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An overview of the concepts of local marketing.

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Local marketing

  1. 1. Local MarketingBy: Nathan Kornet and Daniele Di Cerbo
  2. 2. What Is Local Marketing?• The strategies used to send a message to a target market• Focuses on Four Dimensions:• Segmentation• Media• Messaging• Measurement
  3. 3. How Business can use Local Marketing• Local deal sites and social media allow for businesses to work market effectively with a low budget• Use of mainstream sites with large user base (Facebook, Twitter , Foursquare and etc.)
  4. 4. B2B or B2C?• B2C• More affective to for building a relationship with consumers• Build rapport
  5. 5. Not-for-Profit• Free the Children• Uses Twitter and Facebook• Encourage to donate and promotes events
  6. 6. For Profit• Aveda• Use Foursquare to give discounts to those who check in to their stores• Example: Checking into Promenade Mall and receiving a 30% discount within the hour
  7. 7. Google Places• Allows businesses to add themselves for free• Users can rate and share places• Similar to Foursquare (except with google)• Use for business: Free, allows for consumer trends analysis
  8. 8. Living Social• A “social couponing” website• Allows you to buy deals with the chance of getting them for free by sharing with friends• Use for business: Helps small businesses grow awareness, Planned word of mouth
  9. 9. Yelp• Business reviewing site• Gives you the ability to talk to other yelpers for a more specific review• Provides updates on new openings and other insights• Use for business: Increase brand awareness, gain the trust of consumers, promotion by just being good at what you do
  10. 10. Fwix• Geotagging - Using location to sort data• Gives users relevant information based on locations and places mentioned on the website• Business uses: Allows for specialized companies to be recognized, gives small businesses the push that they want, “search engine optimization on steroids”