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Introduction to Managment - Wee 7


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Introduction to Managment - Week 7 Motivation

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Introduction to Managment - Wee 7

  1. 1. Introduction to ManagementWeek 7:Motivation
  2. 2. Tutor (me)Nathan Eva–– 9903 4065– Building N Level 5 Room 14–
  3. 3. Week• Compare and contrast Transformational and TransactionalLeadership.• What are the 4 styles of leadership according to Hersey &Blanchard?• What traits and behaviours make up effective leaders?• What are the 5 sources of leaders power?• Summarise and draw similarities from the findings of theUniversity of Iowa and the University of Michigan studies.• Define the five (5) types of leadership behaviours aspurported by Blake and Mouton.
  4. 4. Reminder• Due Week 10• Case Study Style• On Weeks 6 – 10 material• 2,500 words (+/- 10%)• Worth 25%• Minimum 5 Journal Articles• Moodle is the place for lots of information goodies
  5. 5.• Organisational Culture• Groups
  6. 6. done =)• Organisational Culture• Groups
  7. 7. to WorkContent• Hierarchy of Needs– Maslow• Theory X and Y– McGregor• Two-Factor Theory– Herzberg• Three-Needs– McClellandProcess• Goal Setting• Reinforcement• Equity• Expectancy
  8. 8. Two• We shall cover this next week• If you want to make a start:– Read the case– Make notes of the issues– Start linking theory to the issues on hand
  9. 9. Study – De Best Fashions• Groups of 2 – 4• Identify the problems• Classify the problems (theory)> Culture (week 5)> Leadership (week 6)> Motivation (week 7)• What are potential solutions• Recommendations
  10. 10. Study – De Best Fashions• Join with another group• Come up with the best 3 solutions• Share them with the class
  11. 11. you liked this week you will love…MGF1100 Managerial CommunicationMGF2111 Organisational BehaviourMGF2661 Human Resource Management
  12. 12. Week• Compare and Contrast two content theories from eitherMaslow, McGregor, Hertzberg or McCellend.• Define and contrast two process theories (goal setting,reinforcement, equity & expectancy)