La dolce vita


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Talking about Fellini as a great director

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La dolce vita

  1. 1. Federico Fellini Natella Aslanova (RIMO-201)
  2. 2. La Dolce Vita or the story of one of the greatest Italian directors
  3. 3. Main goals of the presentation:• To introduce short biography of Federico Fellini to you• To present the filmography• To show the significance of Federico Fellini in the cinema
  4. 4. How it all began… • Federico Fellini was born on January 20, 1920 in Rimini. He was the eldest child in family (he also had a brother and a sister). Although it seems that many creative people do not pay enough attention to their school education, Fellini differed from them. He was an attentive student and in his free time he was fond of drawing. But when he moved to Rome to continue his education at university the situation changed. He just turned everything upside down and devoted his life to the cinema.
  5. 5. A master of surreal? Often called the most influential director of the 20th century, an Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini was a master of the surreal who used striking images, autobiographical details to create poetic films that impressed audiences around the world.
  6. 6. • Fellini`s films were approved, respected but they were also forbidden and underestimated. Anyway, theThe best or key point is that nobody can be indifferent to his works.the worst? His filmography consists of more than 20 films but the most well-known are: • The Road (La Strada) • La Dolce Vita • 8½ • Roma (Fellini`s Roma) • The Swindle
  7. 7. MarcelloAll Stars Mastroianniare here! Federico Fellini`sworks are famousnot only for theirplots but also formagnificent cast Sophia Lorenincluding actorsknown all overthe world:
  8. 8. more… Sandra Milo Giulietta MasinaSandra Milo
  9. 9. …and more stars!Claudia Cardinale Anna Magnani
  10. 10. To be awarded!Fellini`s films havechanged views of manydirectors and alsoimpressed ordinarypeople so it`s notsurprising that many ofhis works were highlyvalued.
  11. 11. Fellini`s awards• 5 Oscar• Palme d’Or (Festival international du film de Cannes)• Golden Globe Award• BAFTA Award• Leone dOro (Festival international du film de Cannes)• Moscow International Film Festival Award• The Praemium Imperiale
  12. 12. Not only the films but also Fellini`s quotes influenced people`s views. • You exist only in what you do.What was • Experience is what you get while looking for something else.he thinking • • Fate is written in the face. A created thing is never invented and it is never true: it is always and everabout? itself. • A different language is a different vision of life. • It is only when I am doing my work that I feel truly alive.
  13. 13. More quotes…• Realism is a bad word. In a sense everything is realistic. I see no line between the imaginary and the real.• The artist is the medium between his fantasies and the rest of the world.• Censorship is advertising paid by the government.• A good opening and a good ending make for a good film provide they come close together.• There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.• No critic writing about a film could say more than the film itself, although they do their best to make us think the opposite.
  14. 14. Just an Italian legend• In August 1993, Fellini suffered a stroke. After his death at the age of 73 on October 31st thousands of people packed the narrow streets of Fellinis hometown of Rimini, applauding as the directors casket was carried from the main square to the cinema where Fellini had watched his first films as a child.
  15. 15. Great FelliniHis films still influencemany young directorsand they can even be used as educationalmaterial. Fellini`s filmsare his reflection that made him immortal.Try to watch his films and maybe you will realise his genius
  16. 16. Links:• /f/federico_fellini.html•••• 2?startat=2