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Brittain Hadley Brochure


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An introduction to Brittain Hadley. Who we are and how we can help.

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Brittain Hadley Brochure

  1. 1. ContentsAbout Brittain HadleyProfileAimsInnovationBuilding Surveying ServicesProject Management and CostConsultancyEnvironmental and Sustainable SolutionsStaffing
  2. 2. About Brittain Hadley ProfileBrittain Hadley is an independent firm ofChartered Building Surveyors with officesin Chiswick, West London and ThamesDitton in Surrey. We have over 25 yearsexperience and cover all aspects ofbuilding surveying including bothresidential and commercial propertieswithin the public and private sectors. 3
  3. 3. About Brittain Hadley Aims Interpret the client’s requirementsand act as the point of referenceensuring that completion is on time andwithin budget as well as to a quality thatmeets the client’s needs. Provide swift professional advice. Ensure all costs are reasonable andduly allocated to individual clients in a fairand easily understanding manner. Make sure the works are carried outswiftly and in a sensitive manner inrespect of residents in situ. 4
  4. 4. About Brittain Hadley Innovation Implementing value engineering Using absailers in lieu of traditionalprinciples in order to achieve high quality scaffolding to investigate the cause offinishes at the most competitive cost. leaks within a property to enable interim repairs to be undertaken. Sourced materials equivalent tothose specified by the client but at a Using thermal imaging equipment tocheaper cost. investigate for leaks and avoiding the need for costly opening up works. Design of new buildings and redesignof existing building within the most Using specialist dogs to sniff out drypractical layout in order to keep building rot avoid the need for costly and intrusivecosts down. opening up works. Utilising building works in progress toundertake further works for the client,thus saving time and expense. 5
  5. 5. Building surveying services Pre-acquisition and due diligence Schedules of conditionsurveys – sites and buildings Maintenance reports, planned Dilapidations – landlord and tenant maintenance programmes and management Party Wall services – acting forboth Building and Adjoining Owners Design, specification and contract administration of building works to DDA audits existing buildings Defect analysis and building Sustainability and buildingpathology innovation Building insurance assessments CDM Services (Health and Safety) 6
  6. 6. Project management and cost consultancyProject Management services Cost consultancy Project management services Cost Consultancy Development appraisals and Pre and post contract cost planning management Budget estimation Project team leadership Procurement strategies Project management and co-ordination Tender documentation Contract procurement Analysis and reports Employer’s agent (design and build) Value engineering Liaison with statutory and local Valuation of building works authorities Final accounts and claim negotiation Contract administration Project audits Development monitoring on behalf of funders and other third parties Approvals, permits and certification 7
  7. 7. Project management and cost consultancy  Client’s Brief  BudgetingPhase 1: pre-construction  Tendering  Programming  Value Engineering  ReportingPhase 2: construction  Project Management  Cost Management  Hand Overs  ApprovalsPhase 3: post-completion  Snag List  Project Review
  8. 8. Environmental and Sustainable SolutionsBrittain Hadley can provide meter audits We carry out initial surveys and presentto ensure that the building is billed the best method of harvesting energy incorrectly for energy consumption – in conjunction with the government initiativemany instances these can be incorrect to Feed-In Tariffs which is channeledand a huge saving can be made by back to the building reducing bills. Inhaving an audit. addition this energy can be exported back to the grid. This generates pay backCarbon footprint report with suggestions from the National Grid for all electricityon how to reduce emissions and make that is unused as well as recovering thethe building more “eco friendly”. Governments Feed-In Tariff for allEnergy efficient appliances can be electricity generated whether used in-installed such as bio-mass boilers, which house or exported back to the grid. Suchcan present a saving. renewable energy can be generated by solar panels placed on a roof or the installation of a wind turbine. The initial set up costs can be repaid within a short period of time whilst the Feed-In Tariffs are secured for a 25 year period. 9
  9. 9. StaffingOur Experience this project with average costs of £57K and £68KTogether we have had over 50 years building respectively. We have also been involvedexperience. Nigel Rickard has over 20 yearsexperience in running his own practice and before this in redeveloping housing association properties that arehe was an associate director with HSB and has subsequently rented on the open market.worked on projects throughout the UK. His corebusiness has always been with Housing Associations We also maintain a presence in the residential andand local authority housing. commercial market by undertaking surveys, dealing with planning issues, procurement and projectNathan Sproule comes from a building construction management for regular and one-off clients.background with 10 years experience as both a builderand project manager and 15 years working as a Our ApproachSurveyor. In the last 5 years Nathan has worked Our approach is professional, practical and pragmatic.together with his team on numerous housing Building works should never be taken lightly and it isassociation projects. essential that all parties understand what the end result needs to be. Aside from the contractualRecent housing association projects that both Nigel requirements we believe that good communication isand Nathan have been involved in include the key between all parties to ensure the buildingextension and refurbishment of 99 properties contractor understands exactly what the client requiresthroughout Newham and Barnet during 2010 to meet and that the project is delivered on time and withinDecent Homes Standards. The budget for the project budget.was circa £7m. The budget per house was £60K inNewham and £70k in Barnet. We managed to deliver 10
  10. 10. Nigel Rickard MRICS Nathan Sproule ACIOBPartner PartnerM +44 7889 499 945 M +44 7889 252 at:Brittain Hadley Brittain HadleyBarley Mow Centre Denleigh GardensBarley Mow Passage Thames DittonChiswick, London W4 4PH Surrey KT7 0YLT + 44 (0) 208 742 7704F + 44 (0) 208 398 3157