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No backend

Slides from No Backend presentation first given at DDD SouthWest.

The talk focused on the new way of building apps where the developer doesn't have to create the server side software for an app, instead able to use functionality provided as a service.

The slides are mostly placeholders used during the talk.

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No backend

  1. 1. noBackend Creating JavaScript applications without a server nathangloyn Design Code Release
  2. 2. Agenda • What is a noBackend application • Why would you create a noBackend app • Options • Cost • Things to be aware of • Building an application • Summary • Questions
  3. 3. definition: noBackend noun 1. Computing: system created without a server component adjective 2. Computing: denotes type of computer system where the developer creating an application only creates the UI using services to provide the server component functionality
  4. 4. Services on offer Phantom Ranch Canteen Menu Board - Grand Canyon by Al_HikesAZ used under CC BY
  5. 5. noBackend or Unhosted or Static apps or Backend as a Service or Front end driven applications Derivative of Confused? by Joe Benjamin used under CC BY What’s in a name…
  6. 6. What’s the difference? Derivative of Meditating by Staffan Scherz used under CC BY Philosophy
  7. 7. What’s the difference? Personal Derivative of Hotel Swimming Pool by Steve Hall used under CC BY
  8. 8. Options Options by David Goehring used under CC BY
  9. 9. Providers
  10. 10. Why? It Looks Insoluble by David Goehring used under CC BY
  11. 11. Why? Simple Hosting shoebox by How can I recycle this used under CC BY
  12. 12. Why? Leverage your skills Head Skill by Aikawa Ke used under CC BY
  13. 13. Speed to market Why? Derivative of Piggy Bank by TaxCredits.netused under CC BY
  14. 14. Cost Derivative of Cash Register by Taber Andrew Bain used under CC BY
  15. 15. Cost Kicked In the nuts by Superbk12 Gotcha’s
  16. 16. Things to be aware of Worried Eggs I - Oh! My! God! by Domiriel used under CC BY
  17. 17. Things to be aware of Security
  18. 18. Things to be aware of Reliability Grandfather's pocketwatch inner workings by Kevin Trotman used under CC BY
  19. 19. Things to be aware of Shared resources By Michael Yamashita used under CC BY
  20. 20. Things to be aware of cockpit controls - over the pilot's shoulder - _MG_5187 by Sean Dreilinger used under CC BY Control
  21. 21. Building an application Segal Self Build Course by Rob Annable used under CC BY
  22. 22. How? • Focus on client related technology • Provider library/SDK may use specific patterns • Think about how application may evolve
  23. 23. Anatomy of a noBackend app • Static files • HTML 5 • Javascript • Utilise online services • Offline first • Native app • Device specific • Language of your choice • Utilise online services Web Mobile
  24. 24. Basic • Static files only • Using local storage • Good for • Testing idea • Soliciting feedback
  25. 25. Code
  26. 26. Remote Storage • Personal storage • Infrastructure for storage & working with your data • Currently draft to be accepted as standard protocol
  27. 27. Code
  28. 28. Firebase • Authentication • Data storage • Basic User Management • Hosting • Analytics
  29. 29. Code
  30. 30. Web Task • No code on the server • Code hosted elsewhere • Client passes web task to server for execution
  31. 31. Summary • Application where you don’t create a server • Many providers with differing functionality • Reliant on provider • Initial costs low but can increase • Focus on client related technology
  32. 32. Questions? .: Any question??? :. by Marcello Maria Perongini used under CC BY
  33. 33. Resources • To-Doge implementations • Basic: • Remote Storage: • Firebase: • Code Repo: • Remote Storage: • Firebase: nathangloyn Design Code Release