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This is a report covering 3 very simple affiliate marketing models that can make you loads of money if you implement them. They are newbie friendly, and with a little work, can bring in a steady income.

Topics covered include: - Instant payouts with document sharing sites - List building for quick & long-term profits - Killing it with Facebook fan pages Enjoy! Nathan Powell

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Simple ways-to-make-money-online

  1. 1. 3 Simple Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Nathan Powell 3 Simple Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing By: Nathan Powell
  2. 2. 3 Simple Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Nathan PowellIntroductionThank you for downloading this free report! Im sure you will learn some very usefulinformation from it to use in your marketing efforts online.Making money on the internet is a lot more simple than a lot of people think. Contraryto popular belief, you dont have to have a website, a huge list, or even a lot of money.There are plenty of ways to make money online without spending anything, andwithout any experience.The methods I am going to cover in this free report are assuming you dont have muchor any money to begin with, so are based off of completely free business models. Theseare proven methods to make money with affiliate marketing, and are guaranteed tomake you money if you implement them correctly and take massive action.You could easily turn these methods into a full-time income if you put a lot of effortinto them.Dont worry we arent going to cover the topics that have been already beaten to deathand dont work anymore. No article marketing, Yahoo answers, or any of that junk.All you need to succeed online are two things. Traffic and conversions. Im going to giveyou three simple methods to get those two necessities. With those two things, youcant fail. You WILL make money as long as you have those two things, and follow amethod to the “T” and dont give up.So lets get into it and start making money!
  3. 3. 3 Simple Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Nathan PowellMethod 1: Instant Payouts with Document SharingThis method is exploding right now, and you need to get in on this now. Google lovessites like and Slides you post on these websites have amuch better chance of ranking very well and making you money than a typical nichesite. These sites allow you to post slides created in PowerPoint or a similar software, orjust .pdf files. You can put clickable links in your slides and/or clickable text, leading toyour affiliate offer. Sweet, huh?So go ahead and sign up to one of those sites to get ready to upload your slides. Im notgoing to insult your intelligence by showing you how to sign up to those sites, justremember to fill out your profile completely, as it makes you look more like anauthority when you do. Add an avatar, bio, etc.Now what you are going to need to do is join sites like, that have instant payouts to YOUR PayPal account when someonepurchases through your affiliate link. This way you make money immediately, whichcould very well be today depending on how quickly and massively you take action.Websites like Rapbank have plenty of offers in virtually any niche, so you can targetwhomever you desire.After you join one or both of those sites, you can quickly and easily create a slide toupload to Scribd and/or slideshare. You can use a program like Microsoft PowerPoint oruse OpenOffices version, which is good as well. Just use whichever one you have or aremore comfortable with.Your slide does not need to be something super fancy or busy. This is not something tobe scared about or think you cant do it. Ever heard the expression “less is more”? Wellthat is very true when it comes to creating your slides. You dont want them too busyand make your potential customer leave the page.Just create a good eye-catching headline with a big font, put a cool picture in themiddle, make bullet points on the side and maybe some arrows to the picture with abig “Click Here” on it.Keep it simple. You can get ideas for what to use for bullet points and a headline fromthe landing page of the offer. It really is very simple.
  4. 4. 3 Simple Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Nathan PowellMake sure too that you put in appropriate keywords for your slides in the descriptionand title of the slide for proper SEO. Make about 10-20 slides per account, then do itover again with a different offer and different account.Now go do it. And dont just make one slide and upload it. Make lots of different ones,and upload them, and win!Method 2: List BuildingI know, I know, I can hear the groans already. Listen, I know you have heard it beforethat “the money is in the list” and its true. List building is actually quite simple onceyou understand good ways to drive traffic. You can not only have long-term profits,which is why most people build a list, but also short-term profits if you do it right.Now I cant go into too much depth in this free report, but we will cover the basics ofwhat you need to know.Ok, so we are talking about simple ways to make money online, right? List building canbe a very complicated process, depending on how you do it, but I am going to show youthe simple way to do it for short and long-term profits.If you dont already have an autoresponder service like Aweber or iContact, you need toget one now. Aweber you can get started for $1 for the first month.Now you are going to need something that you can give away for free to get people toenter their email, so you can capture the leads. This can be something as simple andeasy as a PLR report(which I dont recommend because everyone does this and it losesits value), or the best way is to simply write a short report(*gasp*) that is high qualityand value.This is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is compile a report, not createone. Let me explain. There are loads of topics about internet marketing on sites, and similar sites, where you can gather ideas to simply rewrite andcompile into a report.So just pick a topic, preferably in the IM/MMO niche because this is a HUGE niche with
  5. 5. 3 Simple Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Nathan Powelllots of room for uniqueness and making lots of money. Then research on Ezinearticlesor similar sites for quality content on your topic and just rewrite and compile it into akiller report. It really is not that hard.If you really just absolutely cant write a short report, then you can outsource it, butkeep in mind this can cost you around $50+ to get a good short report done(4-8 pg).You really should try to write it yourself though because one of the most importantskills you should learn for internet marketing is writing. This skill will help you sooomuch further down the road, with product creation, sales letters, freelancing,contacting partners for Jvs, etc.Now, create a simple squeeze page for your report.Tip: Go to Google images and type in “squeeze page” and you can just copy one of thethousands of examples given there. They may not be perfect, but good enough to getyou started.Then start driving traffic to it and getting some sign ups! Ok, thats it! Just kidding.Go to and register if you arent already, and start posting usefulcomments and put a quality banner/link in your signature to drive traffic to yoursqueeze page. This is one of the quickest ways to generate a lot of traffic to your page.Do the above mentioned method using document sharing sites by creating short one-page “advertisements” linking to your squeeze page. This can also get you a lot of trafficvery quickly. Upload to as many sites as possible and actively promote using videomarketing or a similar method.If you have a large following on Twitter or Facebook, send out some Tweets/messagesto them with your link to get some fast sign ups. Make sure they are quality and notspammy. If you have software to do this even better.
  6. 6. 3 Simple Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Nathan PowellMethod 3: Facebook Fan PagesThis is another method that is really exploding right now and is making a lot of moneyfor people. Facebook fan pages are almost like having an email list. With properengagement with your fans, they can be very responsive to your messages/offers andlinks.You are going to need a good topic to base your fan page around. It needs to besomething that is trending and a hot topic. Check out Google Trends to find some hottopics to make a fan page about.Once you have your fan page, you need to drive some quality targeted traffic to it to getactive followers. You can use a service like and similar sites to get somefans quickly to encourage others to like the page, but your followers will be much lesstargeted.To get lots of targeted followers to your fan page, you need to go to Facebook and gosearching through other fan pages that are similar to yours and post in them, talkingabout your page to get people to “like” it and send you traffic to your offers.The best way to drive targeted “likes” to your page is through the Facebook advertisingplatform.It is possible to get clicks as low as $0.01! I will not cover how to do that in this report,although it is a pretty ingenius method.After you have gotten a few hundred “likes” to your page, you need to start interactingwith them on the page several times a day. Just post useful comments/links and videos,just whatever works well.Whatever you do, you MUST engage the fans and provide quality content for them.Once they start to post on the wall and interact a lot, then you know they are ready tobe thrown an offer.Your best bet when advertising to Facebook fans is to either promote a squeeze page ora free CPA offer. However, you can make good money from low cost affiliate productsaround $7 or so.
  7. 7. 3 Simple Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Nathan PowellRinse & repeat this method until you have multiple fan pages bringing in $100/day ormore!ConclusionIn this report you have read about three different ways to earn money being anaffiliate, and to do it in the fastest, easiest way possible.These are proven methods that can put money in your pocket within the week, but onlyif you take serious, focused action. That is not something to be messed around with,and not taken seriously. If you dont focus on pursuing one method until you havemastered it and made money, you wont get anywhere and will just continue to losemoney buying the next scam.Follow one of these methods, learn all you can about it, and you will make loads ofmoney!Now go out there and do it!To YOUR success,Nathan Powell
  8. 8. 3 Simple Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Nathan PowellRecommended resourcesIM Game Changer:Learn how you can go from ZERO to $150/day ON AUTOPILOT within 90 Days! Provenmethod with KILLER REVIEWS – STEP-BY-STEP!The List Connection:“I made $940.20 for only 3 hours work and 178 subscribers!” Learn the closely guardedsecrets of making INSANE money from your list – even if its small!Fan Page Profit:How to customize your fan pages, SKYROCKET your earnings, and dominate yourmarket on Facebook to create UNLIMITED INCOME!