SME Breakfast Seminar - The Agile Approach


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Speaker: John Pugh, CTO at Nathean Technologies

Published in: Technology, Business
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SME Breakfast Seminar - The Agile Approach

  1. 1. The Agile BI SolutionCopyright © Nathean Technologies Ltd 2013Agile BI vs Waterfall BIJohn Pugh, CTOApril
  2. 2. Waterfall vs AgileScopeSchedule CostFix ConstraintsEstimateWaterfallScopeSchedule CostAgile
  3. 3.  Waterfall works hard toprevent changes inscopeWaterfall vs Agile Agile expects andembraces scope changeand focuses ondelivering businessvalue quickly instead.Core project management best practices still veryrelevant and necessary even on an agile project
  4. 4.  Do IT projects take too long to deliver? Is there a tendency to throw requirements and deliverablesover the fence to the next phase? Does the project fail to deliver on expected business value?Questions over Waterfall“Agile projects are successful 3 times more oftenthan non-agile projects…”
  5. 5. Fast time to valueCost-effective solutions which embracechangeIntuitive BI for everyoneWhy Agile BI Works?
  6. 6.  No need for a complete Data Warehouse design beforestarting Instead an iterative and incrementaldevelopment Fast prototyping encourages user feedback=> fine tune requirementsAgile BI - Time to Value
  7. 7.  BI requirements change on a monthly basis Deterministic Data Warehousing not aligned toever changing environment Agile is better suited to change Agile BI characterised by a low Total Cost ofChangeAgile BI - Embrace Change
  8. 8.  Business users require access to answers today notnext week Cannot rely upon IT or report writers to deliver quickly The tools must support the businessuser to satisfy their own requirementsAgile BI - Intuitive BI
  9. 9.  More frequent delivery to production Less documentation, more meetings and verbalcommunications Less pretence on long term strategy Immediate QA Multiple leaders, more teamworkImplications of moving to Agile BIfrom Waterfall BI
  10. 10.  Use Waterfall … When the end state is well known, and requirementsare clearly defined and documented When the organisation process and business is stable Use Agile … When the end state is unknown or changing rapidly. Start-up or business in changeWhich approach to use?
  11. 11. Thank YouEmail info@nathean.comCall us on + 353 1 685 3001Copyright © Nathean Technologies Ltd 2013All rights