N1 how to guide: blogging for profit


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A brief guide/top tips on how businesses can make the most from their blogs

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N1 how to guide: blogging for profit

  1. 1. Blogging for profit ...NATION1 2010 © NATION1.CO.UK
  2. 2. A CASE STUDY INBLOGGING FOR PROFIT ...An overviewof the blogosphere ... • By 2013 128.2 million people (the equivalent of 58% of the US population) will consume their news through blogs • In 2009 96.9 million people were blog readers, representing 48.5% of the internet population • By 2013 37.6 million people will become bloggers • In 2009 27.9 million people had a blog they up dated once a week or more This represents a massive and cost effective way for you to communicate with people and businesses have no choice but to stand up and take note. (source Omnicom) © NATION1.CO.UK
  3. 3. A CASE STUDY IN BLOGGING FOR PROFIT ...Questions we needto answer ... Who reads blogs? It’s also no surprise that the largest proportion What factors are facilitating blogging? of bloggers are young people under the age of 35. However the people consuming blogs are from a far wider age group, with the silver surfer dramatically skewing the average age. Blogging has come a long way since ‘web1.0’ where How is the landscape changing it was a one way conversation. Today it’s more for monetising blogs? about engagement, comments, postings, forums, a two way debate. What is a blog? “It’s less frowned upon. For an individual, there’s “blogs are now mainstream media, and mainstream no shame in using affiliate links like Amazon media is starting to blog” Today, national newspapers are seeing more to boost funds, similarly they can have a PayPal and more people consume their news online with ‘Pay Now’ button. The one area that some still Most people don’t realise when they are reading journalists even keeping their own blogs and not find controversial is paid blogging. For businesses a blog, most newspapers now link to writers even approaching the press to publish their work. you want to use it to show authority/expertise and personal blogs when they are covering a story. convert to sales. One of these is nice, but you The lines are becoming blurred between the stand should aim for both.” alone blog for The Times and the newspapers official website. Despite this, blog creation remains a niche activity, reserved for a community of savvy internet users and companies that are considered ‘ahead of the curve’ © NATION1.CO.UK
  4. 4. A CASE STUDY INBLOGGING FOR PROFIT ...How will thismake me money? Ketchum, a leading global PR agency researched the blogosphere and concluded (based on some kind of weird science) that of the 15% of the population that exercise influence on society, 37% Online activities of US adult internet users, were blog readers (of non journalist/news blogs). 2006 (% of respondents) So let’s consider that for a second. By keeping a good blog, you can influence the influencers 100.0 % and it costs you nothing more than 30 minutes E-Mail of your time a week. 57.6 % Local search* Here’s another interesting stat: 73% of European Instant messaging (IM) 56.9 % blog readers are male. 55.5 % Online purchasing Music search and download 46.2 % Read blogs 44.8 % Video search and watch 42.7 % Social networking 41.3 % Video downloads 36.2 % Publish own blog 28.0 % Voice communications (VoIP) 27.7 % Podcasting 25.9 % © NATION1.CO.UK
  5. 5. A CASE STUDY INBLOGGING FOR PROFIT ...Select Weekly Online Activities* of US Internet Users, by Age,February-March 2007 (% of respondents in each group) Millenials Generation X Baby Matures Boomers (13-24) (25-41) (42-60) (61-75) Total Watching and reading personal content created by others 71% 56% 40% 36% 51% Searching, downloading and listening to music 78% 57% 36% 17% 50% Visiting online gaming sites where you can actually play games 66% 51% 39% 38% 49% Maintaining and sharing photographs 53% 52% 38% 43% 46% Visiting TV show Web sites 48% 52% 43% 34% 46% Conducting job searches 31% 52% 43% 17% 39% Participating in auction sites 30% 49% 37% 32% 38% Reading/posting on message boards 51% 43% 29% 22% 38% Seeking financial/investment information Socializing 20% 42% 42% 41% 38% Reading blogs 62% 41% 25% 18% 37% Watching YouTube or other video streaming sites 55% 42% 27% 16% 36% Creating personal content 62% 41% 24% 11% 36% Participating in a discussion board or forum 58% 41% 19% 16% 34% Watching TV shows online 34% 33% 24% 19% 28% Maintaining your own personal Web site 34% 28% 19% 9% 24% Keeping a Web log (blog) 36% 27% 14% 7% 22% Using a computer video camera 35% 25% 7% 1% 18% Using computer’s microphone to conduct audio chats or 20% 19% 14% 8% 16% Internet phone calls 15% 15% 10% 6% 13% © NATION1.CO.UK
  6. 6. A CASE STUDY IN BLOGGING FOR PROFIT ...So how can you useyour blog to help yourbottom line? ROI of blogging ... There are a number of golden rules you must follow: • Benefits • Costs • Add value – there is no point having a blog • Risk if there is no value in reading it • Keep it current – update it as often as you can, even with short entries Benefits • Keep it real – don’t lie or pretend to be • Identity benefits someone or something you’re not • Use existing metrics Risk • Get out and about – post comments on other blogs that are relevant to you, linking A top tip: • Assign value to metrics • Identity uncertainty ROI of blogging back to your blog • Calculate Total impact on Don’t just dive in. Check out your competition Costs probability for a while. See what they are doing, what topics • Starting up business they are covering, how many comments they are • Recurring costs getting, the tone of voice they are using. Do it better. Blogging shouldn’t be overmanned. © NATION1.CO.UK
  7. 7. A CASE STUDY IN BLOGGING FOR PROFIT ... Metrics Identify the top three best and worst outcome you can expect from your blogging activity and prepare a plan of action for each outcome. Get hands on with free monitoring tools.icerocket.Set objectives for com, technorati, Google blog search set these tools up to monitor conversations around brands, products or industry topics.your blog ... In a study of 17,000 US e-commerce users, 60% said that blogs influenced their buying behaviour. If we are successful how will Use your blog to define the benefits of your product we know it? or service in more detail and feature examples and user case history. So lets have some examples, Microsoft is seen as the big bad faceless corporation. There was a guy within the firm I hear you scream: Qualify benefits with standard metrics. that kept a blog who worked on the development of WindowsXP, way back in the early days he A bit closer to home than Microsoft, Nation1 set called it Chanel9. He posted tips on how to fix up and maintained a blog for hairstylist and chain of problems, how to avoid errors, gave heads up on Scottish salons, Charlie Taylor. We wrote it on her new developments and came across as a generally behalf and updated it every few days giving top tips good guy. As his blog grew in popularity, he started on what products to buy and provided an insight to share gossip about Microsoft as well as tell some into how each worked and what it did. We also did a tales about how the giant was getting it wrong. feature on hair type every week and gave advice to People loved this honest insight into a firm that women based on their hair type (rather than product had previously been faceless and emotionless. range). Added to this, we ran a ‘get the look’ feature Microsoft’s initial response was to take down the after any major TV event (the Bafta’s etc) where we blog, fire the guy and make an example of him. linked to a Youtube film of Charlie recreating the top Instead his following was so great that they had hairstyles from the red carpet that night. Everything to keep him, and he become one of their biggest linked back to her online shop and appointment assets in the PR war to reposition Microsoft. booker. Today success of this can be measured in unique Perezhilton.com is arguably the King of bloggers. visitors (over four million per month) and positive His A list insight into Hollywood’s darkest secrets sentiment in the blogosphere regarding Microsoft has made him a subject of his own creation. The and this blog. secret to his success was adding value – he gave us insight into things we never knew or had seen before. And he made sure it was instant. So no one had the gossip before he did. He is now ranked as the No.1 Twitter user in the world too. © NATION1.CO.UK
  8. 8. A CASE STUDY IN BLOGGING FOR PROFIT ...So what have welearned ... • Blog readership is on the rise • Blog users are on the rise • Men read more blogs that woman • You need to add value and keep it instant to succeed • Sincerity and engagement are the key • Avoid the pitfall of using your blog to drive traffic to your site • Nurture your blog © NATION1.CO.UK
  9. 9. A CASE STUDY INBLOGGING FOR PROFIT ...The Scottish BlogAwards ... We are launching the first ever www.thescottishblogawards.com. Register your blog in one of these six categories for your chance to win: Awards ceremony is being held on Friday, • Sport 1st October Glasgow with guest Judge Perez Hilton. • Fashion • Business • Politics • Comedy • Personal © NATION1.CO.UK
  10. 10. A CASE STUDY INBLOGGING FOR PROFIT ...Nation1... Nation1 specialises in helping our customers target niche audiences online. Using all the latest digital stuff wrapped in cutting edge creativity our approach allows clients to trial new ideas at a low cost with a focused end game and measurable objective. To find out more email Andrew.grant@nation1.co.uk © NATION1.CO.UK