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Ahavath Torah Institute - Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich


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Nathan David Rabinowich’s visit to Hotel Mont Gabriel during December 2006 with his fellow Jewish Community Council members.

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Ahavath Torah Institute - Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich

  1. 1. Friday October 13, 2006 Ahavath Torah Institute Dr. David Rabinowich, President 2124 Avenue R Brooklyn, NY 11229-2502 Tel. : 718-382-9108 Cell: 917-753-5178 Fax : 718-382-9108 E-mail: Proposal Bonjour Dr. Rabinowich: Following our conversation, Hotel Mont Gabriel would like to confirm the following agreements in order to host your 2006 December program. ACCOMMODATION Arrival: Thursday December 21st , 2006 (Early check is available) Departure: Monday December 25th , 2006 (Check out must be completed by noon you told me 1 pm or 60$ charge per room will be applicable on the master account) Number of rooms 31 rooms Tyrol section (16 18 rooms), Any section – upon availability (9 rooms) Marquise section: 3 staff rooms and 3 complimentary rooms Additional rooms will be confirmed upon availability Number of participants to be confirmed Complimentary 3 complimentary rooms located in any section at hotel discretion with a minimum of 72 room nights reserved and paid (for the caterer, the MK Mashgiach and Rabbi Rabinowic) or the room rate will be applicable on the master account. Additional complimentary policy The 98th 82nd room /night used and paid, 92nd ,102nd and so on107th room/ night used and paid will be offered complimentary in any section of the Hotel (accommodation only) 1 Initials ____
  2. 2. COTS 20 cots available on site at no charge Additional cots are available (up to 40) and have to be reserved 1 month prior to arrival. Cots ordered by your organization within 30 day prior to arrival will be billed to you at a cost of $8.00cdn per day per cot plus taxes. GUARANTEE 72 room nights reserved from December 21st to December 25th , 2006, the total guarantee cost will be $ 7020.00 Canadian dollars plus applicable taxes. The rates are non commissionable. This total will be paid to Hotel Mont Gabriel even if the rooms are not all occupied. In order to be exempt of the 7% tax, Hotel Mont Gabriel has to receive a letter from Ahavath Torah Institute confirming the business of Tour Operator from outside Canada. ROOM RATE On December 21st and 22nd , 2006 (any section of the hotel) $ 89.00 per room plus taxes ROOM RATE On December 23rd and 24th , 2006 (any section of the hotel) $106.00 per room plus taxes A maximum of 3 staff rooms per night for 4 nights at 69$ in the Marquise section. The individuals calling the hotel will be referred to Ahavath Torah Institute at 800-253- 9167 for reservations. RESERVATION Type of reservations Rooming list will be provided by Dr. Rabinowich prior to December 1st , 2006 for the 72 guaranteed room nights after this date, the hotel will release all remaining rooms and accept reservations forthwith on an availability basis only. PAYMENT OF MASTER ACCOUNT Payment Payable 48 hours prior to arrival On a complimentary basis 1) Hotel Mont Gabriel will offer the Nicklauss & Palmer rooms for the meals as a dinning room. If too many people, the DR used for Passover 2005 will be used! 2) Watson rooms that you can use for the Synagogue or Tea room. 3) Cardinal meeting room in upper lobby will be used for the Synagogue or Tea 2 Initials ____
  3. 3. room. 4) Ceder room olibri will be used for the day camp & Hirondelle will be used for the day care. For nightly entertainment Swimming hours The indoor swimming pool will be reserved exclusively to your group: Thursday December 21st , 2006 From 9pm to midnight make this 8 pm, please Friday December 22nd , 2006 From 6am to 9am Saturday December 23rd , 2006 From 9pm to midnight Sunday December 24th , 2006 From 6am to 9am and 9pm to midnight Monday December 25th , 2006 From 6am to 9am During those hours, it is the responsibility of Ahavath Torah Institute to drape the windows at it’s convenience. The hotel will provide the drapes! The Hotel administration ask that the curtains are put down during the other period were the hotel client’s have access. Please note that their will be no life guards at the pool and swimming is at your own risk. Child under 16 years old are not allowed without adult supervision (your staff or one adult of your group). SKI Mont Gabriel Hotel Mont Gabriel offers corporate rates for the ski lift tickets purchased at front desk. Ski lift tickets December 21st and 22nd , 2006 15$ per person I need children’s price Ski lift tickets December 23rd, , 24th and 25th , 2006 30$ per person I need special price for 4 hour block Saturday nite Kitchen / MK / Terms and agreement: The Kosher kitchen will be available from 9am on December 21st to 2:30 4 pm pm on December 25th, 2006 as mentioned no cooking only for warming up. The rental charge for the four days is 600$ for the hotel kosher kitchen. Any extra day prior or after will be charged to the master account at 100$ plus taxes. The Jewish Community Council fees will be charged to your master account, independently of the amount charged, Ahavath Torah Institute will absorb the cost. The supervision from MK Montreal, the Kosherization of the kitchen under the supervision of one Mashgiach (Rabbi). An inventory of each article the hotel will lend to you will be signed by you upon reception. 3 Initials ____
  4. 4. The hotel will provide linen tablecloths for all meals, as well as serviettes (linen) for luncheons and dinners, paper napkins for breakfast, drinking glasses, wine glasses, one set of China and one set of silverware (or aluminum) and candle lights for dinner, if available. The hotel will lend you two 4 doors refrigerators and one 25 cubic feet freezer which are going to be installed close to the Kosher kitchen. An inventory of each article that the hotel will lend to you will be signed by you upon reception on December 21st , 2006. It is to the responsibility of Ahavath Torah institute to sign the inventory upon arrival (and departure). At the end of program, the same procedure (inventory control) will be used in order to recuperate the articles, ie: sign off of a list of articles lent to your organization. A price list will be attached to the sign off list and the amount estimated for the lost or damaged articles will be added to your in trust account at the end of the Passover if needed. If anything is damage or lost, Dr Rabinowich will pay the estimated damages. The meal services will be done by your caterer. Ahavath Torah Institute will provide their own staff. The Hotel will not be involved in meals preparation, nor service. Should you need employees from the hotel, a $ 25.00ca plus 15% service charge (based on our regular meal prices) per hour charge for each staff plus taxes will be billed to you. The regular cleaning of the kitchen during your stay will be done every day by your staff with the supervision of our Executive Chef. Equipment rental: Ahavath Torah Institute will rent it’s own equipment such as dish washer, convention ovens and burners. ???????? The delivery and installation will be arranged by the client. Additional request: The hotel administration will accept or refuse to sell articles such as garbage bags, burners, dish washer soap. Any purchase will be billed to the master account. RESPONSABILITY Upon arrival, the Hotel premises will be inspected with Dr. Rabinowich and the General Manager of the Hotel Mont Gabriel. Each participant will give their credit card print at time of check in to pay their incidentals but also to cover expenses if any damage is done in their rooms. That includes the telephone bills, movies and other expenses charged to the room. Should there be damages or lost of equipment of excessive dirtiness, carpets and chairs cleaning and furniture damages, etc. , the Hotel requires a $ 5,000 Canadian funds 4 Initials ____
  5. 5. deposit that will be kept in trust by the hotel’s notary. The amount will be recuperated by your organization at the end of your stay less any damages evaluation. This amount is separate from other deposits requested on page 5. CONFIRMATION The space required for your event will be reserved by the Hotel upon reception of the signed proposal AND upon availability. This proposal will act as a contractual agreement when countersigned by the Hotel. DEPOSIT 1. A first deposit of $3,000.00ca is required with the signed copy of the contract in order to confirm the group reservation. 2. A second deposit of $3,000.00cdn is required prior to November 30 21st , 2006. 3. Balance of $ 3000.00cdn is required prior to December 19th , 2006 by certified check with full prepayment of additional reservation from the original block of rooms. Group cancellation policy 1. With a written cancellation notice received prior to October 31st , 2006, the $ 3,000 deposit is not refundable and the agreement will be void. 2. With a written cancellation notice received prior November 20th , 2006 the first and second deposits are not be refundable; $ 6,000. 3. With a written cancellation notice after November 30th , 2006 100% of the totality of the agreement, $ 9,000 will be charged to you. Credit card deposit COMPANY NAME AHAVATH TORAH INSTITUTE, Dr. Rabinowich, president Upon confirmation ARRIVAL DATE: December 21st , 2006 AMOUNT OF 1ST DEPOSIT : 3,000$ AMOUNT OF 2ND DEPOSIT : _3,000$_______ DATE:_NOVEMBER 320TH , 2006____ AMOUNT OF 3RD DEPOSIT : __3,000 $_____ DATE:_DECNOVEMBER 21ST30TH, 2006___ CREDIT CARD NUMBER : EXPIRATION: 5 Initials ____
  6. 6. CARD OWNER SIGNATURE : Please feel free to call us for any further details concerning our resort or any additional information. We hope our services will interest you and we look forward to welcoming your group in December 2006. Anne-Marie Roy Director of Sales & Marketing AHAVATH TORAH INSTITUTE HÔTEL MONT GABRIEL _____________________________ ______________________________ Authorized signature Authorized signature Dr. David Rabinowich Anne-Marie Roy 6 Initials ____
  7. 7. Date: ________________________ Date: _________________________ 7 Initials ____