Intro to Management Revision Questions


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Revision Questions for MGF1010

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Intro to Management Revision Questions

  1. 1. MGF1010SOME REVISION QUESTIONSINTRO – CHAPTER 11. Explain the 4 management functions of Planning, Leading, Organising& Controlling.2. Explain Mintzberg’s Roles.3. Explain Katz’s skills and which managers they relate to.EVOLUTION – CHAPTER 21. What are Taylor’s 4 principles? Are they still used in business, explain?2. How did the General Administrative Theories influence management thought?3. What is the Quantitative approach to management?4. How is the systems approach used in modern day management?5. How has the Human Relations movement revolutionise management thought?EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT – CHAPTER 31. Explain and give examples of the specific environment.2. Explain and give examples of the general environment.3. Distinguish between the omnipotent view and the symbolic view of management.ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE – CHAPTER 41. Explain how organisational culture is developed and passed on2. What are the benefits of having a strong organisational culture.3. Discuss three (3) current issues concerning organisational culture.4. Discuss the original sources of organisational culture.LEADERSHIP – CHAPTER 171. Compare and contrast Transformational and Transactional Leadership.2. What are the 4 styles of leadership according to Hersey & Blanchard?3. What traits and behaviours make up effective leaders?4. What are the 5 sources of leaders power?
  2. 2. 5. Summarise and draw similarities from the findings of the University of Iowa and theUniversity of Michigan studies.6. Define the five (5) types of leadership behaviours as purported by Blake and Mouton.MOTIVATION – CHAPTER 151. Compare and Contrast two content theories from either Maslow, McGregor, Hertzberg orMcCellend.2. Define and contrast two process theories (goal setting, reinforcement, equity & expectancy)PLANNING & DECISION MAKING – CHAPTERS 7 & 81. Why do we need to plan and what are the elements?2. Describe the four elements in management by objectives.3. Explain the 8 steps of problem solving.4. What errors might occur in the decision making process?ORGANISING & CONTROLLING – CHAPTERS 10 & 171. Explain the elements of an organisation. Why are they important?2. What is the difference between a mechanistic and an organic structure?3. Compare and contrast a traditional to a contemporary design of the organisation.4. Contrast the three types of organisational control.CHANGE – CHAPTER 61. Explain how the force field analysis can be used to implement change.2. Examine how change can occur in structure, technology and people.3. Examine the two views of the change process.CSR & ETHICS – CHAPTER 51. Compare and contrast the Classical and Socioeconomic view of business using examples.2. Evaluate the arguments for and against social responsibility.3. What are factors that influence employee ethics?4. What factors influence employee ethics?5. Define and describe the four different approaches to environmental sustainability.