Deploying iPads at genazzano p 4 2013 considerations challenges and lessons learned


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This is a copy of my presentation given at the 2013 VITTA & ICTEV 2013 conference

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  • In this brief session I will describe the deployment of iPads to our Prep to year 4 girls this year. And describe some of the considerations, challenges and lessons we have learnt along the way.
  • Currently we have a total of 96 iPads, 86 for students and the balance for staff. We decided that the ipads should remain at school so as to extend the life of the device and ensure that every student had a device on a daily basis. Each student has a device assigned to them for the whole year. Students use a picture of themselves as wall paper so it is easy to identify.
  • Although we currently use iPads it is the tactile nature of the device that is ideal for young learns. It is often interesting to watch young children pick up a new device and immediate expect is to be a touch device.
  • Using apps like show me and Apple TV teachers are able to directly mirror what is on their iPad. This is invaluable as the teacher can show/demonstrate a concept while moving freely around the room rather than be tied to the IWB. Teachers can also have a student drive their iPad as a way of allowing the student to share their learning
  • Important to steer conversations about apps towards how they support learning, “This app, how is it helping the student to learn about whole word recognition, sentence structure and meaning, narrative structure…”
  • Investigating allowing greater teacher control over what apps are used other than a given set. We are also looking at how this can be done in a more automated manner as currently a teacher has to individually go to each device to download another app. We need to work on explicit training about this
  • Deploying iPads at genazzano p 4 2013 considerations challenges and lessons learned

    1. 1. Slide title here Mr Nathan Hutchings Director of Information and eLearning Technologies iPads from Prep to 4 • Considerations • Challenges • Lessons learned
    2. 2. The Genazzano iPad Program • Every prep to year 4 student has an iPad • total of 86 devices • The iPads stay at school • However, each student gets their own for the whole year • iPads complement and support existing teaching and learning • Pedagogy drives teaching and learning, NOT the technology
    3. 3. The Genazzano iPad Program • Tactile interfaces are ideal for young learners • Apps used • Story creator • endless alphabet • Jumbled sentences • speak-a-boo • School A to Z • Show me
    4. 4. The Genazzano iPad Program • Teachers display what is on their iPad directly to the board from anywhere in the room • Teachers demonstrate directly or ask a student to share their learning
    5. 5. Considerations • Giving time for teachers to experiment • Teachers issued device before roll out • Not every teacher is drawn to using IT • Devices are used in a balanced manner, appropriate to this Stage of Learning – a time of great exploration, discovery and joy • Genazzano is a school not a sales channel for Apple or any other IT company
    6. 6. Challenges • Some teachers unfamiliar with iPads • Concerns that device will drive pedagogy rather than pedagogy driving the use of the device • Imaging the devices • This process was much harder than initially thought • Initially teachers had long lists of apps which cluttered the interface • Charging and storage cabinets very expensive • Manufactured our own cabinets and saved considerable funds
    7. 7. Lessons learned • Give teachers the flexibility to deploy apps to devices in their class • PD to be delivered by teachers to teachers if possible within school
    8. 8. The Genazzano iPad Program Nathan Hutchings Director of Information and eLearning Technologies Twitter: