SME Breakfast Seminar - Keynote Session - The Data Landscape


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Speaker: Maurice Lynch, CEO at Nathean Technologies

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SME Breakfast Seminar - Keynote Session - The Data Landscape

  1. 1. Data Management for SMEsBreakfast BriefingWelcome!Copyright © Nathean Technologies Ltd 2013Dublin Chamber of Commerce25th April 2013www.nathean.comAgile BI#dmr_13
  2. 2. Introduction & WelcomeAgenda and Speakers The Data Landscape - Maurice Lynch, CEO, Nathean Achieving Successful Reporting Projects - Robert Doherty, Product Director, Nathean Case Study - Dominic Byrne, Assistant Head of I.T, Fingal County Council The Agile Approach - John Pugh, CTO, Nathean Closing Commentso Mobile Phoneso Feedback Sheets twitter hashtag: #dmr_13o Collateral at Desk ROOM HIRE/chamber2012o Q&A
  3. 3.  Irish Software Company, founded in 2001 Focused on Agile Business Intelligence & Data Consultancy Key customers in the UK, Ireland, US & Canada Multi-sector: Higher Education, Public Sector, CommercialWho We Are?
  4. 4. What is Data Management?“Data management comprises all the disciplines relatedto managing data as a valuable resource…”- Data Storage- Data Warehousing / Marts- Master Data Management- Reporting- Business Intelligence- Data Visualisation- Analytics- Predictive Modelling- and many more disciplines…
  5. 5. The Changing Landscape…* Mobile* Social* Big Data
  6. 6. Mobile(Workforce and Consumers) Tablet Devices will outsell PCs by 2015 (Gartner) Always Connected – More Data & Apps on the Cloud BYOD - Workforce can have betterbroadband and devices at home The Personal Cloud will replace the Personal Computer?
  7. 7. Social The “Digital Natives”…Growing up with Apps… Interactive Data via Comments, “likes”, Ratings, Maps, Location,Search, Voice… Real-time Collaboration and Visualisation of data to make decisions Natural Language Search – finding new questions“Who were my top 3 customersby revenue last year?”Last Year’s Budget v Actual Search
  8. 8. Big DataIt’s NOT just about size it’s about: Volume – large datasets across distributedservers Variety – deriving correlations from disparateun/structured data sources Velocity – streaming real-time data (sensors)……………. Value – Will Big Data deliver real business Value?
  9. 9. Big DataThe Elephant in the RoomIt’s NOT just about size it’s about Volume Variety Velocity
  10. 10. 1. Count
  11. 11. 2. Execute Instructions
  12. 12. 3. Learn“…because information is too big andgrowing too fast, you cant program it.The computer has to learn, by itself…”Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM IBM Watson wins $1million prize by defeating previous (human!) champions at Jeopardy Feb 2013, IBM announced first commercial application would be for management decisions in cancer treatment 90% of nurses in the field who use Watson now follow its guidance
  13. 13. So What?* Mobile & Social… I.T. will provide services around privacy,security and data protection not “Reporting”… new skills entering the workforce… no more “End Users”… collaborative decision making => new type of Business* Big Data…introduce analytical skills to the business…gain better understanding of customer behaviour
  14. 14. Thank YouEmail info@nathean.comCall us on + 353 1 685 3001Copyright © Nathean Technologies Ltd 2013All rights