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Career research

  1. 1. Career Research Assignment Name: Nathaniel Collier Date: 5/2/10 Part A. Focus Area (Example) Career Choice 1. Law Enforcement 1. FBI Special Agent 2. Police Officer 1. Musician 2. Performing Arts 2. Music Producer Part B. From the results listed, my career to research is: FBI Special Agent 1. Job Description: A. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agents investigate violations of U.S. laws and report their findings to the office of the attorney general. They investigate crimes such as kidnapping, extortion, espionage, bank robbery, fraud, and sabotage. To carry out their jobs, they talk to witnesses, observe the activities of their suspects, do research, and participate in raids. B. Analytical thinking is a necessity C. Knowing how to work with a Team is needed D. Being physically fit is required E. Requisite communication, leadership skills and have trustworthiness are all traits that are encouraged for one to have for this career.
  2. 2. 2. Working Conditions: A. Hours of work shift can change periodically depending on the severity of the Case. However, normally 10-11 hours each day and overtime is usually requested by the agent themselves or one of their higher authorities. B. You must be at least 23 years of age, but younger than 37 upon your appointment as a Special Agent. C. Must possess a four-year degree from a college or university and at least three years of professional work experience. D. Agents must pass a standardized Physical Fitness Test. E. The work environment is very dangerous and stressful. Agents witness death and suffering resulting from accidents and criminal behavior. In a split second they can become injured on the job, shot, or possible even killed. 2. Wages and Earnings: A. Newly assigned Special Agents are paid as GS-10 step 1 plus locality pay and availability pay. Starting wages for the first year are between $61,100 and $69,900, depending upon the region of the country to which they are assigned. B. The top wages are estimated to be about $110,115. C. The average wages are between 60,000-70,000 D. Group health and life insurance programs are assigned. E. vacation, sick pay, and a full retirement plan are given. 3. Career Path: A. You begin as a Special Agent trainee at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia for approximately 21 weeks. B. Once graduated newly appointed Special Agents are assigned to one of the FBI's 56 field offices based on the current staffing and critical specialty needs.
  3. 3. C. GS 10 employees on the law enforcement government pay scale and can advance to the GS 13 grade level in field, non-supervisory assignments. Promotions to supervisory, management, and executive positions are available in grades GS 14 And GS 15 and FBI Senior Executive Service. D. The job outlook is that law enforcement jobs will be favorable in the future and there will be more competition for jobs in Federal and State law enforcement agencies than for jobs in local agencies. E. As you rise in the level of higher positions the pay, level of responsibility, and level of authority all increase. 4. Education and Training Requirements: A. All applicants for the position must first qualify under one of five Special Agent Entry Programs; Accounting, Computer Science/Information Technology, Lan- guage, Law, or Diversified. B. Must have at least three years of professional work experience, which can be anywhere. C. Must provide a certificate of wellness from your physician. D. Once assigned Special Agents go through intense military style training for ap- proximately 21 weeks at Quantico, Virginia. E. Technology will be used to teach the new agents how to work navigational de- vices, gun equipment, and portable computer hardware.
  4. 4. Part C Post secondary #1 Post secondary The University of Maryland Institution location Name of program Criminology and Criminal Justice bachelor program Brief Description This is a program for graduates that will allow me to specialize in the criminal justice/ law enforcement field and give me the knowledge to prevent and control delinquency, crime, and terrorism. Why I want to learn/ I would like to train here because this program will give me insight to train here the area in where I want to work which is the metropolitan area. Also it is reported that a third of the 22 most accomplished new scholars in criminology and criminal justice received their Ph.D. from this program. Lastly, I would like to stay close to home where I will be very comfortable with the atmosphere. Post secondary #2 Post secondary Glynco, Georgia Institution location Name of program FLETC(Federal Law Enforcement training center) Brief Description This training is an interagency law enforcement training organization that account for 88 Federal agencies. Why I want to learn/ I would like to train here because it will give me an advantage while train here working in law enforcement. I will gain the knowledge of top secret tactics and methods that not everyone I work with will know. Also the instructors that train the people at their facility are highly equipped former officers, agents, marines, etc. So I know I will be learning from the best.
  5. 5. Part D Education Path: Electives 1. Foreign Policy Grade 11th 2. Political Issues Grade 11th 3. Pre Calculus Grade 11th 4. AP Computer Science Grade 12th 5. Chinese 1 & 2 Grade 9th & 10th Part E Work Experience/Volunteer Experiences/External Courses 1. Law Enforcement Exploring: This is a program that gives young adults between the ages of 14- 21 the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement by working with local law enforcement agencies. Events range from crowd control at parades, to providing security and police presence at events like fairs and sporting events, and directing traffic during mass traffic floods. 2. The Neighborhood watch: This is an organized group of citizens in a commubnity that is devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within their neighborhood This community program will allow me to know what kind of criminal activity goes on around neighborhoods, which will prepare me for what I am going to see in the future.
  6. 6. Part F Networking Name Relationship How They Can Help 1. Officer Luke Friend By telling me what he did to get into law enforcement. 2. Ms. Golf Guidance Counselor Informing me on what college is best for my career path. 3. Richard Holzer Football Coach Be continuing to be a mentor to me and showing me how to make certain that if I am making the right or wrong career path. 4. Lara Collier Mother To continue to encourage me to keep my grades up so that I can get accepted into the college that will be best for me. 5. Damien collier Brother He can tell me how he managed to survive going to Iraq three times as an Army Soldier and relate that to the law enforcement field.
  7. 7. Part G: Evaluating Website Source #1 Source #2 Source #3 http://www.wikihow.c criminal-justice- om/Become-an-FBI- Agent Justice-Careers/fbi- special-agent.html Ease of navigation The sidebars, The navigation is very Really easy because panels and their easy with a relevant of its simple Search bar make it tab with extra headings and the easy to find the information for every use of simple words. information I was reading/article that is looking for. used. General User Very user-friendly. The Bold headings Pictures for every Appeal Many pictures and make everything step that they use several colorful easier to read and the and a video make it tabs where you color coordinated side eye catching. can do/look at panel allow quick different activities interaction Quality & Reliability FBI is very reliable Extremely reliable Quality is excellent due to their current because it is an actual with the video events and real- interview from a supporting the life situations that special agent. The information. It is are explained quality of information reliable because of through the eyes is also good due to the sources and of current Special high amount of citations given. Agents. information. G. The Wrap Up:
  8. 8. Having research the career of an FBI Special Agent, I am still interested and heavily attracted to the work of law enforcement. With this career opportunity I have the ability to change the lives of others and my own. The infinite amount of investigations that I can be apart of makes me very anxious to become an FBI special agent. Also, knowing that I can be in a position to save lives of people of all races and ages makes me want to get into this career even more. In addition, knowing that my job will be exciting and different every day and not doing the same thing day after day allows me to think of this career highly. The respect and honor that I will receive from average citizens from completing and confronting dangerous missions give me the courage to want and go out for this career position. Not only does the helping of others make me want this career but the amount of pay and training I will receive. I believe the salary for this job can be beneficial to me and the many military tactics that I learn can assist me when I am in my older age. Lastly, working with a group of people that are fighting for the same thing I am forces me to want to apply for this job. I will be apart of a non-ending family that will have my back, not just in combat but in life also. H. Bibliography:
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