Football the beautiful game


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My power point presentation on football and the rules.

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Football the beautiful game

  1. 1. The beautiful gameBy Nathan
  2. 2. FormationThe field consists of 11 players on each side. The most common formationis 4-4-2. 2 attackers, 4 midfielders, 4 defenders, and 1 goalkeeper.
  3. 3. Rules and RegulationsFouls:• Kicking, punching, pushing, spitting and tripping• If you tackle the player before you touch the ball, it is considered a foul• Hand ball• Invalid throw-in• Swearing, insulting, or abusing the referee• OffsidesVery bad fouls will result in red cards, fairly bad will result in yellow cards, andsmall fouls will result in just a foul so the other team gets the ball. If you gettwo yellow cards, you will be suspended and not eligible for a certain amountof matches, a red card will mean that you will be suspended for a longerperiod of time and an instant sending off.
  4. 4. PositionsAttacker (striker): Stays on the oppositions sideof the field most of the time, and is the maingoal scorer on the team.Midfielder: Responsible for playing the ballaround and helping out both in attack anddefense.Defender: Prevents the other team from scoringgoals.
  5. 5. OffsideAn offside occurs when a player passes the ballto his teammate, but his teammate is past thelast defender of the opposition. The player hasto be in front of the defenders on the oppositeteam when the ball is passed, not when the ballis received.
  6. 6. RefereesThere are four referees on the pitch at one time:Referee 1 (linesman): He/she calls the things that happen from a side view on their side of the field (offsides, goals, and if they get the better angle to the foul, they can call it.)Referee 2 (linesman): Does the same thing as the first linesman except on the other side of the field.Main referee: He/she makes all of the calls for the fouls, penalties, free kicks, etc. For the whole game,he/she runs around with the play, and if the ball happens to hit him/her, it will be considered part of thegame and the play will continue.Fourth official: He/she has the smallest job, all they have to do is handle the substitutions from both teamsand hold up the added on time at the end of each half.
  7. 7. PenaltiesWhen an opposing player fouls you in their box, you will be awarded with a penalty.Penalties are spot kicks taken from 12 yards from the goal line on the white dot. Allplayers must be standing behind the kick taker when the ball is kicked, and thegoalkeeper is not allowed to move off of the goal line until the ball is either saved, hitoff of the post, or missed the goal. As shown in the picture bellow, the black line issurrounding the box. The red line is surrounding the spot from which the penalty willbe taken.
  8. 8. Facts• A game of football is 90 minutes long, divided into 2 halves of 45 minutes• Some of the worlds most expensive footballers are worth over $100 million• Football is the most watched and played sport around the world• A game of football is started with a kick off, in the middle of the field• The World Cup is the most watched sporting tournament in the world
  9. 9. Fun Facts!• In 1950, India withdrew form the World Cup because FIFA refused to let their team play barefoot• In 1954 Turkey knocked out Spain from during a World Cup qualifier by drawing straws. Blindfolded Italian boy Luigi Franco Gemma picked the straws to decide the winner• Luigi Riva once broke the arm of a spectator with one of his powerful shots• 20 red cards were shown during a 1993 game between Sportivo Ameliano and General Caballero in Paraguay• Madagascan team Stade Olympique LEmryne scored 149 own goals against champions AS Adema in 2002. They repeatedly scored own goals in protest of a refereeing decision in their previous game.• Sir Stanley Matthews never received a yellow or red card in his 33 year long career
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