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  1. 1. How to stop anxiety attacks is easy if we have the right information on anxiety,its causes, and possible treatments. When a person experiences fear or worry,the body sends chemical signals to different parts of the body, which producessymptoms to deal with this certain feeling. In this situation, anxiety is usually thebody’s normal reaction, but when the body feels too much anxiety, it manifests ina higher form of anxiety that may lead to panic or anxiety attacks . Use these techniques to stop your anxiety attacks forever. Photo courtesy: panicattacktheory.comExactly What Is An Anxiety and Anxiety Attack?During a challenging or difficult situation, it is completely normal to feel a bitanxious, but anxiety is only healthy when it is mild. Anything more intense thanthat could be dangerous. At the normal level of anxiety, we experience a varietyof symptoms that are not really damaging to our psychological and physiologicalhealth. Before knowing how to stop anxiety attacks, we need to learn the basicsfirst, and that involves being able to differentiate between mild anxiety and themore intense form of an anxiety attack. Emotional symptoms could includetrouble concentrating, feeling tense, irritability, restlessness, or cognitiveemptiness, meaning that you are not able to think of anything in regard to thedemands of situations. In order to know how to stop anxiety attacks, we alsoneed to know the physical symptoms of anxiety, which are products of thebody’s fight or flight response. These symptoms are pounding heart orpalpitations, sweating or diaphoresis, gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea orconstipation, shortness of breath or difficulty of breathing, insomnia, fatigue,headaches, and tremors. These symptoms are considered common and are notat a level that could greatly affect our health negatively in the long run, but it isstill good to learn how to stop anxiety attacks.Attacks to Watch Out For
  2. 2. Unlike normal levels of anxiety, anxiety attacks are considered to be anemergency situation and need prompt medical treatment. If you want to knowmore about how to stop anxiety attacks, you should read more on this type ofpanic attack. Anxiety attacks usually occur without any signs. Sometimes, it iscaused by an obvious stimulus and sometimes not. These attacks could happenwithout warning and peak within ten minutes, but in some rare cases, they canlast up to even 30 minutes. Most people who experience these attacks are reallyfrightened that it could lead to life-threatening conditions like a heart attack.When you experience this type of attack, you are more likely to experience itagain during inescapable and uncontrollable situations, so it is important thatyou know how to stop anxiety attacks.Obvious SymptomsSymptoms of anxiety attacks are much worse than those of anxiety. It usuallymakes the person feel like he or she is literally dying. Knowing how to stopanxiety attacks is difficult if you do not have enough information or insight on itspossible symptoms. Symptoms include hyperventilation or lack of carbondioxide in the body, surge of panic, feeling like losing control or going crazy, hotflashes or chills, trembling, shaking, gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea,vomiting or cramps, choking sensation, heart palpitations, and chest pain. Asyou can see, the symptoms are varied and extreme, and prompt medicalattention may be necessary.Agoraphobia With Anxiety AttacksIf you want to start learning how to stop anxiety attacks, the first step involvesbeing calm and vigilant when it comes to these occurrences because you mighthurt yourself by panicking. These panic attacks are also called panic disordersand usually manifests with agoraphobia. Agoraphobia denotes the fear of beingin places where escaping is difficult or impossible, and this fear usually leads toanxiety attacks. If you have this type of fear, you would usually avoid enclosedpublic places, such as malls, elevators, or even airplanes.Different Ways to CopeMany different ways on how to stop anxiety attacks have been discovered to beeffective and useful. Follow these to help you the next time you experience anattack.
  3. 3. – If you first feel that you are possibly going into an anxiety attack, trybreathing into a paper bag 25-50 times. Hyperventilation is a state wherein thereis not enough carbon dioxide in your body, so by breathing into a paper bag, theoxygen-carbon dioxide concentration in your body is normalized until you arefree from shortness of breath.– Another easy way on how to stop anxiety attacks is going into a coolplace. Heat is a great trigger for panic attacks because it causes yourmetabolism to increase. Strip off as many clothes as you can and stand in frontof an air conditioner or fan to lose some body heat and relax.– Distracting yourself is another method of how to stop anxiety attacks. Also,do something that can help make you feel more cool, calm, and relaxed.- If all else fails, take medication called tranquilizer. If you have a chronic anxietydisorder, your physician could have probably prescribed you with this type ofmedication. Taking this medication relieves you from anxiety within 15 minutes,so it is fast and effective. These medications are considered to be the last resortsince they can be addictive to the user. Green tea can help with anxiety attacks. Photo courtesy anxiety-natural.netGo Natural Against Anxiety AttacksNatural methods on how to stop anxiety attacks are also recommended likebreathing exercises. This is a simple but effective way to release stress andtension from your body. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale throughyour mouth. Perform this routine for 5-10 breaths, and you’ll surely feel calmer.Another effective way on how to stop anxiety attacks is drinking green tea andlistening to music. Green tea is known to contain theanine, which counteractshyperactivity, so it leaves us feeling more serene and relaxed. You could also sit
  4. 4. back while listening to your favorite genre of music. Whether it is classic rock orcountry, you’ll be able to fight off those worries and stress.Worrying more is never a solution in experiencing anxiety attacks. Take note ofthe ways on how to stop anxiety attacks that are mentioned above and lead thehappy life that you have always desired.Check out my blog for more information on how to stop anxiety attacks.