App Discovery Optimization


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Presentation from AnDevCon 2013

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App Discovery Optimization

  1. 1. App Discovery Optimization • Nathan Mellor • CritterMap Software LLC • Follow up at
  2. 2. Agenda • About search • Keyword Research • Optimizing for app searches • Use that optimization in: • Paid promotion • Organic promotion
  3. 3. My Background • • Formerly software engineer at Hewlett-Packard • • Author of Top grossing Android App Independent App Developer since 2009 as an apprenuer, not a contractor or consultant Trained in Internet Marketing at University of San Francisco online program
  4. 4. Book Signing •
  5. 5. The Internet Marketing Funnel Target Audience Target Audience (potentially interested) (potentially interested) Prospect Prospect (aware product exists) (aware product exists) Lead Lead (has tried product) (has tried product) Customer Customer (paid for something) (paid for something) Loyal Customer Loyal Customer (repeat sales) (repeat sales) Advocate Advocate (recommends product) (recommends product)
  6. 6. App Market Funnel + Numbers Target Audience = Outdoor Navigation users Target Audience = Outdoor Navigation users 1% of 1.3 million activations per day = 13,000 per day 1% of 1.3 million activations per day = 13,000 per day Prospect = see my app listing Prospect = see my app listing ????? -- figures not available ????? figures not available Lead = installs demo product Lead = installs demo product 500 per day 500 per day Customer- bought paid app Customer- bought paid app 20% =>100 per day 20% =>100 per day Loyal Customer= bought an addon Loyal Customer= bought an addon 22 per day 22 per day Advocate= 5 star Advocate= 5 star 2 per day 2 per day
  7. 7. App Discovery (knowing a product exists) (knowing a product exists) Target Audience Target Audience (potentially interested) (potentially interested) Prospect Prospect (aware product exists) (aware product exists) Lead Lead (has tried product) (has tried product)
  8. 8. App Discovery Search Search Market Market List of List of Apps Google Play Apps Google Play App App Listing Listing Browse Browse Market Market Search Search Internet Internet Your Your Website Website Browse Browse Internet Internet Some Some Other Other Website Website Ad Ad Campaign Campaign Install Install
  9. 9. The State of App Discoveryabout paid • For some, App Discovery is campaigns. • Burst Advertising • Spend all your advertising budget at once • Spend your way into a top ten chart • Hope you stay there.
  10. 10. Is Burst Advertising dead? • What does that mean? • Have people stop spending their way to the top? • No, most of the apps in the top ten charts on the appstore have bought their way there. • That includes Candy Crush and many other well known apps.
  11. 11. Is Burst Advertising dead? • What has changed • Estimates are upwards of $96,000 per day to reach the top ten in the appstore • Not as much money is spent in Android yet, but it is coming • It requires continuous spending to stay there.
  12. 12. What does that mean to you? • Most small to medium developers don’t have $96,000 per day. • You are better off focusing on search queries, which drive over 60% of installs.
  13. 13. Are New Apps Special? • • • Mostly Not. Top complaint of IOS Developers that port to Android • No human review process like Apple Top New Paid/Top New Free • • Last 30 days (globally) Ordered by downloads
  14. 14. Searches in Google Play • 12% search for apps daily • 50% search weekly • 6 million unique search phrases are used each week. • (Source: Google I/O 2013).
  15. 15. Differences from iOS iPhone Google Play Apps per page 1 7-8 Reaching app #25 25 flicks 1 Flick App Title Very Important (approved by Apple) Very Important 30 characters (25 seen) Tags (secret keywords) Very Important (approved by Apple) 100 characters Not used. Unclear if used in search Important in search 4000 characters Unclear Installs and Uninstalls Ratings Links from outside Google Play Description keywords Other factors in search
  16. 16. Success story • • Fall 2010 • • Description was 250 characters • Made it to the top of my category Managed to track keywords from Android Market (even Google said that was impossible) But I knew exactly which keywords were making me money
  17. 17. Keyword Research • A keyword is generally a multi word search phrase • You want to evaluate • RELEVANCE • TRAFFIC • COMPETITION
  18. 18. Relevance • How likely someone using a particular phrase is looking for your app • Determined by your knowledge of the target market of your app.
  19. 19. Traffic • How many people are using a particular search phrase • Can generally only be estimated with tools
  20. 20. Competition • How likely you can actually attain a top position for a particular search phrase • Is context dependent • Can be evaluated with tools
  21. 21. Rookie Mistakes • Thinking that there are only six or so phrases for your app • Thinking that you already know the two most important ones. • • There are always more phrases than you think • Try for 500, then narrow it down to 50 The ones that you think are most important may not be
  22. 22. Broadening your scope • Come up with a number of seed words • Think of synonyms and variations • Think of related products or services that your target customer would search for • Think of how they would search for your competitor’s app • Consider common brand names in the field.
  23. 23. Example: Video Chat App
  24. 24. Video Chat example • • • describe it in a few ways • Video chat,Video conferencing, video call, video conference Add popular brand names • skype,google talk,google hangout, facetime, Add related apps • • oovoo, tango, and camfrog Put in Adwords Google Keyword planner
  25. 25. Where can we use these keywords • Title • Description • Outside Links • Paid Promotions • Organic Promotions
  26. 26. Title • Most important keyword • More influential than description • Only 30 characters (no paragraphs like iOS titles).
  27. 27. Branded Title vs Keyword Title Branded Keyword Examples Pandora Amazon BackCountry Navigator Music Player Online Book Store GPS and Maps Recognizable Trademark Yes Often not Word of Mouth and reputation Helpful Less helpful Functional conveyance Maybe Probably Search term? Only if already familiar Valuable Can you do both in 20-30 characters?
  28. 28. Description • Your primary and secondary keywords • Keep it short if you have a small number of very important keywords • Longer if you need to target more keywords. • Mentioning a keyword about five times might be about • Use the full phrase if possible.
  29. 29. • • • • • Targetting keywords Do’s and don’ts Do’s and don’ts Do: use in a grammatically correct way Don’t - violate other trademarks in title Don’t keyword stuff - against Market terms • ie “keywords: angry birds,fun app,games,fun,temple run, candy crush” Do: understand limitations and tradeoffs Do: review if you are winning
  30. 30. Other factors • Google Play knows your installs and uninstalls. • They can track whether a keyword triggers an install that stays active. • They’ve said you can include helpful anchor text in links outside Google Play
  31. 31. Other phenomenon • Google will make app suggestions for people in Google search. • These are starting to show up in Google Analytics.
  32. 32. Sources in analytics
  33. 33. Tracking Keyword Victories • Gets a bit hairy if you are targeting 50 keyword phrases • You want to target more keywords without losing ground on the ones you have. • Time to use tools
  34. 34. ASO tools • App Store Optimization • • • • •
  35. 35. What you can do • Track 50 keywords over time • Find more by adding competitors or doing searches • See what keywords may be valuable.
  36. 36. Using keywords in Paid advertising • Test keyword phrases • Test Calls to Action • Find the perfect message for your first line • Test out images and icons
  37. 37. Paid advertisement • You want to track it all the way through user conversions • You can define an app install as a conversion in Adwords • But track it past the install • Do this by monitoring Goals and Ecommerce in Analytics
  38. 38. Adwords keyword targetting
  39. 39. Defining install as a conversion
  40. 40. Paid Advertising - ROI Text Drop the losers and keep the winners
  41. 41. Results from paid experiments • Find the high converting keywords • Target them more aggressively in Google Play • Use them in internet marketing promotion and links
  42. 42. Using keywords in Internet marketing
  43. 43. Traffic from Your website • • Can come from search engine • • Do NOT keep this traffic at your site • • Do not use a wimpy little hyperlink Can be tracked much easier (can measure the prospects better) Have a BIG OBVIOUS BUTTON that will go directly to the market listing Do not say “Search the market for . . . “
  44. 44. Your button • • • Create link at • You can set campaign, source, to whatever you want. • This will track in Google Analytics. id=com.crittermap.backcountrynavigator.license&ref errer=utm_source%3DWebsite%26utm_medium %3DLink%26utm_term%3Dtopo%2520maps %26utm_campaign%3DAnDevCon
  45. 45. Web page marketing • From your list of Keywords • Choose one keyword phrase • Make one web page optimized for that keyword phrase • Get links to that page
  46. 46. Example: Traffic
  47. 47. Attainable: The Top Ten "To rank on the first page of Google, you must replace a page that’s currently there." Market Samurai
  48. 48. An Optimized Page .. • • • Mentions the phrase (ie Android Topo Maps) • • • • • • • In the url In the <title> tag In the <meta Description> tag In an <h1> tag In the first sentence In the first sentence of the last paragraph 2-3 times in between the first and last parag Has about 250-750 words (ave 500). That’s all!
  49. 49. Getting links • • • The most creative part of internet marketing The best links: • • • • Have keywords in the link (anchor text) Are from “important” websites Are from relevant websites Have traffic Should link to you own site OR to Google Play listing.
  50. 50. Getting Links • Optimized Press releases • Article Marketing • Directories • Review sites
  51. 51. Check Results (Google webmaster tools)
  52. 52. Rinse and Repeat • Establish a blog with wordpress • Add a post every day • Get some links • At the end of a year, you will have 200+ keywords in the first page of Google.
  53. 53. Keywords in the world’s second biggest Search Engine
  54. 54. What is the world’s second biggest Search Engine?
  55. 55. Use keywords in title, description and tags URL URL
  56. 56. Benefits include: • Blended search • Embedding in other websites.
  57. 57. Get views and traffic • YouTube is a social network. • Get your newsletter subscribers to watch and comment • Find friends • Find subscribers • Consider tools like TubeToolbox or Tube Assist.
  58. 58. Tube ToolBox Find similar videos and interested users by keyword Collect them into lists Send them a video you made Invite them to comment or friend.
  59. 59. Questions