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Week 9 org change


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organisational learning

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Week 9 org change

  1. 1. Organisational ChangeWeek 9:Individual andOrganisational Learning
  2. 2. Week• Gap Analysis• Looked at Monash Uni• Talked about Assignment 2
  3. 3. 2• Group Presentation• Weeks 10 and 11• Worth 25%• 30 minute presentation plus question time• 1,500 – 2,000 word write up plus slides• Interventions in Chapter 7 and Chapter 8
  4. 4.• Think of a time you learnt something– How did you go about it– Write down the steps in as much detail as you can
  5. 5.
  6. 6.’s Learning Cycle and Learning Styles• Dimensions– Perception> Concrete experience (How things are in raw detail)> Abstract conceptualisation (Looking at it as ideas)– Processing> Active experimentation (proving it works)> Reflective observation (watching to see if it works)
  7. 7.’s Learning Cycle and Learning Styles• Four Learning Styles– Divergers– Convergers– Accommodators– Assimilators
  8. 8.’s Learning Cycle and Learning Styles• Your turn with your hand out
  9. 9.’s Learning Cycle and Learning Styles• Get into groups based on the learning styles• Are you similar in your learning styles?• What are your greatest strengths• What are your greatest weaknesses• There is no one best style
  10. 10. working time• Get together and chat• Ask me questions• Ask them questions
  11. 11. Week• Presentations from:– Team Building (Team formally know as Sweetapple)– Performance Appraisals (Team not Sarah)– Work Design (What was your team name Jake?)