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Mendeley Presentation - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology


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Mendeley Presentation - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

  1. 1. MendeleyOrganise, share, discoverCambridge 27th July 2012Nathalie Cornée & Guilhem ChalanconMRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  2. 2. Just started using Mendeley. How come I was never told about such a great tool? @litreviewhq I havent heard of Mendeley but it could be exactly what Im looking for... Thanks! @enkerli I *love* Mendeley. Its the best thing that has happened to reference management since EndNote Just fyi, Mendeley is pretty awesome on searching research: @AmandaMichelle I love Mendeley: love the web importer, use it across devices (phone/ipad), and to share readings w/advisors, etc. #phdchat I friggin LOVE Mendeley!!
  3. 3. Agenda• What is Mendeley?• Getting Started• Creating your library• Managing/organising your documents and references• Citing References & generating bibliographies• Annotating PDFs• Sharing References and collaborating using groups• Mendeley as a social network for researchers• Overall advantages of Mendeley
  4. 4. What is Mendeley?
  5. 5. What is Mendeley? Mendeley is free academic software (Win, Mac & Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android) to manage, share, read, annotate and cite your research papers......and a research network to manage yourpapers online, discover research trendsand statistics, and to connect to like-minded researchers.
  6. 6. Based in London & New York, Mendeley is start-up made of researchers, graduates and software developers from... ...supported by:...backed by co-founders and former executives of:
  7. 7. What is Mendeley?Store once – access anywhere
  8. 8. Getting started
  9. 9. Getting startedSign up and download• 500MB personal storage + 500MB shared storage•• Enter your details, follow instructions to download the Desktop application for your OS3 things to download:• Mendeley Desktop Application• Mendeley Web Importer• Plugins for Word/LibreOffice Writer
  10. 10. Getting started - The Web sideMendeley on the web Searchprovides :• A research catalogue of 100M documents from 1M researchers, 80K collaborative groups• Statistics and paper suggestions based on whats in your Contacts library Groups• A personal profile page Your publications
  11. 11. Getting started - The Desktop side Check for duplicates Set up and manage your reference groups Library showing all your documents (citation or table view) Add tags & notes and edit document detailsFilter your papers by authors, keywords, tags, or publications
  12. 12. Creating your library
  13. 13. Import papers in your library from anywhere!
  14. 14. Import papers in your library from anywhere!
  15. 15. Import papers – document detail lookupEnter the DOI, PubMed, or ArXiv ID andclick on the magnifier glass to start lookupMissing info is added automatically
  16. 16. Discover papers with Mendeley Suggests
  17. 17. Managing your documents and references
  18. 18. Managing your documents and references Create folders • Folders allow you to organise and filter your references (e.g by project) • Manipulating folders and references is largely a matter of dragging and dropping • Mark items „as read‟ or „as favourites‟ Search your Library • Add your own tags to records to make them easier to find
  19. 19. Managing your libraryOpen attached PDF files in integrated viewerDocuments can be marked read/unread Star your favorite papers Filter by authors, tags, publications or keywords
  20. 20. Searching as you type
  21. 21. Full text search in Mendeley‟s PDF viewer
  22. 22. Mendeley„s File Organizer You can find the File Organizer in Tools > Options > File Organizer
  23. 23. Managing your documents and referencesRemember to Sync!• When you open Mendeley Desktop it will sync with your library in the cloud• The desktop software operates in an „offline‟ mode• Once Mendeley Desktop is launched, synchronization between desktop and web is not automated• So… remember to hit the „Sync‟ button
  24. 24. Synchronize and manage your library online You can also add references and edit & manage your library online
  25. 25. Citing References
  26. 26. Citing in Word & Libre OfficeClick on “Insert Citation” in Word Highlight the paper(s) you want to cite
  27. 27. Citing in Word & Libre Office Citation will show up based on selected style Generate a bibliography in one click! Cite into Google documents or other editors by copy & paste
  28. 28. Citing in Word & Libre Office
  29. 29. Annotating PDFs
  30. 30. Annotating PDFsPDF Viewer• View, annotate and highlight PDF documents directly (no need for another PDF reader)• Save and print your annotations• Share the annotations in groups (Copyright!)
  31. 31. Annotate and highlight
  32. 32. Sharing References
  33. 33. Send a reference to your contacts
  34. 34. Manage Groups from Mendeley Desktop
  35. 35. Manage Groups from Mendeley Web You can also create groups online.
  36. 36. Collaborating via Mendeley GroupsJoin interest groups on Mendeley Web• Find out more about researchers in your field• See what colleagues are reading• >48,000 public groups sorted by discipline!Private and public options• Invite-only (limited number / account)• Open
  37. 37. Mendeley as a social network for researchers
  38. 38. Get readership information on papers
  39. 39. Follow what your peers are reading
  40. 40. Join Group Newsfeed
  41. 41. Build your online presence View Profile: Research field, Publications, Awards and Grants, Biographical Information, CV, Contact InformationHighly ranked in Google searches
  42. 42. Link out your activity on social networks
  43. 43. Statistics
  44. 44. Statistics
  45. 45. StatisticsMartin Fenner,PLoS Blogs,Gobbledygook
  46. 46. Overall advantages of Mendeley
  47. 47. Why choose Mendeley?Free of charge (contrary to Refworks, Endnote, Papers etc.)Is it better than other free packages (Zotero etc)? -> Cross platform compatible (Win/Mac/Lin) -> Compatible with Open/Libre Office and MS word -> Social networking and collaboration features -> Already in use by other colleagues
  48. 48. Have a look to what the community is developing!
  49. 49. Leave feedback and see what‟s coming next Visit to see what others are saying, leave feedback, request features or report bugs.
  50. 50.