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TED Speech Nathalie Hernandez


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TED Speech Nathalie Hernandez

  1. 1. • CEO at Digital Domain and Mothership Media.• He executive-produced the Academy Award- winning visual effects for the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Titanic, Tron: Legacy, Fight Club, and others.• Ulbrich has worked on several music videos and more than 500 commercials
  2. 2. Ulbrich explains howthey found a newtechnology that allowedhis team to blur the linebetween digital creation,and actor for the motionpicture the Curious Caseof Benjamin Button.
  3. 3. Ulbrich followed verywell the advice fromReynolds to use “less asmore”. Even more, heavoided Bulleted slides.He used very few words onhis slides and relied moreon high quality pictures, andvideos.He also follows Duarte’s tipof story telling by sharingstories of his research.
  4. 4. I learned to keep youraudience entertained by Always be creative, andusing comedy or sharing a don’t be afraid of tryinglot of examples. something new.It is important to be clear inyour information, andconfident when you talk sopeople understand yourspeech.
  5. 5. They kept a strong eye contact,and confident voice tone.They Kept their audience engagedon their own ways, and both werevery passionate about their topics Mr. Robinson’s speech had adifferent motive than Ulbrich’sbecause he wanted to convincepeople to make a decision, whileUlbrich was only informative.Robinson used more hand gesturesand comedy.Ulbrich was all about pictures andvideos.
  6. 6. • KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. Images tell more than words.• Prepare for your presentation. Give a lot of examples.• Use very short videos• Make a strong appearance on stage ( good voice, eye contact).
  7. 7.