Introduction to Managment - Week 11


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Introduction to Managment - Week 11

  1. 1. Introduction to ManagementWeek 11:Social Responsibility andManagerial Ethics
  2. 2. Tutor (me)Nathan Eva–– 9903 4065– Building N Level 5 Room 14–
  3. 3. Week• Explain how the force field analysis can be used to implementchange.• Examine how change can occur in structure, technology andpeople.• Examine the two views of the change process.
  4. 4.• Student Evaluation of Teaching and Unit• Telling Monash what is good and bad• 1-7 scale (but check – 6 used to be I haven’t been to classand 7 was not assessable)• More importantly you can say how much you love me• Or not love me if that is the case….• Helps me improve• Helps me get jobs =)
  5. 5.• What are they?• Can I teach people to be ethical?• Who should teach ethics?• If I was training future leaders, what percentage of theprogram should be towards ethics• Gen Y are ethically minded – Why– Saturation of media; Ethical based companies;– Social Media; and Extra curricular activities
  6. 6. Social Responsibility• What is CSR?• Why is CSR gaining so much attention these days?• Why would we ever argue against CSR?• So, what is shareholder and stakeholder theory or as it is inthe textbook classical or socio-economic view
  7. 7. QuestionsAt your weekly breakfast meeting, a friend of yours tells you theyhave been courted by a rival company. They want him to stay atyour company and feed them information about a new productover the next month – then he will start full time there. Do you tellyour boss or keep quiet?
  8. 8. QuestionsYou are the head of a major organisation in a small country town(5000 people). You employ 500 of the townspeople, whichprovides food and income for 2000 (their families). Further themoney goes into the town allowing shops to be open, kids to goto school, etc. You have recently found out that your pollutionlevels were a lot higher than originally thought. You are dumpinginto the river which is slowly killing off wildlife and animals. Youare friends with the Department of Sustainability andEnvironment so you know if you don’t say anything you’ll getaway with it. To change your practices it would mean raisingextra funds which would cause you to layoff 250 workers. Doyou layoff the workers or continue polluting?
  9. 9. QuestionsYou’re the CEO of a major drug company who has justdiscovered a rare cure for Andy-disease – which your pregnantwife has. Upon making the cure, the 3 scientists contracted thedisease and need the medicine as well. As your wife is pregnantshe needs 3 doses (the amount you made). The 3 doses couldalso be used to save the 3 scientists. Currently these are theonly doses available and you do not have time to make more.You have the choice – your wife (and unborn child) or thescientists.
  10. 10.’ DilemmaYou are the board of rival organisations. You are well versed inthe issues surrounding climate change and have the option toeither continue to pollute (P) or cab your carbon emissions (C) –and the game goes from there.
  11. 11. you liked this week you will love…MGX3100 - Management ethics and corporate governanceMGX3991 – Leadership practices and principles
  12. 12. Week• Revision• Be here or be square