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Apresentação estagio II indigenas


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Apresentação Estágio Indígenas - Letramento Acadêmico

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Apresentação estagio II indigenas

  1. 1. Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande do Sul Instituto de Letras Estágio em Língua Inglesa II Prof. Simone Sarmento Teaching Project for Indigenous Students Joana Luz Nathália Gasparini
  2. 2. Teaching an Learning context ● English course for indigenous students ● Final goal: academic literacy – Portuguese and English ● Three students (Pedagogy, Agronomy and Physiotherapy) ● Two-hour classes on Tuesday nights
  3. 3. General Objectives ● Deal with their indigenous context in higher school, identity and culture ● Literacy in English and in Portuguese ● Not academic genres
  4. 4. Specific Objectives ● Read texts were they are depicted: news from “Jornal da Universidade”, “Zero Hora” and from the Internet about indigenous students in higher education ● Produce a subtitled video about their lives here, as students, and there, where they used to live. ● Write the project to be be submited to earn support from the University to this project. ● Write a text to submit to “Jornal da Universidade” and to be spread through Facebook about the production of the documentary.
  5. 5. Justify ● Public texts which deal with identity issues involving them: news ● The need of having texts about them written by themselves ● In this context, texts in Portuguese and in English are needed.
  6. 6. Project Organization Unit 1: approach the subject: indigenous role in the academic world. Unit 3: Video production. Unit 2: project organization and first final product.