jen Hotels Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Stamford, Connecticut, United States Worldwide 1969 as a REIT, 1980 as a corporation 1,200 [6] 335,415 St. Regis,Luxury Collection, W Hotels Westin, Le Meridien Sheraton Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces Mumbai,India India, USA, South Africa, UK, Australia 1903 125 [7] Taj Vivanta By Taj Gateway Hotels and Resorts Wyndham Worldwide Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, United States Worldwide 2006 7,342 627,437 Dream Hotels,Wynd ham Grand Collection, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts NOTES: Accor The Accor hotel groupremains at the numberone spot!At present, the Accor groupowns a staggering numberof hotels and rooms. There key to success can be attributedto their asset light-businessback strategy. If youobservetheir 2011 transactions, youwillbe able to clearly see how thisphilosophy was applied. Obviously, itworked for the last few years and is expected to work its magic in the years to come. Carlson-Rezidor Recent notable openingsin France, Sweden, Poland, UK, Hungary, Italy, theNetherlandsandGreece. Club Carlson, the group’snew loyalty program, was launchedFebruary. A partnershipwas also concluded with Club Medon Marchwith perkslike redeem pointsat vacationresorts. Hilton Worldwide The grouphas providedover 8,500 jobsinEurope alone andit still plansto expand. One of its best decisions in the 2011 wastheir acquisitionof MintHotels by Blackstone, theparent company of Hilton. This purchasewas for 947 million USdollars. The Hilton Hotels endedthe year with two openingsatthe Frankfortairport anda Hilton Garden Inn. NH Hotels (notlisted above) NH Hotel Group (officiallyNH Hotel Group SA,BMAD: NHH)is a Spanish-based hotel chain headquartered in Madrid.[1] NH offers moderately priced and modernly-furnished hotel rooms and lobbies, located primarily inEurope, Latin America, and Africa. NH Hotel Group ranks third in the European ranking for business hotels. The group has 347 hotels with over 53,000 rooms. NH Hotel Group currently has 54 projects for new hotels under construction, which would add almost 8,000 new rooms.[2] NH Hotels is a Spanishhotel groupthathad a awesome 2011 becauseof its subscriptionto its capital by the Chinese NHA group. At present, the NH Hotels have 356 hotelsand51, 453 rooms. However, the reasonwhy NH hotel groupis only at number6 is because their 330 million euro offer was retracted before 2011 ended. Melia International(notlisted above) Meliá Hotels International, S.A. (formerly Sol Meliá)isa Spanish hotel chain which was foundedby Gabriel Escarrer Juliá in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca. It is also knownas andreferred toby its former name of Sol
  7. 7. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 7 Meliá. The company is one of Spain'slargest domestic operatorsof holiday resorts[2] and the 17thbiggest hotel chain worldwide.[3] Domestically in Spainthe company is the marketleader in bothresort andurbanhotels.[4] Currently thehotel chain operates330 hotels in 37 countries on4 continentsunder the brandsMeliá, Gran Meliá, ME by Meliá, Paradisus, Innsideby Meliá, TRYP by Wyndham, SolHotels andClub Meliá. Melia Hotels international startedthis year with a contract with Jin Jiang, one of the best Chinese hotel chains. The agreementrevolves aroundexchangingcultural and managementexpertise. It alsoinvolves swap operationactivities of selected establishmentsthatare in Chinaand Europe. Melia hotel groupssee this as anedge to othercompetitorsas being uniqueis oneof the aspectsthat consumersor travelers look for. 3.2 HOTEL GROUP SEGMENTATION / HILTON CASE STUDY To better understandluxury hotel segmentation, thecurrent authorselected one brandfrom each segmentof luxury hotels to explain its characteristics and brandfocus. Hilton, No.1 UpperUpscaleChainhotel brand(in all categories) with 22.8% of Global demand, operates more than550 Propertieswith a totalof 193,064Roomsin80 countriesin 6 Continents(World Luxury Index, 2013). Hiltonbrandenjoys strongbrandawareness andbrandrecall in mostof its key markets where it operates, including U.S. (87%), Mexico (90%), Europe(91%), and Asia Pacific (90%). Inaddition, Hilton hasa diverse profile of ConventionCenterHotels, Resorts, Airport Hotels andCasinoHotels with a global sales mix: 34% Leisure, 32% Business, and34% Group(Miller et al., 2013). Representativeinthe category of luxury exclusive, Four Seasonsis the topsoughtafter exclusive hotel brand, with 4.8% of global demand. The fastest growingmarket of Four Seasonsis in the U.K., witha growth rate of 12.4% (World Luxury Index, 2013). FourSeasonsmanagestheoperationsof 90 hotels in 36 countries andis only targeted at 16 the luxury segmentof the global marketplace. FourSeasonsderived 69% ofits sales from businesstravelers andgroupsand 31% fromthe leisure sector (Timetric, 2013). Thetophotel in luxury major category is Ritz- Carlton, which embraces4.6% of global demand. Ritz-Carltonhasbecomea leading luxury hotelbrand by rigorously developingand implementinguniquestandards. Oneof its remarkable policies is to permit every employee tospendup to $2,000 torespondtoguests’ wishesand makingany single guestsatisfied (World Luxury Index, 2013) Globally, consumer interest in luxury hotels hasbeen rising - all three hotels categories within the five star universehas benefited from increased consumerinterest, butthe biggest rise was within the exclusive category. This includes brandslike Thai-ownedAnantara, Shangri-La, FourSeasonsandIndia’s Taj Hotel and Resorts, toname a few of the 27 namesin this space. These companiessaw a 9.6% increase in consumerdemandbased ona combinationof searches and bookings. TheFourSeasonswas the best of the bunch. American luxury hotel groupsHilton, Starwoodand Hyattreported the mostconsumerinterest worldwide. Shangri-Lahadthe biggest jump, . The majority of searches for ShangriLa Hotels originate in China, with 49% of the searches comingfrom there. Outside of China, online interest for the luxury chain is growing fastest in Brazil (+38%) and Taiwan (+29%). The mostsearched-for destinationsassociatedwith Shangri- La Hotels are Singapore, Paris, Shanghai, Bangkok andDubai.
  8. 8. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 8 Hotel revenues below pre recession in 2013 but data is showing industry is bouncing back.
  9. 9. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 9
  10. 10. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 10 4.0 BARCELONA Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain, with a populationofabout1.6 million. The city is knownfor its internationalappeal and standsouttoday asone of the world’sleading tourismcentres. Itswarm climate andmodernarchitecture attract the largest numberof touristsin Spain, 7.4 million touristsin 2012, ofwhich 78% were international. 2013 tradingIn2013 occupancy ratessaw a very slight increase from 71.3% in2012 to71.7% . Inaddition, ADR increased 3%, pushingupRevPARby 3.6%, accordingto data from STRGlobal. Despite the economic crisis, Barcelona’shotels were buoyedby healthy internationaltourismvolumesand by the fact thatthe city has held someimportanteventssuch as the SwimmingWorld ChampionshipandtheMobile World Congress, which helped toboosthotel occupancy. Latest supply trendsThe city providesa suitable location for the launch of niche hotel brands. Over400 roomsopenedrecently includingIHG’s new ‘IndigoBarcelona-PlazaCatalunya’ andtwonew ‘Mercure’ by Accor. In addition, CataloniaHotels has openedits new chain ‘Vueling’ by HC. In contrastsomechains have reduced supply e.g.GrupoHusawhich abandoneditsluxury hotel in Barcelona, the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I. An African hotel chain Mangalis, expects to open two new hotels in the city, onein 2014 nextto the airport andanotherin 2016 inthe city centre. OpportunitiesBarcelonawill continueto benefit from its role asa leading tourismdestination. A new project of note includesone of the mostspectacular buildingsin the city, the Agbar Tower, which will hosta new hoteland a conventioncentre and will attract meetings andevents. The Spanisheconomy continuedto deteriorate in 2013. GDP is expected to contract by 1.3% and unemploymentcontinuesto grow, reaching 26% in February 2014 with only Greece at comparablelevels. The last few quarters of growth datasuggestthat Spainmay be turningthe corner and ourforecasts for 2014 are thatthe economy will grow by 0.6% andin 2015 by 0.9%, thoughhigh governmentborrowing costsand fiscal tighteningwill continue to holdback growth. The Spanisheconomy continuedto deteriorate in 2013. GDP is expected to contract by 1.3% and unemploymentcontinuestogrow, reaching 26% in February 2014 with only Greece at comparablelevels. The last few quarters of growth datasuggestthat Spainmay be turningthe corner and ourforecasts for 2014 are thatthe economy will grow by 0.6% andin 2015 by 0.9%, thoughhighgovernmentborrowing costsand fiscal tighteningwill continue to holdback growth.
  11. 11. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 11
  12. 12. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 12 5.0 LONDON Londonis the largest urbanarea in Europe, a mega city and one of the world’slargest financial centres. It leads in many fields andglobal businessclusters. A leading destinationfor international tourismwith extensive cultural, sportingandhistorical attractions. In2012 Londonwashostcity for the Olympic Games. In2013 preliminary datasuggestit could get close to over 17moverseasvisits – more thana 9% increase over2012. 2013 tradingLondonsawa poorstartto 2013, buttheyear rallied and delivered exceptional records for overseastourism. ADR strengtheneddespitecontinuingsupply increases and occupancy remains high, averaging82% in 2013. Thecapital is effectively full upat peak times. Overall 2013 hasseen a 1.8% decline in ADR but a 2.2% advancein occupancy resultingin a 0.4% gainin RevPAR. Latest supply trendsAfter 11,000 newroomsopenedin 2011 and2012 Londonsawa postOlympics supply slowdownin 2013. Supply isset torise again by around5% in 2014 andagain in 2015 whenwe will see above average growthas over 12,000 newroomsopen. According toAM PM Hotels, abouthalf these roomswill be in the budgetsector. OpportunitiesWithan improvingeconomy andoverseas tourism forecast to be keep growing in 2014, theyear shouldsee stronghotel trading trendswith a positive impact onhotel values. Londonremains at the forefront of major deals with high prices still being achieved. But further supply additionscoulddepress ADR in troughperiods. There remain opportunities for new build, renovation, rebrandingandoperationalenhancementfor thosewith the cash and skills to invest. Londoncontinuestobe buoyantwiththe economy doingsignificantly better thanthe rest of the UK. The capital attracts a growing numberof touristsand property prices and consumerspendingcontinueto outperformthe rest of the country. Unemploymentinthe UK is expected to decline, andGDP growthis expected tobe around2.5% in2014 and2.4% in 2015. Boutiquegrowth Londonboutiquehotelswere the only segment thatmanagedto increase their rates considerably in 2013, thankstoburgeoningdemandforsuchproperties. Despite a 5.1% increase in AARR, occupancy remained fairly stable at 78.5%, resultingina roomsyield growthof 4.6%. Theboutiquesegmentwas the year’sbest performer in London, even asthe top end (usually a more stable category) experienced the lowest increase in roomsyield, upby a modest0.6% to£199.28. Regulartravellers, includingnew segmentslike the “Millennials” generation, continueto choosethe boutiquesegment as analternative to more traditionalupscale accommodation. Hotelgroupsare recognisingthe importance of this bracket andintroducingnew boutiquehotel conceptssuchas W.
  13. 13. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 13
  14. 14. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 14 6.0 PARIS Paris is a global city and the political and cultural capital of France as well asa major financial and commercial centre. Itremains the numberone touristdestinationin the world attracting over 29 million visitorsin 2012 toits numerouscultural attractions. The city attracted asmany foreigners as French touristsin 2012. InParis, thecultural offer is supportedby temporary exhibitionsorganizedby various museumsandexhibition venueswhich draw more than10 million visitorseach year. 2013 trading2010’s postrecession recovery continuedinto2011 and2012, asParisiantourismvolumesreached record levels with 36.9 millionshotel overnightsrecorded in 2012. Occupancy remainedhighin 2013 and2 starand 3 star hotelswere the bestperformers in terms of occupancy growth. ADR saw only modestgrowth but1 star hotelsperformed very well with a 4% gain in rates. Latest supply trendsThere are 77,438 roomsin 1,478 hotelsinParis with aroundan 80% occupancy rate. More than300 roomsare thoughttobe currently underconstruction. New hotelsset to openin 2014 includethe Peninsula, L’indochineandthe AC by Marriott. OpportunitiesParisis poisedto experience a third record year in a row in touristvolumes andas a consequencehotel occupancy. Three main historical anniversariesanda range of eventsare expected todrive tourismgrowth this year:The French campaign of Napoleon:200 years, FirstWorld War: 100 years, Liberation of Paris: 70 years. In termsof businessevents, thebiennial ParisMotorShow will take place in 2014, withmore than1 million visitorsexpected this year. Between January andMarch 2013, 40% ofhotelreservationsare linked to businessevents. The launch of the direct rail link between Parisand Barcelona could bring, one million passengersin 2014, according to the SNCF. The French economy is recovering from a dip in growth in 2012. The economy grew at a marginal 0.1% in 2013. Meanwhileunemploymentcontinuestorise andincreased to11% in 2013 comparedto10.3% in 2012. Weproject that growth will accelerate going forward, with GDP expected to grow at 0.7% in 2014 and1.2% in 2015.
  15. 15. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 15 7.0 BERLIN Berlin is the capital and political centre of Germany;tourismis animportantsector and the city attractsa mix of businessandleisure travellers (approx. 57% domestic). Politics andgovernmentdrives muchof the businesstravel. Demand from foreign travellers has increased strongly in recent years. 2013 trading Berlin RevPARremained stable at approximately €64 in2013 after reaching by far its highest level of the 21stcentury in 2012. DemandinBerlin is still growing asthe increasing tourismvolumesdemonstrate. A new city tax onprivate overnightstayswas launchedin 2014;whichcouldnegatively impact roomrates in future. Ingeneral the solid German economy hassupportedBerlin’sstable hotel performance. Latest supply trendsBerlin is often the first step for international brandstolaunch in the German market. Overall, more than4,000 roomsareplannedand underconstruction. The ownersof the Estrel Hotel, Germany’slargest hotel, focused on conferences and events, are planningto increase their hotel capacity. This project andthe new publiccongress centre City Cube will providemodernand extensive facilities for the MICEsegment. OpportunitiesInvestors, especially from abroad, showongoinginterest in acquiring hotelsin Germany andespecially in Berlin. Recent hoteltargets in Berlin havebeen widely spread, ranging from core to opportunisticpurchases. Theopeningof the longawaited Brandenberg internationalairport is still delayedand notexpected to openbefore 2015. Onceopenthe airportwill supportthegrowth of international touristnumbers. Berlin’s economy is dominatedby the service sector, with around80% of all companiesdoingbusinessin services. The German economy grew by 0.4% in2013, andis expected to grow by 1.4% in2014 and1.5% in 2015. Unemploymentwas5.3% inQ3 2013, amongstthelowest of the Eurozone’slarge economies. MoreoverGermany is currently runninga major current accountsurplusandis close to a fiscal balance, an enviable positionrelative to other Eurozonemembers.
  16. 16. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 16
  17. 17. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 17 8.0 NEWYORK New York City has more hotel roomsthanever and, for now, no shortageof travelers to fill them. Record tourismandbusinesstravel lifted the hotel occupancy rate in 2014 for the fifth straightyear, according to data from STR, a hotel-industry researchfirm. But some observersquestionwhether the growthcan keep going forever. The city was expected to hostsome55.8 million visitorsin 2014, accordingtoNYC & Company, andSTR data showmore roomnightswere soldat area hotelsthanever before. Overall, 31.6 millionroomswere rented in the city from January throughNovemberlastyear, nearly 2 million more thanduring the same period in 2013. New York addednearly 6,000 hotelroomslastyear for a total of 112,947, accordingtoSTR. New properties include the 210-roomPark HyattHotelandthe 123-roomPaperFactory Hotel in LongIsland City, Queens. Revenue at area properties was up 8.4% from2013, to$8.2 billionthroughNovember, according to STR. "That'sa lot of rooms," saidJanFreitag, senior vice president at STR, "because we only grew demandby about6%." Mr. Freitag notedthat the city's average occupancy rate was relatively flat, at 84.9% through November. Surprisingly, theaveragedaily rate (ADR) for hotel roomswas up only 2%, to $260. Mr. Freitag said thatnationally, ADR increased 4.5% for the same period. Revenue at area properties was up8.4% from 2013, to$8.2 billionthroughNovember, accordingtoSTR. The industry'srobustgrowthstemmedfrom new constructionratherthanexpansion projects. Crain's list of the 25 largest hotels (listed below) showedonly two of thoseproperties addedroomsin 2014. 1. New York Hilton Midtown 2. New York Marriott Marquis 3. Sheraton New York Times Square 4. New York's Hotel Pennsylvania 5. Row NYC 6. Grand Hyatt New York 7. Waldorf Astoria New York 8. Wyndham New Yorker Hotel 9. Roosevelt Hotel 10. New York Palace 11. Hudson 12. Westin New York at Times Square 13. Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan 14. Hotel Edison 15. Westin New York Grand Central 16. Doubletree by Hilton Metropolitan Hotel 17. Park CentralNew York 18. Le Parker Meridien New York 19. Lexington NYC 20. Wellington Hotel 21. Manhattanat Times Square Hotel 22. New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge 23. New York Marriott East Side 24. Millennium BroadwayHotel New York 25. Holiday Inn Midtown
  18. 18. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 18 In the changingindustry, hoteliersare workingto developnew strategies tocapture business. Mark Pardue, general manager at the Grand HyattNew York (No. 6 onCrain's list) in midtown, said the key tosuccess is evolvingquickly. "It'sall aboutbeing agile in a very dynamicmarketplace," he said. To thatend, the Hyatthas introducedfeatures such as a Sunday Funday promotionthatgivesguests Broadway show passesanda ride to work with Ubercar service if they check in over the weekend. The Hyatt's guestsare about30% corporateand 40% leisure, with the balance made upof groupand conventiontravel. The hotel did not provideaverage rates for Crain's list, buthad an average occupancy "northof 91%" in2014, Mr. Parduesaid. The questiongoing forward, STR'sMr. Freitag said, is whether hoteliers will trustthat highoccupancy rates are here to stay or whether they will cut rates and increase services to compete with 13,000 additionalroomscurrently underconstruction, includingthe swanky 114-roomBaccaratHotel. "Thatis the $8 billion question," Mr. Freitag said.
  19. 19. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 19 9.0 CASE STUDY: nhow Berlin Imaginea hotel where iconic music lyrics are plastered on the walls, onthe carpet, the doors, the elevators, the light switch, and any surface or object youcan think of and you’vegotthe nhowBerlin, one of the newest hotelsin Berlin andapparently the first musichotel in Europe. The hotel is located on the banksof the river Spree andsits right next to UniversalMusicand MTV Europe. The interior designof the hotel, which was doneby New York designer Karim Rashid, complementsthe architecture done by renowned architect Sergei Tchoban. The entire hotel is cleverly adornedwith iconic music lyrics that perfectly match the areas or objects where they are located. For example, the words “Welcome to the Jungle” by rock bandGunsN Rosescan be foundon the carpet at the hotel entrance, andthe terrace door hasthe words “Pushit. Pushit real good.”by female music groupSalt n’ Peppa. At the concierge table, the lyrics “I’ll be there for you”by The Rembrandtsare in plain sight andthe bell at the reception desk has the words“Ring my bell” by singer Anita Ward written on it. Staff name tags include the words“Hello, is it me you’relookingfor?” by singer Lionel Richie. Even the floor signage sportssomefunky lyrics – “One moretime” by Daft Punk on the first floor, for instance. And since it’s a music hotel, guestscan access a Spotify playlist thatfeatures all of the songsincorporated into the signageall aroundthe hotel. The hotel, which is the second nhowHotel next tothe one in Milan, clearly targetsmusiciansand music- lovers. Aside from havingpopularmusiclyrics all aroundthe interiors, the hotel alsoincludes an integrated high-endsoundstudioanda guitarroom service. The hotel also offers openmic nights and even an in-housemusicmanager. The aim of nhowBerlin is to help secure Berlin’s place as oneof the topthree destinationsinEurope by offering guestsa unique musical-themedexperience. Berlin already has 790 hotelsandB+B’s, sonhow hopesto standoutby offering a different kindof hospitality experience to its guests. 10.0 POV: Luxury Hospitality Trends Renee Chiarelli, Senior Associate, tvsdesign, was a panelist at the BITAC Lux event held onMarch 10, 2015 speakingon the topicof “The Future of Design.”As an industry leadersweighing in onstate of luxury hospitality design, we caughtup with Renee to get her insighton how design, technology andintuitive customerservice are creating a new luxury paradigm. 1) Whatare thelatesttrends(developments, movements)in Luxury HotelDesign? "GuestExperience" is one of the maindriving forces for luxury hotel brands. However, providingthat has become more complicated andnuancedas we simultaneously cater tothe growing needs of both Millennials andBaby Boomers – each with different demandsanddesires. The Baby Boomersstill are huge consumersof luxury travel, representing a $120 billiondollar part of the segment. While they spend billions onleisure travel, they prefer a “known”experience, tending toreturn to places they’vebeen before. Millennials prefer one-of-a-kind, off-the-beatenpathexperiencesandplace heavy demandson technology. Successfulprojects cater to the needsof all age groups, focusingonpervasive access to technology for youngergenerationsand intelligent customer touchpointsfor older generations. All generationsrespondto excellent customer service, andthat can never be compromised. Successful luxury hotels also provideguestsoptionsand flexibility. As designers, we need to think about providingdifferent social settingsin the lobby lounge. Interms of technology andservice, we recommend allowing guests the optionof checking in online, on a smartphone, orin personat a kiosk or desk. Inthe room, guestsoften like tryingout the latest in technology suchas state-of-the-artTVs, musicplayers or
  20. 20. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 20 coffee makers. Even if they chooseto maketheir rooma quiet retreat, they key is providingoptionstoall generationsand typesof travelers. 2) Speaking oftechnology, howareLuxury Hotelsgetting into thegame? There is a continuedchallenge toseamlessly integrate technology intoLuxury Properties. We are seeing a constantevolutionin how we connect our devices to power andWi-Fi sources. The solutionsfor Connectivity Panelswill keep changing sothat guestscan recharge anywherein the roomandconnect to Wi-Fi andtelevision screens. These have been in high demandsince their recent introductioninthe hospitality industry. Wehave already seen howWi-Fi and power connectivity have evolvedfrom a single location at the desk to multiple connectionpointsaroundthe room. Hotel owners have toin invest in multiple unitsto accommodatethe need to pluginat the bed, at the desk, and other flat surfaces, and even at the sofa andsoft seating. That’sa lot of unitsand a lot of coordination. I see these unitsscaling downin size, perhaps becomingas simple as an appliedsurface to eliminate the need to have multiple locationsin the room. I’vebeen watching the luxury automobileandprivate aviationindustries. They are incorporatingcharging padsthat allow users to charge their phoneswith charging cases that eliminate the need for all the cords. This will advance the popularity of chargingcases as a new standardfor the upscale hotel clientele. Not long from now, our smartphones, tabletsandlaptopswill havebuilt-inchargers and connection capabilities that will allow usto recharge andconnect to larger auxiliary screens without the need for endless cables andchargers. The Luxury Hotel industry will want toadoptthese new technologiesto keep customershappy andloyal. It’ssmart to watch luxury design in other industriesbecause thatoften sets the standardfor what hoteliers will want to experiment with as well. Luxury branddesignhas a strong cross-overeffect. Whatbrandslike Jaguar, Mercedes or Lexus are doing in their vehicles sets the consumers’ expectationsfor watches, shoes, airplanes andhotels. 3) How is customerservice changing atLuxury Properties? New communicationtoolsare providingmore opportunitiesfor Luxury Propertiesto connect and engage with their guestseven before they arrive. Today, ahotel can send an email or text messageto a guest prior to arrival, extendingthe hotel's welcome experience even before the trip begins. The hotel can also sendupdateson the weather, local eventsandpromotespecial dishesat their world-classdining venues. Service that goes aboveandbeyondis the epitome of a luxuriousexperience. As mentionedabove, giving gueststhe ability to check in multiple ways – online, with a mobile app andat a desk – is very importantin upscale hotel design, andas designers, we need to account for that. We’re alsoseeing a lot of hotel brandsuse Twitter toenhance the guest experience andrespondto people who need something. It’s aboutmeeting the customerwhere they are, whether that’sonline, on Twitter or in the lobby. 4) How should designersrespond to thesechangesin luxury hoteling? I firmly believe thatas designers, we need to help luxury hotelsmaintaintheir brandDNA. It’sa good challenge for the design process. Brandsdoextensive research to find outwho they fundamentally are as a brand, what worksand what doesn’t. Asdesigners, we shouldtake the brandguidelines seriously while also allowing a hotel’s designto be inspired by the local culture. Thatgives each property a unique identity – and again – we knowthat Millennials crave uniqueand local experiences so cookie-cutter designswon’t work for them. I think it’s importantfor Luxury Hotels to exhibit a complexity of materials anddetails, as these are whatset Luxury Propertiesapart from the rest. Designers havean exciting opportunity toaddto the luxury hotel experience with expressions of local specialties such asauthentic artwork, food, music, colorsand materials. Local materials also appeal to the Millennial traveler and speak of authenticity anddifferentiation.
  21. 21. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 21 I believe exceptional attentionto the guestexperience shoulddrivethe design of any successfulupscale hotel. We can’tstop innovating, though –technology anddesign will continueto evolve andwith each new iteration of technology, luxury hotelswill be better able to respondto andanticipate guest needs. As a designer, I like to collaborate with owners, manufacturersandother consultantsforthe best results. A highly collaborative effort creates the mostluxurious, unique, innovative, memorableandfinancially successful hotels andguest experiences. And isn’tthat what we hope for as the end result? 11.0 Hotels for the Creative Class Who staysatthese design hotels?Rock stars, museumcurators, fashiondesigners, app creators, executive chefs, mangaartists, architects, and-here’sthekey part-peoplewhowish they were one of the above. (And let’s be fair, thatincludes the trustfund kidsand moguls’ offspringwho havelong kept Ibiza, SouthBeach, and Puntadel Este pumping The funny thing is, judgingby the look of mostof these hotels, the creative class is a pretty well-defined bunch. Notin their own individuallooksperhaps, butin their sensibilities. They obviously like modern furniture, sleek lines, electronic music, dramatic lighting, and a goodbar scene with all of the above. They read Wallpaper and Wired, live in progressive cities, andall use Apple products(so muchfor non- conformity). The hotels can’tjust follow a playbook andattractthis crowd like hipsters to Brooklyn, however. Otherwise any well-designed boutiquehotel anyonethrew up wouldbe an instantsuccess. Insteadmany on the travel magazines’ “HotList” or “ItList” are outof businessa few years later. They look goodin photos, butyou’renotwowed enoughby the experience to spreadthe word. Take service, for example. What Schrager’sideal guestsdesire nowis "personalisedattentivenessthat makesyoufeel goodaboutyourselfand feel comfortable in a kindof visceral way".(Comfortableisa word he uses a lot.) They don’twant"overbearingstaff", andthey won’ttolerate "pretentiousness, obsequiousnessorpresumptuousness. Theoldnotionsof what luxury is: youknow, white gloves, gold epaulettes, brass buttons, thingslikethat" no longer havecurrency. "Times are different. The more traditionala hotel looks, themore traditional its approach, themore luxuriousit is [held to be], and I reject that." Havingsaid that, I cannotremember the last time I stayedsomewhere the staff wore gloves or epaulettes. Has the rest of the industry really notwoken upto this? "Of coursenot! Only Marriottand nobody else." Notthat his reverence for the brandextends toits mostloyal guests, for he petitioned – unsuccessfully – to exclude holders of Marriott Rewardscards from spendingor accruing pointsin Edition hotels, lest habituésof some of its less exalted brandslower the tone. So whois his target demographic?"It’smorea psychographic," heparries. "It’sa sensibility, not a particular kindof person, thatwe’re appealingto, andbecause of that it cuts acrossall ages, all strata of income andwealth. It’smore abouttaste – dothey get what we’re attemptingtodo? It’sa very discerning group, butit has nothingtodo with what youdo for a living or where youcome from." His objective, he assures, is "to be inclusive, not exclusive" of anyonewho admires hisdécor. For though Schrager, whoturns 69 thissummer, has never been a designer (he began his workinglife as a lawyer), it is his eye for aesthetics, coupled with his "maniafor detail", that defines his hotels, along with a talent for hiring great architects and designers. “For me,” Schrager says, casually tossinga bombshell, “boutiquehadnothingtodo with size because I really consider a company like Apple tobe boutique.”“Look howmany productsApple sells. It doesn’t appeal to everybody. Butthepeople who doget it, all walks and ages, are willing to pay a real premiumto participate in their uniqueexperience. This is same thingwith boutiquehotels. It’snot aboutsize. It’s aboutethosand the visceral connectionyou makewith them. We’re tryingto do a 2,000-roomhotelin New York andit would be a boutique.”Thisstatementis met by morethan a few gasps. LE Miami’s eyebrows are definitely raised. “And it would appeal to the same people whostay in a 60-roomhotel
  22. 22. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 22 because it will be very narrowly focussed. I can do[boutique] for a million people,”he continues, obliviousto the rising tide of whispers. “I like doingbigger hotels. Ittakes the same amountoftime todo a 2,000-roomasit takesto doa 20-room.”Andthenthepunchline. “And youmakemore money, by the way.” Havingbeen treated to tales of Schrager’slatest ventures, includinga joint venture with that famouspurveyorof individuality, theMarriott, with whom he is creating a new chain called EDITION, the secondof which rolls out thisautumnin London, we probably shouldn’tbesurprised. Butthe idea breaks as iconoclasm. A 2,000-roomboutique?Massproducedboutiquehotels?Whatwill he suggestnext? Individualisedexperience at McDonald’s?Lookingaround, I noticethatmore than a few headsare shaking. I wonder then whether Mr. Magic has losthis touch. Has Schrager’sinner businessmanfinally bested hisbohemian?Or can it be thatthe nimble operator, once again, is simply ahead of the crowd? “To me, the idea of doingsomethingona really big scale is interesting. I think everybody misunderstood how deep the boutiquemarketis. Everybody cravesan elevated experience. Everybody cravessomething that’svisually stimulating. Boutiqueis notjust for people who wear black andlive in SoHo.” 12.0 MARKET TRENDS in sustainability StarwoodHotels & ResortsWorldwide, Inc. (NYSE:HOT)today announcedthe debutof its eco-conscious Element® brandin Asia Pacific with the openingof Element SuzhouScience andTechnology Town in Suzhou, China. Ownedby SuzhouScience and Technology Town Kexin CulturalTourism DevelopmentCo., LTD., the new Element Hotel is set to offer healthy, active travelers a smart andsustainablestay, designed to fuel a balanced life while on the road. "As Starwood'seco-innovationlab, theElement® brandhasredefined the category with its light-filled atmosphere, eco-mindeddesignandcommitmentto innovation." "As Starwood'seco-innovationlab, theElement® brandhasredefined the category with its light-filled atmosphere, eco-mindeddesignandcommitmentto innovation." saidBrianMcGuinness, SeniorVice Presidentof Specialty Select Brandsfor Starwood. "Ontrack to triple its global portfolio by the end of 2017, Elementis experiencing tremendousgrowthmomentumandthe brand'sdebutin Asia Pacific is set to pavethe way for more growthopportunitiesin the region." "We are thrilled to introduceStarwood'sfirst Element Hotel in Asia Pacific, in China, one of the fastest growing andmostdynamictravel marketsin the world," said StephenHo, President, StarwoodHotels & ResortsAsia Pacific. "Recent studieshave shownthat consumersare becomingincreasingly interested in environmentally-friendly practicesand products, aswell as sustainableliving. We are confident that the stylishand sustainableElement® brandethos thatmoderndesign flows from nature will resonate with travelers and meet thatdemand." Element SuzhouScience and Technology Town features 188 roomsandsuites. Guests can work, play, or relax in the spacious, smartand modernguestrooms, allof which offer oversizedwindows for natural light. Each roomcomes with a well-equipped energy-efficient kitchen;and amenities suchas the plush signatureHeavenly® Beds, spa-inspiredbathsandseparateinvigoratingrain showers andall natural bath amenities. Withlight-filled public areas and a calming atmosphere, Elementhotels employ a natural color palette, givingeach hotel an organicopennessthat matchesthe architecture andweightless feeling of the space. As Starwood'seco-innovationlab, each roomalso features a work space and high-techoffice and entertainmentequipment, with complimentary internet access anda one-stopconnectivity solutionthat allows guests tohook up portableelectronics totheir in-roomTV. SPGKeylessCheck-In– the hospitality industry'sfirst mobile, keyless entry systemthatallows gueststo use their smartphoneasa key is also available at Element SuzhouScience and Technology Town. The hotel alsooffers 1,200 squaremetersof flexible meeting space with modularfast & free WiFi throughout. Recognizing thatwhole living is moreof a lifestyle thana trend, Element Hotels have re-imagined extended stay by settinga new standardfor life on the road. Guest can refuel for the day aheadat Salon,
  23. 23. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 23 an all-day dining restaurant, orenjoy a variety of traditional local, Huaiyangandauthentic Cantonese cuisine at the well-designed private rooms. At the Relax eveningreception, guestscan wind down overa selection of savory wine, food and beverage pairings. The 24/7 self-serve pantryRestoreoffers healthy optionsanduniquedelights for every taste. Enjoy a bite with friends or colleagues in the whole living area or tap intoyourculinary skills by whipping upa meal in the fully-equippedkitchenin yourguestroom. Stayingonthe moveis easy with the hotel's state-of-the-art24-hourfitnesscenter, an indoorsaline swimmingpool as well as complimentary bikesfor rent, which encouragesguest toexplore the nearby sights, while stayinghealthy andactive. 13.0 MUSIC DESIGN Stacey Howlett, general manager of Hotel Ignacio in Saint Louis -, interviewed in order tofind outthe ways thatshe integrates musicinto the overall guest experience. She believes that “hotelsare interesting, because they can quickly impact each one of our senses. The physicaldesign speaksto oursense of sight andtouch, the music to our hearing, andthe restaurant componenttoour sense of smell and taste.”Howlett’s goal is to link these sensory stimuliin a harmoniousfashiontocontributeto the Ignacio’sprojection of a unified anduniqueexperience. Since it openedin April 2011, theIgnacio has become a premier destinationfor bothits quality lodgingsand its approachto integratingart, music, and architecture. Enhancingclient usage withoutbeing invasiveis a signof successful musicdesign integration. Howlett’s convernwith this matter places her work at the forefront of thisemerging industry. Moreover, her attentionto the details anddemandsof different spaces on the hotel property informher choices of music. As she makesclear, music alwaysexists in a space andthe two properties of experience can play off each other in a manner thatenhances guests’ experiences. For instance, for a restful spa experience you would nothave overbearing, jarring music. Yet, asHowlett is quick topoint out, notall spacesare immediately associableto certain kinds of music. At this stage, it is crucial for a skilled designer to learn the uses of space andcomposea compatiblemusic experience that can meet thoseunique demands. Successful design remainsfocused on the big picture anddoesn’tfall victim to granularthinking. The optimumtechniqueto creating a brand experience lies in successful orchestrationthatpresentsharmony to guests. Howlett explains that within this framework, the best implementationof music designlies more in composinganexperience intowhich individualsenter, rather than attemptingtomeet the needs of every single individual, and thuslosingsight of the big picture. She makesthe crucial point in our interview thatmusic designis notsimply a gloss thatone can overlay after a project in finished – but insteada key componentof the design itself. Orchid: Musicis very human in theemotion and feeling it can bring to a space. At whatpointin your projectsdo you begin to think aboutthemusicyou will play? Stacey: Musicis such an integral piece of the overall feel thatmy preference would be to incorporate music designat the same time, or soonafter the conceptis conceived. In the case of Hotel Ignacio, I became involveda year into the project. I knew I wantedto change the music the first time I stepped into the lobby. How do you decidewhere in yourhotelmusicwill be played?
  24. 24. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 24 Stacey: Walkingthe property, bothinside andout, gives me a goodfeel of where we need to consider music. We also considerhow our guestsare goingto use different spacesin the hotel. We want to enhance their experience without invadingtheir space. Howlett’s concern with this matterplaces her work at the forefront of this emerging industry. Moreover, her attention to the details and demandsof different spaceson the hotel property inform her choices of music. Is therea methodologyto deciding whatmusicyou will play? Stacey: Thisis where hiring a professionalis so important. Somespacesalready have a “feel.” A spa would be a good example of a space where youknow the musicshouldbe serene andrelaxed. Mostpeople visitinga spaare lookingfor that calming atmosphereandin this case the music can be implemented fairly quickly. Ina hotel, different guestsuse the space differently. Somewant a place to work, while otherswant a place to gather. Figuring outwhat works for the space and the guestscan be a bit more challenging. A music designer can really help in identifyingwhat works for both. Whatis the importanceofmusicin yourprojects? Stacey: I like to constantly besurroundedby sound. Whenspacesare silent, I get the feeling that somethingis wrong. And if I hear a songthat is completely notright in a situation, it drivesme crazy. Needless to say, I think music is as importantas the physicaldesign of a property. Can you sharewith us yourmostmemorablemomentwheremusicimpacted you emotionally? Stacey: I actually had a really tough time convincing the employees that changing the music in the hotel to fit the space was a good idea and even possible. It took a bit of trial and error to get the music to
  25. 25. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 25 where it sounded and felt right. Not too long ago, several of the staff were at the front desk and a song started to play. One person started to snap, the next started to hum, one started to sing and the next thing you know they were dancing and singing. That’s when I knew that the music goal was achieved. 14.0 Case Study: Le Meridian Le MeridienHotelsandResorts isinthe midstof a $6 millionrebrandingcampaign entitled“Destination Unlocked,”whichlaunchedinJune inanefforttobetterdefine the brandandalignitwiththe culture and cuisine surroundingeachof itsproperties. Today the hotel groupreleasedthe latestmediafromitsEclairDiaries,one piece of the largercampaign, celebratingitemsmade withlocal productsateachof the brand’sproperties. The videofollowspastrychef JohnnyIuzzini travelingthroughCote d’Azurinsearchof ingredientsto create a special eclairforthe local Le Meridien property.Thisisthe secondvideointhe series,following one inSan Francisco. A Starwoodbrand,Le MeridieniscreatingeightvideosthatfollowIuzzini ashe visitslocal farmers’ markets,coffee shops,distilleriesandbakeriesineachof these destinations,searchingforthe local taste that is thenfoldedintothe pastry. The partnershipalsointroducesthe Le MeridienbrandtoIuzzini’ssizablesocial mediafollowing,which has alreadyproventobe interestedindiscoveringnew destinations,tryingnew foodsand,of course,his endeavors. “Our signature eclairprogramisone touch pointof the new Le Meridienexperience.Itdeliversonour promise tounlockthe destinationforourgueststhroughculinarycreations,”Le Meridienglobal brand leaderBrianPovinellisays. Le Meridientracksthe engagementof the filmsthroughengagementonitssocial channelsincluding views,shares,emotionalsentimentandtrafficthat’sdriventoitsotherdigital properties. Eclairsare justone part of the Le Meridienbrandingcampaign. The brand alsoworkedwiththe bandNouvelleVague tocreate a24-hour soundtrackfor eachof its hotel lobbiesandproducedvideosof the bandmemberstravelingtoplayconcertsindifferentLe Meridiendestinations. “If the contentisrich enoughanddramaticenough,people will take thatandcurate it intotheirown travel experience inapersonalizedway,”JeremyHollister,founderof the independentcreative agency Plusthat created bothsetsof videos, recentlytoldSkift.
  26. 26. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 26
  27. 27. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 27 15.0 Youtube Comment: Conrad HiltonVideo 16.0 FOCUS: Growing brands TYRP by Windham TRYP by Wyndhamisa select-service urbanhotel brandwith over 110 hotelsin many of the mostexciting cities acrossEurope andSouthAmerica, like Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, São Pauloand Montevideo.
  28. 28. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 28 Designed to suitthose with a penchantfor travel andnew experiences, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience that encouragesyouto get out andenjoy the city, socialize and live life tothe fullest.    SLH hotels - global HQin London The UK public placed over one million votesand namedSmall Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) the Best UK Luxury Hotel Brandand Best Worldwide Luxury Hotel Brand at the British Travel Awards. The winners of the prestigiousawardswere announcedduringa glittering awards ceremony in Londonon 26thNovember2014 andcollected by Paul Kerr, CEO for Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The awards bring togetherand celebrate industry suppliersandthe services they provideto the travel industry and are the only awards votedfor solely by the travelling public. Speakingaboutthe awards, Paul Kerr, CEO for Small Luxury Hotels of the Worldsaid, “After 25 years at the helm of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, it’sa wonderful achievement to receive sucha distinguishedaward, especially againstsuchfierce competition. Oursuccess is down to the wonderful team behindthe brandand the tremendoushotelsthatmake up ourportfolio”. Small Luxury Hotels of the World hasan unrivalled portfolioof some of the world’s finest small independenthotels. Comprisingover 520 hotelsin more than80 countries, the diversity of the individual hotels, and the experiences that they offer, is exceptional. Fromcutting-edgedesign hotelsto palatial 17thcentury mansions, city centre sanctuariesto remote privateislands, historic country housesto idyllic resorts, Small Luxury Hotels of the World offers a uniqueexperience for every luxury taste. In a fiercely competitive andfast movingenvironment, theseawards highlightSLH’s ongoingcommitment to the luxury hotel industry andcement its positionas a luxury leader within the hotel and hospitality industry. Othershortlisted hotels for ‘Best Worldwide Luxury Hotel Brand’ included Sofitel Luxury Hotels andConrad Hotels & Resorts. Tel: +44 (0) 20 7802 3440 GlobalHeadof Public Relations& Communications, ErinWoodward, please Growing independentcompanies EX: 21cMuseumHotels Foundedtooversee the expansion, development, andmanagementof 21cnationally, 21cMuseum Hotels is a growing company of passionatepeople. Armed with a sharedlove of contemporary art, a belief thatart shouldbe accessible and without pretense, and a desire todiscourage urbansprawl by creating spacesthat make city centers more vibrant, the 21cTeam is drivento create a catalyst for cultural life in cities acrossthe country. Together with strongcommunity partners, whoshare the belief that art enhanceslife, 21c seeksto integrate art into more peoples’ daily lives (and havesome fun along the way). Independent:        
  29. 29. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 29   Who totalk to: Varies perlocation – size of hotel group  Director of Operations  General Manager  P&Rand MarketingDirector  BrandDirector  Ex: 17.0 COMPETITORS (USP) 17.1 Musicfor Branding Brandslove music. We all do. Still very few companiessucceed to fully utilize music’semotional power to benefit their brand. OurMusic Stairway helps illustrate the levels onwhich brandscan approachmusic. Many companieshavetaken the first step andbecome consciousabouthow they sound. That’sa goodstart, but there's more to musicbrandingthanchoosinga catchy songfor a TV-commercial. Treating music merely on a tactical level often results in brandsthat look great but feel … less great. The lack of strategic framework is recognized in brandsthatmay soundfine butnot in tune with their identity, in brandsthatsounda lot like their competitorsor in companiesthat unknowingly projectmultiple brandpersonalities because their sonic communicationis based solely onrandomor subjective taste. Holdingon to this”ad hoc-attitude”makesit difficult to evaluate investmentsinmusic andone tends tomiss outon the many benefits and brandpower associatedwith takinga strategic approach. Througha strategic approach, Heartbeats help companiestake a stepup the Music Stairway. Essentially thismeans we create a unitedperspective anda framework answeringthe fundamentalquestionsof why, how, where and when to communicatethe brandthroughmusic andsound. We bring these insightsintoour creative work, design andcuration butalso incorporatethe framework in ourclient's brandmanual. What we do:  Clarify music’srole for the brand andhow initiatives, investmentsandchoice of music andsoundhelp achieve set communicationgoals.  Positionthe brandwithin the culture of music and unfoldhow by contributingto that culture, the brandbecomes morerelevant, attractive andbetter connects with its audience.  Establishthe standards andguidelines for how the brandsounds, alsowhere andwhen it is activated onvarioustouch-points.  Activate set standardsintocreative production, designandcurationof useful toolsand assetsthat communicatethe brandthroughmusicand sound. 17.2 ORCHID MUSICDESIGN - An art and a skill that combinesmusic with the principles of design to generate meaning. The process of music designincludes inquiry into diverse disciplines suchas architecture, interior design, music fundamentals, neuroscience, psychology, musictherapy, culturalstudies, andsociology.
  30. 30. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 30 The music design processbegins with research in orderto discover andidentify the core brand values, visual elements, and personality attributesof yourbusiness. Oncethe concept is outlined, intense curationand observationexpandandbuild the layers of the concept intoa customizedbrand experience soundtrack. PREMIUM BESPOKEDESIGN Do youget frustrated tryingto resolve issueswith yourmusic? Do youwish youhad the resources to handoff the responsibility of yourmusic to someoneinternally? Our premiumservices were designedto fill thisneed. This service includes all of the bespokedesignservices below, but takesit one step further: We design andbuild the musicconcept for yourspace AND handleall the technological andhardware issues surroundinghowyoudeliver yourmusic. The premium service allows youto minimize juggling the managementof yourmusic and hardware. It includes a complete music design concept, as well as the actual designand implementation. The premiumservice goes beyondanagency experience to create a one-on-onerelationshipfor all thingsrelated to music. Included:  Custommusicsoundtrack designedandcurated (the humanthing)  Musicupdates  Stewardshipof all thingsmusic  2 hourcustomsoundtrackstoextendyour experience throughavailable consumerapps  Managementandnegotiationof all hardware related issues BESPOKEDESIGN Musicplays an enormousrole in settingthe tone of an environmentandconnecting yourcustomers to yourbrandexperience. Bringing an experience to life throughmusic is somethingwe love to do. Whether youare in the retail, hospitality, orrestaurantbusiness, whether youare having a launch party, book tour, corporateevent, dinner party, or speakingengagement – we can help. Included:  Custommusicsoundtrack designedandcurated  Musicupdates  On-goingmusicdesign stewardship STYLING Stylingservices leverage the existing technology andcatalog programs of musicproviders. Justas a clothing stylistdesignsand outfitsyoufrom existing clothes to personalize yourlook, ourstyling services leverage existing catalog programsandapply our expertise todesign a personalized experience. Have youever had a service provider dumpa catalog in yourlap and tell youto choose three music programsfor your“box?” Or are youusing Pandorafor businessbutfeel burdenedwith selecting the rightsongsto create the music?That’swhere our stylingservices can help. Included:  Custommusicsoundtrack designedandcurated  Musicupdates  On-goingmusicdesign stewardship
  31. 31. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 31 17.3 MUSIC CONCIERGE- FounderRobWoodheads up the Music Concierge creative team. A record collector since the age of nine, Robhas been lucky enoughto combinehis passionwith his career. As a DJ he played all over the world at clubs like Fabric andThe End, andfestivals such asV, The Big Chill, Sonar, andMiami Music Conference. As a music journalist Robwas editor of the ground-breakingmusicmagazineJockey Slutwhich gave ahead-of-the-curveearly front coversto artists suchas Daft Punk, Air, The Chemical Brothers, and Giles Peterson. He has written aboutmusic for The Observer, Mixmag, andThe Financial Times, and is authorof a book aboutDJ culture. His inherent drive to bring topeople ‘music they didn’tknowthey wouldlove’ is at the heart of the MusicConcierge ethos. Robis a Fellow of The RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragementof Arts, Manufacturesand Commerce). Robhas built a highly creative andexpert team aroundhim. They draw from their first hand experience of musicradio, MTV, record labels, musicianship, DJing, andmusic consultancy. Crucially the whole teamshares a never-endinghungerfor discoveringgreat music. For us it is about unearthingrare, under-played, orforgottentracks, and keeping ourfingers firmly on-the-pulseof contemporary musicandnew trends. Frombleeding-edge urbancool, to evocativeback-cataloguetracksfrom the past, we are passionate aboutcreating inspiring signaturemusic identities for the brandswe work with.
  32. 32. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 32 The team’sexpertise extends to cover musicfrom all over the globe whether it is European, African, Indian, Asian, Japanese, Arabic, SouthAmerican or beyond. We also havein-houseexperience and expertise onstyles andaudiences’ music tastes in emerging markets. We understandhotelsand the importanceof guest experience. Whether youare a country house hotel in the Cotswolds, a city centre skyscraperproperty in the Middle East, or the ultimate luxury beach resort in The Maldives, we deliver individually designed musicsolutionsacrossthe world. Our creative process is thoroughandmusic knowledge vast. We knowhow to work with our clients to create the perfect soundfor every hotelexperience. We pride ourselvesonfinding relevant and wonderful musicfor all of our clients. See the Delivery, support& technical service page for more informationabouthow we deliver the music. MusicConcierge hasa clear set of values thatwe deliver against. We takeaway the technical and administrativeheadache thatcomes with playingmusic in a public place. As well asdelivering glittering content, we also ensurethe soundquality, licensing, andtechnology supportingourservice is secondto none. Features:  Regular music updates  Your playlistsare regularly refreshed and renewed, ensuringyounever soundoutof date, or outof touch, or repetitive. We usually update80% or more of each playlist.  Musicthat is timetabled anddesigned specifically for every part of yourday, every day of the week  Younever need topress play and yoursoundis always perfectly suited to the moment.  Bespokesoundtracksforeach area of yourproperty  The music can be tailored to the needs andpurposeof different areas, from lobbies, to bars, to restaurants, tospas, togyms, to guestrooms.  Volume levelled tracks  Our technology incorporatesclever volume-levellingsoftware thatmakessure yourmusic is notoverly intrusive.  Truly randomisedplaylists  Each playlist is randomisedevery day soyounever soundpredictable.  Cross-fadesbetween tracks  We prevent the silences between tracksthat cause the atmospheretodip.  High quality audio files  Each track is formatted at 320kbpstogiveyoua brighter more dynamicsoundquality.  Remote musicmanagement  We manage, timetable andupdateall yourmusic remotely using ourdigital solutionwithout the need for staff involvement.  Robusttechnology thatis used in venuesaroundthe world  Our systemis tried andtested and glitch-free and comes with technical support.  7 day-a-week helpdesk andtechnical support  Prompthelp is onhand for technical assistance.  Dedicated account manager  A dedicatedand responsiveprofessionalwho knowsyourbusinesswho acts asa single point of contact.  All music suppliedis fully covered by dubbinglicences
  33. 33. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 33  We remove that licensing headache soyoucan rest assuredyourmusic supply isfully licensed and legal. MusicConcierge: Case Study: NIYAMA Background: After their success as a market leader in the Maldiveswith Huvafen Fushi, luxury hotel operator Per AQUUM wantedto launch a new flagship resort that catered to the adventuroustraveller. Requirements: The music identity of NIYAMAneeded to immediately positionit as a fresh, new contemporary luxury offering that speaks relevance to and connectswith a new audience who are lookingfor extraordinary new experiences. The music needed to be usedto help positionthe NIYAMAbrand as an innovativemarketleader. MusicConcierge were taskedwith delivering ground-breakingmusicconceptsthatenhance NIYAMA’sdramaticand pioneeringF&B stories which include a restaurantconcept called Tribal servingauthentic African tribal cuisine under canvasin a jungle setting, andthe world’s first underwater bar andnightclub. Result: The F&B outletssoundlike no other in the Maldives. The restaurantshavebeen given a sense of dramaand theatre throughmusic, while the barsutilise fresh music from break-throughartiststo reinforce NIYAMA’smodernandoriginal positioning. Staff and guestsregularly commenton the music includingDJs who visitthe island: “Whoever programmedthe musichere at NIYAMAMaldiveshas amazingtaste. I'm learning new tracks every five mins. It'slike beingin Ibiza!” Kris Di Angellis resident DJ, NIYAMA. "Ourmissionwas to create a really fresh, brilliantly executed new 5 star offering for Londonthat completely connectedwith ourinternational audience andsavvy Londoners. MusicConcierge were the obviouschoice for us. Their exceptional creative standards, attentiontodetail, andon- going customerservice are exactly what we were lookingfor. They have created a great atmospherein the spa andbroughtthe destinationdiningandbar concepts to life. Getting the music right was critical for us." Michael Bonsor Hotel Manager, RosewoodLondon *note music conciagre is a sponsorof-
  34. 34. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 34 17.4 LAQUA - Michaelangelo L’Acquais an internationally acclaimed music-brandingspecialist. His commitmentto creating groundbreaking, innovativesolutionsfor hisclients marksa successful career that is highlightedby unprecedentedachievementsin the realms of music, hotels, fashion andluxury brands. In1999, L’Acquawasenlisted by Tom Fordto create the musicidentity for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. L’Acqua collaboratedwith Ford to create the musical landscape tomatch Ford’sdesign collections, acrossthe runwaysof Milanand Paris. That same year L’Acqua’suniquemusic abilities led to the creation of the artist collective Onda, a boutiquemusicagency specializing in musicproductionfor fashion runway shows, TV commercials andtheir original electronic artist releases and albumproductionsunderSony MusicandNaked Music/Astralwerks. Between 1999-2006 Ondabecameoneof the mostsoughtafter runway show sounddesigners workingwith renownedfashion housesin Paris, Milan, Berlin andNew York. Additionally they expandedtheir TV commercials credits working with the likes of BBDO, Y&R, Sacchi & Sacchi, Olgilvy andtheir marqueeclientele. Record releases were credited duringthese years with executive productionsofthe Isley Brother Remix record “TakenTo the Next Phase”Sony Music andPuma’s2006 AfricanCup Of NationsSoccer Album “Africa PlaysOn”. In 2006 OndawasdismantledandL’Acqua was requested by Natalie Cole to executive produceher father’s remix project “NatKingCole, Re:Generations” released on EMI Records. Re:Generations featured, Cee Lo Green, Nas, The Roots, Damian& StephenMarley, TV OnThe Radioamong several others amazingartists. Re:Generationswas released in 2008 with critical acclaim. In July of 2009, L’Acquawas namedGlobal Music Director for The W Hotel Group. His missionwas to create a proprietary music platformthat clearly defined the sonic identity of The W Hotel lifestyle as it expands its footprintto nearly 50 hotelsin North & SouthAmerica, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Over the past six years Michaelangelohas fabricated the many musical touchpointsthat has allowed the W brand’spassionformusic to become the mostpoignantway that the brandengages with it’s core audience globally. UponarrivingL’Acqua beganto build the many verticals of W’s sonic brandidentity. Startingfirst with W’s compilationCD “Symmetry”andbuildout the in hotel streamingmusic experience which wouldbe rootedin emerging artist andmusic discovery. Thereafter DJ programingandculture would be placed inside the hotel experience tosupportthis uniquesoundidentity and wouldbecome the backboneof W’s trendingsound. A globallive music concert series was launched to offer W’sexperiential touch pointwith their fans allowing W tobe a musiclifestyle destination. Lastly the W’slifestyle soundneededto be proliferated beyondthewall of the hotel experience so W’s iPhoneAppwas created offering their 350,000 usersover400+hoursofinternational DJ mixes on the go. Over the yearsL’Acqua developedseveral uniquemusic experience with W’s brandpartnerships, of which W Hotels andCoca Cola’sW Burn DJ Lab mentorshipprogramhighlightthe best of these brand partnershipscollaborations. W Burn DJ lab was created to discover andsupportemerging DJ talent by developingtheir careers throughglobalevents andrecord releases backed by W Hotels and CocoCola’s Burnenergy drinks. Within in the 3 year programexotic destinationsofIbiza, Bali, Bangkok andKohSamuiwere chosen as the backdrophostedby marqueementorssuch as Cassius, PaulOakenfold, Thievery Corporation, DJ White ShadowandJasonBentley who held week longmentoringsessions.
  35. 35. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 35 18.0 HOTEL MARKETING- Trade Shows LE Miami LE Miamiis the creation of BeyondLuxury Media Ltd, the mastermindsbehind PURELife Experiences, The Experientialist andnow We Are Africa. We are a handcraftedandinnovativemedia company dedicatedto creating genre-defining marketplacesfor the high-endtravel market. Ourfoundersbelieve in building passionatecommunitiesanddynamicforumswhere travel innovationandartistry are discussedand celebrated. We want to build onour visionof being ‘morethanjust a trade show’ toliterally define the contemporary travel industry. Inadditiontobeing an annualforum for conversationandconnectionandthe only place to get the inside track onthe latest and mostinnovativedevelopmentsinthe market, LE Miami will become youryear-roundsourcefor the contemporary travel evolution. Whatgap were you trying to fill in thetravel industry by launching LEMiami? LE Miamicelebrates the new luxury customerswho are creative, design-conscious, tech-savvyandwho embrace change and innovation. Webelieve that many marketplaces exist connectingtraditional luxury hotels with traditionalwealthy individuals - butnothingexists to connect contemporary hotelswith creative individualsandindustries. LE Miami is bridging thatgap andcreating a new industry:the contemporary travelmarket. Why did you chooseMiamiasthecity to hostsuch a fair? Miami epitomisescontemporary travelon many levels: the first boutiquebeachresort was created here andthere are more boutiquehotels per squarekilometre in SouthBeach Miami thananywhere else in the world. Itis a city with a deep architectural heritage, andit is a city that embodiesfashion, art and entertainment. Miami is also a hubfor Latin America and a naturalmeeting point for many membersof the creative class aroundtheworld. Moreover, its state-of-the-artconventionandhotelinfrastructureis secondto none. How do you feel theexpectationsoftravellers haveevolved? Hotels have shifted from simply being a transitionalpointin a journey to happeningdestinations. People now look for hotelsthat allow them to upgradeto an idealised visionof themselvesandin a certain way, it is notdifferent other luxury consumergoods. Have you noticed any newtrendsemergerecently, in termsof whathotelsare offering? Contemporary travelis aboutembracing change, while luxury travel was all aboutprotectingtradition - hotels nowunderstandthe need toevolve quicker thanin the past. To achieve thisthey need to be innovativeandto constantly adapttheenergy of their space. Inmany ways hotelshave become like modernart galleries - refreshing their contenton a regular basis will keep customerscomingback. Whatcan we expectfrom LE Miami'snextouting? LE Miami2014 will certainly be bigger, butmore strictly curated, to make sure thatwe keep our display intriguing. Our emphasisfor 2014 isaboutfinding ways to involvecreative industries viaseminars andour awards ceremony, andto ensure thatLE Miami becomesan annualdestinationfor the industry toshare their latest innovations, toseek inspirationfor their next metamorphosisorsimply to connect with the creative class. IndependentHotel Show- LondonOlympia
  36. 36. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 36 Launchedin 2012, TheIndependentHotelShow (20th& 21stOctober2015)presentsa collection of the UK’sfinest, mostunique companiesnottypically seen at events, hand-pickedtoensurethey offer the high level of quality andbreadth of products& services luxury and boutiquehotelsrequire. This year, the show promisestobe bigger, better andmore targeted thanever before, providinga one-stopbusiness platform for the luxury andboutiquehotel industry.
  37. 37. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 37 19.0 SOURCES 1422050883 showdown-between-apple-and-spotify income-1807998 high-street W_XXX-Rated_When_It_Opens otels_case_lores.pdf edition.html opening-details.html travelers in-21st-century-guest-services
  38. 38. PhotoTechv2 Research 15.06.2015 38 2015.pdf file:///home/chronos/u-7dd9d822df3d524b2a5347b8375073dc99f1fe83/Downloads/HVS%20- %20In%20Focus-%20London%20Luxury%20Hotels%20- %20Can%20the%20Market%20Rise%20Forever.pdf address welcome-at-super-luxury-hotels industry-thrives investors-to-check-into-the-capitals-luxury-hotels-10097570.html welcome-at-super-luxury-hotels