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Week 7 Organisational Change


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Action Research

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Week 7 Organisational Change

  1. 1. Organisational ChangeWeek 7:Action Research
  2. 2. 6 Lecture• Action Research
  3. 3. 1• Individual Essay• Due week 8 on the Monday 5pm - Moodle• Worth 30%• 3,000 words• 7 Journal Articles• APA Referencing• TAKE A POSITION
  4. 4. 2• Group Presentation• Weeks 10 and 11• Worth 25%• 30 minute presentation plus question time• 1,500 – 2,000 word write up plus slides• Interventions in Chapter 7 and Chapter 8
  5. 5. Research Model• Will probably be on the exam• You need to know it• Is really hard to do practically in class intwo hours• So strap yourselves in
  6. 6. Research Model• Stemmed from OD approach to change• Collaboration with clients and membersof the organisation• Consultative approach to change
  7. 7. Research ModelFeedback to ClientData gathering afteractionProblem IdentificationJoint action planningConsultation with abehavioral scientistData gathering &preliminary diagnosisJoint diagnosisAction
  8. 8. Research Model• Handout• Action Research in Aboriginal healthworkers
  9. 9. Research Model• Questions– Does AR work in this situation?– Is it more applicable than otherapproaches?– What can you learn from it when you areconducting your own AR?
  10. 10. Research Model• Our Turn– Problem Identification– Consultation with Behavioural Scientist– Data Gathering and Diagnosis– Feedback to Client and Joint Diagnosis– Joint Action Planning– Action– Data Gathering
  11. 11. Research Model• Our Turn– Turn your attention to this subject– What can we do to make it better– Use the participants in the class to interviewand design change– GO!
  12. 12. Week• ESSAY IS DUE• Gap Analysis
  13. 13. 6 Lecture• Action Research• Good idea to understand it• If not I will re-cap in Week 7