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Charisma MasterClass hand out


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Charisma MasterClass for UniPartners board members hand out

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Charisma MasterClass hand out

  1. 1. Increasing your influence and image ©
  2. 2. Gustaaf Vocking MSc MBA Ø Master of Econometrics Ø Bachelor of Business information science Ø Psychology and post Doc didactic skills Ø Executive MBA Ø Entrepreneur since the age of 15 Ø Management Coach/Consultant/Trainer Ø Leadership/Communications/Brain skills Ø Managers/Professionals/Experts Ø Europe & USA Ø >20 year management experience Ø >10.000 (senior) managers, experts and students
  3. 3. Charisma ©
  4. 4. Charisma ©
  5. 5. Charisma ©
  6. 6. Characteris7cs ü Vision ü Rhetorical skills ü Image and trust building ü Personalized leadership ü Presence ©
  7. 7. Elevator pitch: 1 minute ©
  8. 8. Personal online presence? ©
  9. 9. Highly Recommended reading ü How to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie ü Influence, the psychology of persuasion Robert Cialdini ü Get anyone to do anything David Lieberman 9
  10. 10. Ques7ons? @Nathalief NathalieSoeteman @GustaafVocking GustaafVocking
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