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A survey about children, parents (digital) book for children

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  1. 1. #NATIDIGITALI A survey about children, parents, (digital)books for childhood Survey 2014 Story-telling and story-selling. Digital kids between transmedia experiences and market trends Bologna Children’s Book Fair - 26 March 2014, 10.30 – 12.30 a.m., Centro servizi D, Sala Suite
  2. 2. Promoted by: In collaboration with: Partners
  3. 3. The Survey Update and analysis of the 2013 survey The survey was distributed on line, in January and February 2014, and promoted through: Newsletters Facebook pages, Twitter Web sites, blog Press The survey was addressed to: Parents Librarians By February 28th: 910 answers collected 696 answers analyzed (excluded answers from librarians).
  4. 4. 1) Parents’ attitude towards new technologies and reading, with particular regard to parents of pre-school aged kids (53.35% of the answers) and of those attending primary school (34.6%) 2) The inclination to let kids use new devices (ereaders, tablets, smartphones) for extra study purposes; the benefits and the issues according to parents 3) The relationship between reading printed and digital books, the sources of information, the sales channels of printed and digital books 4) Where and when kids and parents read together printed and digital books The aim of the survey was the analysis of: Aim of the Survey
  5. 5. 696 89% 11% 55%: 31 - 40 years old Average age: 39 years 45% graduated 40% >400 books at home 1 kid: 46% 2 kids: 43% Smartphone 77% Tablet 57% Pc (at home) 88% Ereader 22% The survey was distributed in February and March 2014 through an online questionnaire. The profile of the respondants is not representative of the attitudes of average Italian parents, but just of the most innovative part. Respondants Profile
  6. 6. 2014 34.6% used children digital books 2013* 30.3% used children digital books Grade (Range 1-5) App 4.11 eBook 2.25 Online 1.35 * Survey #NATIDIGITALI Trends in Digital Reading of Children Books Almost +5% the parents’ inclination to let kids read digital books: mostly apps, and ebooks Formats usually used by kids for reading:
  7. 7. * Digital books: app, stories read on e-reader, tablet, smartphone 72.6% reads everyday printed books 16.1% reads everyday and at least once a week digital books* By kids age: Everyday: 79% (0-2 years old) 83% (3-5 years old) 71% (6-11 years old) 38% (12-14 years old) Everyday and at least once a week: 56% (0-2 years old) 51% (3-5 years old) 81% (6-11 years old) 88% (12-14 years old) Printed and Digital Books Reading
  8. 8. What do You Use for Digital Reading? Tablet eReader Smartphone Computer 73% 22% 17% 14% Value s in %
  9. 9. Where and How do You Read? Values in % Question 11: «In which situation does your kid usually read print ed books?» Question 25: «In which situation does your kid usually read digital books?» * Digital books: app, stories read on e-reader, tablet, smartphone Occasions for reading printed books (and their benefits) Occasions for using digital devices (and their benefits) >< 78.0% 59.0% 26.0% 12.0% 14.0% 20.0% 27.8% 34.0% 12.0% 34.4% 38.6% 0.0% Before going to sleep When I don't have time to read with the kid For school purposes (textbooks excluded) When I need to entertain the kid but I can't deal directly with him/her Travelling On holiday Printed books Digital books*
  10. 10. My Kid Reads Digital Books* With… Question 23 «Your kid mostly reads digital books with …» * Digital books: e-book, app, other online formats Value in % 0 - 2 years : 100% 3-5 years: 72% 3-5 years: 21% 6-11 years: 48% 12-14 years: 94% My kid reads digital books… 34% 8% 58% Alone With siblings and other children With an adult
  11. 11. It’s a daily activity, like any other game. «When does Your Kid Usually Read Printed Books»? Anytime he/she can. When he/she wants it. When he wants to play. Reading is a game. When he/she is sad and I want to cheer him/her up. Whenever. He/she goes to his room, chooses a book and we read together. After dinner. I read for him/her, before going to sleep. In the bathroom. When he wants to deepen a subject. We read every evening. He/she can’t read but he/ she looks at the pictures. To relax together. The relationship with the parent Reading as game or deepening Every moment and place is good to read a book On the potty. Anytime he/she can. Question 11: «In which situation does your kid ususally read printed books?»
  12. 12. «When does Your Kid Usually Read Digital Books?» For the pleasure of alternative stories. Waiting in public places, in absence of other options. Where a book would be uncomfortable to handle.Whenever he/she wants. During aerosol inhalation. Using the iPad, he/she opens the interactive books app.Innovation of technology and storytelling Reading shared with peers Convenience In occasions similar to those for printed books Moments of playing. In sparetime, as for printed books. With friends. With cousins. In the weekend, when we don’t have much time. Question 25: «In which situation does your kid usually read digital books?»
  13. 13. 4.08 + 4.66 + Question 12: «What is the role of these aspects in a printed book?» Question 27 «What is the role of these aspects in a digital book?» (1=least important / 5= most important) * Digital books: app, stories read on e-reader, tablet, smartphone What’s Important in Printed and Digital Books? Average score values What’s important to me: The learning side Entertainment Encouraging imagination Encouraging independence 3.89 4.21 3.98 Printed book 4.07 4.37 3.27 Digital book = +
  14. 14. > Question 20 «You think that digital reading for children…» * Digital books: ebook, app, other online formats Values in % Reading Digital Books* … A printed book is magic, tactile experience, encoura ges concentration A digital book is handy, engaging, he lps learning and independence > 71% 37% 9% 7% 48% 28% 5% 5% 4% 24% 16% 6% 49% 7% 1% 22% 13% 5% 20% 10% 9% 63% 52% 18% It has practical benefits (portability) It's more engaging It's more instructive It fosters sharing It helps to learn the language It fosters indipendence It can create damages to sight Drops concentration ability Discourages reading alone Loses the 'magic' of the book Loses tactile and sensorial experiences Discourages imagination and creativity Parents whose kids DON'T read digital books Parents whose kids read digital books
  15. 15. A Digital Book* Should… Values in % (max 4 answers) Question 26 «According to you a digital book should…» * Digital books: ebook, app, other online formats Digital books should… The editorial value Technological and multimedia value > > 80.5% 62.2% 19.9% 32.8% 15.4% 29.9% 49.4% 62.2% Be interactive Be multimedia (audio, video) Be animated Allow to read in different languages Be readable by kids with reading difficulties Have a voice which tells the story and allows the kid to 'read' alone… Be well-illustrated and with a beautiful layout Have a good story, be well-written
  16. 16. My Kid doesn’t Read Digital Books Because… Question 19 «My kid doesn’t read digital books because…?» There are few digital books. He/she is too young. We do other things with the iPad. We don’t read. He/she is too young. We read printed books together. He/she is too young and destroys it (the tablet). He/she is too young to appreciate printed and digital books as well. He/she is too young. The tactile experience is too important. It’s some distraction.
  17. 17. Why don’t You Read Digital? Question 19 «My kid doesn’t read digital books because…». * Digital books: e-book, app, other online formats The lack of occasions, no ownership No digital reading as a matter of principle Values in % < > 4.6% 19.1% 33.4% 12.1% 61.1% 16.3% I didn't know digital books for children existed I don't own devices to read them I never had the occasion I'm adverse to digital reading for children I prefer print books for my children My kid prefers print books
  18. 18. «Reading Digital Books Can…» Question 20 «You think that reading digital books can…» Lose the pleasure of touching. Encourage the habit of staying too long in front of a screen. It can create problems to sight. It’s related to games. The tech side prevails. It’s a different way to read, but As important and beautiful. I can’t see substantial Differences. Printed or digital is the same. What matters is the story. We don’t think about It.
  19. 19. Which Digital Books? Titles and Characters Question 28 «Suggest an example of a quality digital book»
  20. 20. Question 13: «Which sources do you mostly use to get a a printed book to read?» Question 30 ««Which sources do you mostly use to get a digital book to read?» * Digital books: app, stories read on e-reader, tablet, smartphone Values in % How do I Get Information? Looking for printed books to read, I mostly use: Looking for digital books to read, I mostly use: < > 15.0% 43.0% 39.0% 18.0% 19.0% 27.0% 16.0% 21.0% 49.0% 12.0% 1.0% 5.0% 37.0% 5.0% 8.0% 16.0% 37.0% 38.0% 54.0% 30.0% 3.0% Printed books Digital books*
  21. 21. Question 33: «How much do these aspects influence you when you purchase a digital book for children? * Digital books: ebook, app, other online formats Average grade values When purchasing digital books I’m influenced by… What Influences Your Purchase of Digital Books* ? 3.36 2.74 3.02 4.01 3.56 3.90 3.68 2.24 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 Fame of the story and of the characters Fame of the brand which publishes it Fame of the author (and illustrator) Design and illustrations Reviews of newspapers and newspapers websites Reviews of other users The price or the fact that is free None of those: my kid decides for himself/herself
  22. 22. 75% (8.00-17.99€) Printed books Apps 59% (1.00-4.99€) 23%: free 38%:1-2.99 € eBooks 53% (1.00-4.99€) 10%: free 32%:3-4.99 € «What Price?» Values in% Question 15 «How much are you willing to pay for a printed book?», Question 34 «How much are you willing to pay for a digital book? » Question 55 «How much are you willing to pay for a childrens’ app».
  23. 23. 61% Sometimes + Often Printed books Reading in Another Language? Digital books* 55% Sometimes + Often Values in % Question 17: «Have you ever purchased printed books in a foreign language?», Question 34: «Have you ever purchased digital books in a foreign language?». * Digital books: ebook, app, other online formats
  24. 24. Thank you!