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Charité investment presentation_19.01.15_fm_v6


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Patient Scheduling App investor presentation

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Charité investment presentation_19.01.15_fm_v6

  2. 2. Patient Scheduling App investment opportunity If taxi app Uber is worth a staggering $40 BILLION simply by connecting passengers with drivers, just imagine what an app that connects patients with doctors would be worth. PatientSchedulingApp aims to reduce hospital admin costs by at least 10% through the efficient management of patients to doctor pre-operative appointments. Saving the state of Germany almost £5billion a year. Designed in partnership with two world class hospitals, mega organisation Charité in Berlin and cancer specialist The Royal Marsden in London, PatientSchedulingApp will be the first app to ever successfully undergo a clinical trial, producing evidence-based research of improved patient wellbeing and reduced hospital costs. Built exclusively on Microsoft enabled technologies by Germany’s No1 app development agency, PatientSchedulingApp is designed as a stand alone mobile application that is sold hardwired onto Windows tablet devices and sold direct across the world as the first and best scheduling app to the world’s 300,000 hospitals. PatientSchedulingApp Ltd is seeking £1m investment for 35% equity in a business that is forecast to be worth £50m in 5 years.
  3. 3. A MOBILE APP TO SOLVE THE GLOBAL CRISIS IN HEALTHCARE KEY BENEFITS OF OUR APP Problems our app solves: »» Increasing healthcare costs. »» Admin and operational expenditure. »» Long procurement processes in fast moving technology. »» Immediate feedback and engagement between pharmaceutical companies, patients and medical staff. »» Lengthy waiting times, anxiety, confusion and exhaustion in attending pre-op appointments. »» Effectively manage the flow of patients and appointments of medical staff. »» Reduces the pressure on front line staff and patients alike. »» Reduces the time spent per patient with each physician. »» Increased communication and time management (emergencies, staff involved, appointments affected). »» Providing hospital management with feedback, analytics and data to better manage resources and future investment. »» Establishing an effective marketing platform that will interact with 60% of a country’s population, with an average engagement time of 2 hours. »» Reduces anxiety and improves patient wellbeing through effective communication and information management. »» Delivering savings that will enable hospitals to focus more on patient care by improving patient satisfaction and offering more time for patients and doctors to interact; therefore better operational procedures will decrease mortality and raise quality of life for patients and hospital employees. TO VIEW OUR PRODUCT OVERVIEW Video
  4. 4. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS DEFENDING OUR MARKET POSITION »» Savings backed up by evidence-based research from a clinical trial. »» No patient data stored on application or on databases, anywhere. »» No capital investment, sold on rolling annual contracts. »» No IT or costly third party integration or consultancy. Unpack, turn on, save money! »» Good for hospital cash flow, pay monthly option. 
 »» 24/7 software support and hardware replaced for new within 48 hours, no questions asked. »» Annual, free of charge, hardware upgrade. »» First to market advantage, and once a hospital has a solution they won’t change to another. »» No app in the world has ever undergone a successful clinical trial. »» World class partners: Microsoft, Nokia, Intel, The Royal Marsden, The Charité Hospital and Neofonie App Developers. »» Microsoft Health Vault. »» Use of the Charité and Royal Marsden brands, logo, name and reputation across the PR, publication of the clinical trial results, case studies, social media, sales and marketing materials and activity. »» Launch seminar events supported by Microsoft and Intel in partnership with The Charité and The Royal Marsden planned for launch in Berlin in Nov 2015 and London Jan 2016. »» Direct route to market by selling to one hospital group managing multiple hospitals. »» Network independent Data Centric. »» World class and secure technology platform. »» Pipeline growth through strategic clients.
  5. 5. MARKETING SALES Three year roll out plan »» Evidence-based results in the New England Medical Journal. »» Feature case study in a half day event for the healthcare industry, targeting senior hospital management and stakeholders. »» Events in London, Germany and Doha (with future roll out to Paris, Madrid, Rome and others). »» Each event will be attended by 150 paying delegates, invited by Microsoft. »» Highly targeted, profitable sales pitches and product demonstrations. »» Glossy report for take-away as our sales brochure. »» PatientSchedulingApp will appoint a German and UK health PR company to support the launch and sales. »» PatientSchedulingApp has commissioned a biographer to follow the full journey of the project, to generate content which will later be used across all marketing and sales materials and online. The app will be hardwired at the factory and sold in banks of x 5 tablet devices (with app). Each tablet will cost €250 or £200 per month. Pre-orders will be taken at the Berlin and London events. A full time Sales Director will be recruited for each geographical area. Year 1 Germany (Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland) 60,000 devices / apps Year 2 England and Middle East 60,000 devices / apps Year 3 France 60,000 devices / apps
  6. 6. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PHASE1 Development March 2015 / Oct 2015 Due to start upon securing investment: »» MAR 2015 Software development starts. »» MAY 2015 Clinical trial on software starts. »» JUL 2015 Clinical trial ends. »» AUG 2015 Results from clinical trial written up. »» OCT 2015 Results from clinical trial are published. »» NOV 2015 Recruitment of Sales Director and UK support team. »» NOV 2015 Product launch seminar in Berlin. Completed: »» Appoint Berlin based English speaking Project Director. »» Appoint German IT / IP specialist law firm. »» Appoint Berlin based development agency. »» Sign contracts with Charité, The Royal Marsden and Microsoft Germany. »» Retain the services of a senior medical professional to oversee the product development. »» Ethical commission and data protection vote. »» Hold first full team project kick off meeting with all stakeholders. »» Prepare full investor presentation for funding to develop and launch product. PHASE2 Sales November 2015 / May 2017 »» Focus on selling across Europe . PHASE 3 Self-funded Global Expansion September 2017 »» Scale and deliver to large, high value clients. »» Secure strategic partnerships and market share in BRIC countries and North America. »» Stock market listing.
  7. 7. FINANCES Sales / profit targets »» The PatientSchedulingApp will cost €500,000 to develop. »» Annual overheads total €250,000. »» Annual support costs total €150,000. »» Annual marketing budget set at 15% of sales revenue (€100,000 in year one). »» The app will be sold, pre-loaded on Nokia1310 in banks of five. »» The average large hospital will require 20 tablets (a hospital the size of the Charité will require 50 tablets). »» Direct costs for each Nokia1310 are €300. 2015 £40,000 / (£162,283) 2016 £1,712,000 / £597,053 2017 £8,384,000 / £6,669,710 Andrew Grant Chief Executive Officer’T JUST WIN THE RACE. CHANGE THE GAME.