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KIDO is a children’s lifestyle and culture magazine that caters to the emerging new generation of hipster parents in North America who want to expose their children to a unique, trendy and high quality urban lifestyle. Currently, it is the only North American based offering of its kind whose target is high income families living in Canada and the US. Our target readers want to share their passion for brands, technology, design and art with their children. They wish to bring up their children in an educational environment that is not only dominated by mainstream offerings or mass marketed products.

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Kido Spread

  1. 1. o Kid ISSUE 01 . VOLUME 01 SUMMER 2009 IMAGINATION ISSUE CDN $14.95 . USD $13.95 CHILDREN’S ARTS, CULTURE & DESIGN HELLO HAYAO THE DISNEY IMAGINEERS DREAMS & FAIRY TALES We talk cartoons with visionary director Hayao Brian Vaghn, Chief Creative Officer of Disney Exclusive illustrations by artist Joy Ang and Miyazaki. Also, exclusive artwork from his Imagineering offers us his opinions on why a Chris Van Allsburg. Fashion from the color- highly-aniticipated film, Ponyo on The Cliff by creative mind is the greatest asset a child can have ful lens of Nick Knight and a big treat from The Sea. today. Caldecott-medalist Brian Selznick.
  2. 2. Illustration by Kozyndan TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 Cover Page 02 Table of Contents 03 Executive Summary 05 Concept 07 SWOT 09 Editorial Need 10 Editorial Plan 11 Editorial Content 15 Reader Potential 17 Distribution 22 Promotions & Launch 23 Advertising 27 Basic Assumptions 28 Cash Projections 29 Printer Specifications 31 Flat Plan 33 Mock Up 35 Contributors 02
  3. 3. KIDO
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Mission Statement To provide a wider perspective on children’s culture with an emphasis on design, creativity and education. An internationally- inspired resource comprised of outstanding photography, illustrations and literature for affluent, North American families. Advertising Production Specs Ad Ratio: 50:50 4 issues per year Our advertisers will consist of companies Initial Print Run: 35, 000 from the following fields: Personal and Infant 208 pages of dimensions 9” x 11.75” care, Toys and Electronic Entertainment, Full Color, Perfect Bound, 70 lb Matte Paper Food, Arts and Literature, Fashion, Trade shows and Lifestyle Stores. Insert: 32 pages/ 7” x 9.75” /Full Color/Saddle Stitched/ 70lb Matte Paper Readership Circulation Who: Parents, 25-45, with children aged 0-8. Our magazine will be distributed in eight Household Income: $90,000+ major urban centers: Vancouver, Montreal, Location: North American urban centers Toronto, Calgary, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our magazine is Our readers are high income parents. They also available via subscription (through mail) are trendsetters and are ready to spend an to anyone located in North America. It will appropriate amount of money for quality be sold at high end supermarkets, national products that are educational, trendy and and private bookstores and contemporary unique for their kids. These parents also want children’s lifestyle boutiques. their kids to be exposed to mediathat goes beyond mainstream pop culture 03
  5. 5. Concept Currently, it is the only North American based offering of its kind whose target is high of children’s entertainment, educational toys, fashion and literature will educate readers KIDO income families living in Canada and the US. Our target readers want to share their on upcoming trends. KIDO will serve as a valuable medium for both local and renowned passion for brands, technology, design and illustrators and authors to showcase their art with their children. They wish to bring up talent in the “For Reading Pleasure” section or To provide a wider perspective their children in an educational environment through unique, loose leaf inserts that parents that is not only dominated by mainstream can share with their children. Detailed shop on children’s culture with an offerings or mass marketed products. information in the shopping list and review emphasis on design, creativity and Rather than focusing only on kid’s sections will let our readers use KIDO as a high couture fashion, mainstream service resource guide for kids’ lifestyle products. education. An internationally- editorials or parenting information, like many High quality, artistic fashion photoshoots will inspired resource comprised magazines in the genre, KIDO’s editorial also be included in every issue, which will content will focus on children’s urban culture, appeal to the aesthetic tastes of our audience. of outstanding photography, with an emphasis on design, education, It is our belief that the art and design of the illustrations and literature for art and literature. This quarterly published magazine should be of the same high caliber magazine will feature work from local and and as catered to our target as is the written affluent, North American families. overseas celebrated top photographers, editorial content. illustrators and children’s authors. Every In summary, KIDO is a resource for K issue will incorporate a unique theme that both parents and children, to encourage IDO is a children’s lifestyle and the editorial content will explore such collaborative learning and inspire creativity, culture magazine that caters to as “Play” or “Imagination”. Features may critical thinking and appreciation for art in the emerging new generation of include interviews of renowned children’s all its forms. Our magazine will also serve as hipster parents in North America animators, profiles of famous illustrators a trend-setter that specialist shops, designers, who want to expose their children to a unique, and explorations into children’s media artist and authors in North America can use trendy and high quality urban lifestyle. culture from all around the world. Reviews as a source of information and inspiration. 05
  6. 6. KID O
  7. 7. Weaknesses High initial start up cost due to editorial quality Strengths Not owned by media conglomerates, so will not benefit Unique focus on children’s media from economies of scale or cross culture promotion Specifically catered to an affluent, Attracting internationally consumeristic and well defined established professionals (eg. demographic Photographers) may be difficult and costly in the beginning Aesthetically pleasing magazine design Lack of secondary research available due to our narrow, High quality and exclusive editorial emerging target audience and art content No current competitor based in North America Strong advertising potential due to narrow target audience Strong medium for local artists/ illustrators/writers to showcase SW their work 07
  8. 8. Opportunities A well designed website can compliment the magazine and offer more up-to-date information on trends, shop offerings and websites. Increase newsstand circulation to the rest of North America Publish limited printed collections based on the literature and illustrations from every issue of the Threats magazine Host or sponsor art exhibits Overseas magazines such as showcasing the exclusive Kid’s Wear and Milk kids that are illustrations and photographs from translated to English the magazine Trendy websites or blogs that Sponsor book signings, store offer an abundance of shopping openings and toy unveilings to information and news promote our magazine as well as to garner free publicity OT 08
  9. 9. Editorial Need K IDO’s target demographic consists fashion spreads, illustrations and literature of affluent, educated and design sections in every issue. They will enjoy sharing conscious hipster parents located the art content with their children, and the in urban cities across North loose leaf inserts are meant to encourage America. They typically have only one child sharing and interactive learning between the and have the financial resources and intent to parent and child. KIDO’s aesthetically pleasing offer their child a high quality, well rounded design format and art content will also inspire lifestyle. Not content with the mainstream creativity and cater to our audience’s visual offerings in entertainment, these parents preference. prefer their children to have a more balanced KIDO should be published because no media palette consisting also of film and North American based competitor currently music from other parts of the world. This exists, and such a demographic of conspicuous target demographic also stress creativity and consumers are too important to ignore. Their want their children to develop appreciation high buying power and brand consciousness for various forms of art. KIDO meets all these are very attractive to advertisers. Currently, needs by providing exclusive, high quality this audience is getting children’s culture editorial content catered to our audience. information from a number of news reports, These parents will appreciate the magazine’s blogs, online shops and e-zines on the internet. comprehensive reviews and information There is a pressing need for a magazine to regarding urban children’s toys, music, consolidate all this information in print and film, literature and clothing. They will also offer locally catered shopping information enjoy reading the feature articles on various for consumer convenience. KIDO’s closest individuals who are impacting children’s competitors are foreign language offerings media today and content that will educate such as Kid’s Wear and Milk, which are not them on international children’s culture and catered towards a North American readership. lifestyles. Other family magazines either focus only on Our audience will further embrace KIDO high couture fashion, parenting information due to its exclusive content, such as high-quality and advice columns. 09
  10. 10. Editorial Plan Themes urban lifestyle shops such as Urban Kids Play Arts & Crafts These will relate to the issue’s season or a in Seattle. 1-2 pages on how to make an interesting craft topical element of a child’s well being. Eg. Play, and encourage interactivity between parent Learning, Imagination, Sharing, Family... Features and child. Our features will build upon the theme Editor’s Letter of each issue. Features will incorporate a A Little Bit of Knowledge ...will relate to the central theme on a per issue balanced focus on international children’s 1-2 pages of interesting, relatively unknown basis and be personalized by editor media with in-depth interviews, profiles and educational facts from around the world. and articles on leading figures, exceptional Meant to educate and amuse. This will also The Contributors children and entertainment studios from all include events of interest to our readers. Photos and short bios of KIDO’s contributors over the world. Features may also include discussion of social topics or emerging trends Directories Hello There in children’s culture. Contact information and websites of all shops 1-2 page casual interview of the day in the selling clothing featured in our photoshoots life of a randomly selected mother/father in For Reading Pleasure our target demographic from one of KIDO’s Showcasing fiction or poetry from both Insert target eight North American cities. Hello upcoming and local writers, as well as those Loose leaf insert (7” x 9.75”) of 16-32 pages There Will be constructed in he said/she said who have won numerous awards for their that will be offered with each issue. The format. work. Most content will be exclusive to insert will feature exclusive content relating KIDO. to central theme of each issue, whether it be Reviews: Read, Watch, Listen, illustrations, short stories, or poetry. Designed Play, Wear Fashion Photoshoots for parents to share with their children. These will concentrate more on emerging, Fashion spreads will take inspiration from the trendy companies and products that are theme of each issue and reflect each issue’s relevant to our target audience of parents respective season. These will be shot in a who appreciate design, technology and very unique, creative and artistic fashion that educating their child through creativity and emphasizes movement and interactivity. Only non-mainstream mediums. Examples of highly-reputable, freelance photographers some items reviewed are products found in will be hired for our photoshoots. 10
  11. 11. TABLE OF CONTENTS Spring 2009 021 TABLE OF CONTENTS 023 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 025 NEW CONTRIBUTORS reviews 030 HELLO THERE We talk to Stephanie Smithson, mother of two, graphic artist 035 READ 123 DAREDEVIL 600 Black Spots We talk to Paul Budnitz, founder of highly celebrated toy company KidRobot 041 WATCH Nick Jr.’s Yo Gabba Gabba 126 THE CULTURE OF PLAY Albert Lamorisse’s The Red Balloon Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dublin & Sao Paulo 057 LISTEN Songs For Teaching 148 NEW READING Kite flying a new short story by 067 PLAY Caldecott-medalist Brian Selznick Bape x Nintendo DS Lite Little Hands Music Bandy 154 FASHION Piano Wizard Software The Little Quarterback with Bruce Weber F/W 09’ Collection Previews 090 WEAR Sleep Tight, Spring Fever 176 ARTS & CRAFTS Pillow talk, Bag it Bits and Beads features references 110 BUILDING BLOCKS 181 A LITTLE BIT OF KNOWLEDGE In depth interview with LEGO CEO Events Jørgen Vig Knudstorp Directories 115 BYE BYE TEDDY BEARS insert How Medicom’s Bearbrick redefined the genre 2010 An pop-up calender by award-winning 120 Do Re Mi artist Charlene Chua and designer Learning a musical instrument Marion Bataill 11
  12. 12. TABLE OF CONTENTS Summer 2009 021 TABLE OF CONTENTS 023 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 025 NEW CONTRIBUTORS reviews 030 HELLO THERE We talk to Jenn Yip, single mother to a five-year-old piano prodigy 037 READ Chronicles of Narnia: The Pop-up Book 118 HELLO HAYAO The Invention of Hugo Cabret Talking with legend Hayao Miyazaki and The Wide Awake Princess his upcoming feature Ponyo on the cliff by the sea 040 WATCH Studio Ghibli’s Sora Tobu Kikaitachi 133 LET SPARKS FLY Pixar’s For the Birds Activities boosting creative thinking for both you and your child 047 LISTEN The Aquabats 147 NEW READING Widgets a new short story by Caldecott- 049 PLAY medalist Chris Van Allsburg Fantasm’s Extreme Magic Show Melissa & Doug’s Treasure Chest 155 FASHION Hansel & Gretal’s Grand Little Theatre Look mom, I’m a Princess Wild Wild West with Nick Knight 060 WEAR Dress up with TuTu Couture 182 ARTS & CRAFTS Party On Scrapbooking features references 085 PRACTICE, PERFORM, PERFECTION 189 A LITTLE BIT OF KNOWLEDGE The magical lives of Cirque du Soleil’s kid Events acrobats Directories 104 DREAM BIG insert Bruce Vaughn, Chief Creative Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering thinks a FAIRY TALES creative mind is a child’s greatest asset. Illustrated dreams by artist Joy Ang 12
  13. 13. TABLE OF CONTENTS Fall 2009 021 TABLE OF CONTENTS 023 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 025 NEW CONTRIBUTORS reviews 030 HELLO THERE We talk to Google developers Ron & 114 CONQUERING THE LEARNING Maggie Hill, proud parents of two sons CURVE Dr. Phillip D. Zelazo discusses adapting 037 READ learning to your child’s behaviour ABC3D National Geographic’s Our World 126 THE MASTERMIND Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind 043 WATCH Nintendo talks about games and learning François Truffaut’s Small Change An exclusive look at Wallace & Gromit’s 148 LEARNING TO PLAY new adventure How educational toys are re-defining what it means to have fun 049 LISTEN The new School House Rock 154 NEW READING Star Child a new short story by Shaun Tan 051 PLAY FAO Schwartz’s limited ed. Rubik’s Cube 165 FASHION Hiroshi Fujiwara x Mickey Mouse Smarten Up with Juergen Teller LEGO World’s new collections Uniformed with Hedi Slimane 065 WEAR 188 ARTS & CRAFTS Geek or chic? Crafting Puzzles features references 080 SUPER KIDS 192 A LITTLE BIT OF KNOWLEDGE An in-depth look at the lives of child Events prodigies. Directories 100 CREATIVITY AT HOME insert Interior designer Albert Hadley shows us how a bedroom’s décor can create the XYZ ideal learning environment An illustrated journey by Michel Gagne 14
  14. 14. READER POTENTIAL Psychographics at a Glance 01 Hipster parents who are individualistic, design savvy with a flair for children’s media, lifestyle and culture 02 Brand conscious & consumeristic Demographics KIDO is geared towards our primary target audience of trendy, affluent parents residing Demographics at a Glance in major urban, populated cities across North America. These families consist of married, Age: 25-45 single or common law parents between the Who: Married, common-law, or single parents with children ages of 25-45 with an average of 1 child of Children’s age: 0-8 age range 0-8. The income level for this tar- Average # of children: 1.1 get audience is high, starting at $90,000 per Typical HHI: $90,000+ household. The parents have attained post Education: Post secondary+ secondary education and are typically pursu- ing careers in various art, design or technol- ogy job fields. Statistical research shows that a signifi- cant number of the urban city population fit into this target demographic. Key target ar- eas in Canada include Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, where 33.2% of families have a household income of $90,000 or more. There are approximately 11,489,000 people of aged 25-45 living in these three cities and the num- ber of family households with children living at home is 65%, or 1,987,735. Major US cit- ies such as New York and Los Angeles have an average of about 30% of family house- holds qualifying for this high income brack- et, with approximately 50%, or 1,252,371 of Psychographics households having children under 18. (Data provided from Stats Canada and US Census Bureau). Household types included in our KIDO will cater to the new generation of hip- demographic are Canadian elite* (75,737 ster parents who are individualistic and de- total in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and sign savvy and which to expose their children Calgary) and Kindergarten Boom (111,468 to a unique, trendy and high quality urban in Toronto alone). The American figures for lifestyle. These parents have a strong, vested these household types will be about 10x the interest in their children’s media environment Canadian numbers. and wish to share their passion for brands, Moreover, in terms of educational attain- technology, design and art with their chil- ment, these parents will have at least a post dren. They wish to bring up their children in secondary education from a university or an educational setting that is not only domi- technical institute. nated by mainstream offerings or mass mar- keted products. They are especially inclined -Data from Stats Canada and US Census Bureau towards emerging, innovative brands. 15
  15. 15. Canada Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area, 2008 estimates Montreal Census Metropolitan Area, 2008 estimates Household Group # of Households % Total # of Households % Total Canadian Elite 7,942 0.89 9,581 0.6 Suburban Affluence 1,695 0.19 7,857 0.49 Toronto Census Metropolitan Area, 2008 estimates Calgary Census Metropolitan Area, 2008 estimates Household Group # of Households % Total # of Households % Total Canadian Elite 49,690 2.53 8,524 1.89 Suburban Affluence 31,512 1.6 8,990 1.99 Kindergarten Boom 111,468 5.68 * Canadian Elite - The highest income Canadian neighbourhoods represent an elite set. * Suburban Affluence - Suburbanites with a flair for fine living, Suburban Affluence represents both old and new wealth. Their average household income of $166,000 represents significant potential spending power. Suburban Affluence indexes high on managerial and technical employment, married with children, and households with income above $100,000. * Kindergarten Boom - Young families have found a niche in Kindergarten Boom. Support systems and play groups provide an environment for these families. After school, these kids will enjoy a few toys on an average household income of $95,000. **All data provided by FP Markets: Canadian Demographics 2008 United States Subject Total Families in Chicago Families in L.A. Families in New York Families in San Francisco $75,000 - $99,999 11.10% 10.60% 11.30% 12.90% $100,000 - $149,999 11.30% 11.50% 11.80% 17.70% $150,000 - $199,999 4.10% 4.60% 4.80% 9.10% $200,000 or more 4.70% 5.80% 6.10% 12.50% **US Census Bureau, 2006 16
  16. 16. DISTRIBUTION & CIRCULATION Circulation year Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Numbers of issues 4 4 4 Circulation per issue 35,000 47,250 63,788 Newsstands 24,500 33,075 38,273 Subscriptions 10,500 14,175 25,515 The circulation objectives of KIDO for our first Single Copy Sales three years are the following: to successfully reach our defined target audience, to gain a loyal KIDO will follow a paid circulation method. readership, to circulate our magazine through The primary method for selling single copies of various avenues as efficiently as possible, and our magazine is through newsstands and major to ensure KIDO is conveniently available to our high-end, organic supermarkets such as Urban intended target. Fair, luxury toy stores such as FAO Schwartz Our distribution plan will be focused on and national and private bookstores. Initially, single copy sales and subscription sales. We we will focus on eight cities for newsstand sales: will get our mailing lists and subscription Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, New information from online urban kid stores and York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. similar magazines targeted to our audience Based on the success of KIDO’s single copy like Wallpaper and Monacle. KIDO will be sales in these test markets, we will then expand distributed mostly to our 8 target cities and to other urban cities across North America. readers in other areas of North America will be KIDO’s newsstand cost is $14.95, which reflects notified of our product through our website and our catering to an affluent, defined market. targeted direct mail. Like other high-end children fashion’s magazines, KIDO will be printed quarterly since our readers will want to read about the trends in media culture and design for each season. In Subscription our first year, we will distribute our first copy (35,000 in total) free in the 8 target cities and Since we are initially only targeting 8 major through mail to potential readers. In the first two cities for single copy sales, all other readers years our newsstand to subscription ratio will be living across North America can subscribe via 70:30 and then 60:40 for the last two years. Our our website to KIDO and receive their copies circulation will increase by 35% in the following through mail. KIDO’s yearly subscription price years, based on first year circulation numbers of is $37.67, which is about 60% off the newsstand 35,000 per issue. price for 4 copies. 17
  18. 18. SHAUN TAN
  19. 19. PROMOTIONS & LAUNCH Market Rearch We will continually conduct extensive marketing research to ensure that KIDO is reaching its audience and is relevant to their needs. Some forms of research we will conduct are focus groups, online surveys and in depth interviews. We will also get secondary consumer research information from advertisers and stores catering to our target market Website In order to broaden the readership Launch Marketing and Promotions potential, KIDO will also have a website available 6 months prior to the launch of the magazine. As part of our marketing campaign to promote We will have several aggressive promotional The purpose of this is to inform KIDO, we will have two big exclusive events strategies such as giving out people about KIDO and raise brand to launch our new magazine, one at the Art 35, 000 copies of our first issue at high end awareness prior to print production. Our website will be marketed through Gallery of Ontario in Toronto and one at the toy stores such as FAO Schwartz and urban existing websites such as HypeBeast New Museum in New York. This will be an kid lifestyle shops such as Dandelion in our that our target already frequents. We elegant event held in galleries that feature eight target cities. We will also hand out free will acquire mailing lists from urban modern art and appeal to our target audience. copies at high end hair salons, spas, high-end kid lifestyle stores or magazines such Readers will be able to network and meet doctor’s and nutritionist offices, specialist as Wallpaper that cater to a similar with famous and local children illustrators, clinics, executive golf and country clubs and target reader. We will then send a authors and animators who will be personally elite private schools. direct mail package to this audience invited to our launch. Invitations will be KIDO will also use event marketing to that includes information about KIDO sent out through mail to our target audience promote our magazine. Some potential and offer them a free first issue if they through obtaining subscription lists from tactics are sponsoring a signing session with a register on our website and answer a magazines such as Monacle, Wallpaper and well-known children’s author or illustrator or very short survey. This will allow us to Milk. Current and potential advertisers will sponsoring the launch of a new toy product collect valuable information about our be invited personally to the event to receive unveiling at one of our target cities. At these readers such as how many children our media kit and a small gift. As for our events, we will distribute free copies of KIDO they have and what they look for readers, we will be distributing the first free to our target audience while taking advantage in a magazine. The answers will be issue of KIDO and offering them an exclusive of the free publicity generated by the media. collected in our database and used for marketing research. gift bag containing some of our advertised toy Parents can bring their children to meet with Our website will also serve as a products. the featured author and receive a signed copy communicative tool between us and of the author’s book. the readers. Readers will visit our To encourage readers to be first year website for the announcement date subscribers, all free copies – including those of our first publication, a preview that will be sent via mail to readers not in of our first issue, as well as links to the 8 cities, will include an insert containing urban kid lifestyle shopping sites subscription information and directions to and trend-reporting websites. For our website. First year subscribers will get potential advertisers, the website will an additional free copy of KIDO and will also contain a media kit and a taste be entered into a contest to win an exclusive of KIDO’s editorial content. children’s photoshoot with top American fashion photographer Nick Knight. 22
  20. 20. Advertising Potential K IDO’s defined, target discounts based on the number of issues market is very advertisers wish to place their ads in. Each appealing to our issue of KIDO magazine consists of 208 full advertisers due to color pages, in addition to a 32 page full color their brand-sensitive insert. Our advertising to editorial content lifestyle, high income ratio is 50:50, which is consistent with our and willingness to foreign competitors. Since our circulation is indulge their children set to increase by 35% each year, advertisers with high quality, unique products. Our will quickly be able to reach more of their primary advertisers will be companies target audience. Due to our editorial content offering high-end clothing and lifestyle focusing on unique, high-end children’s items, products, toys and electronic entertainment, companies that do not want to advertise in art and literature media and personal and mainstream parenting magazines will see infant care goods. Our secondary advertisers KIDO as a suitable medium to reach their consist of food companies, shows and non- audience and introduce different products. profit organizations, which will also benefit from our high income demographic. KIDO’s advertisers can capitalize on the fact that there WHY WE APPEAL TO ADVERTISERS are no competitive magazines like KIDO • Well defined & narrow target audience based in North America. Our highly relevant who are affluent, brand conscious and and exclusive editorial content, including indulgent towards their children many reviews of trendy products and local • Unique, high–end magazine with no shopping information, will be especially competitor based in North America attractive for our local advertisers as they are catering to a previously neglected niche offering similar items. • KIDO’s distinct editorial and visual Our advertising rates are competitive content create a desire to buy featured with other high-end magazines, and we offer products. 23
  21. 21. Toys & Electronic Entertainment Our MediCom Advertising Policy… Advertisers Kidrobot FAO Schwartz Lego Apple 1 Advertising content must be suitable Earth Friendly for children ages 8 and younger and at Electronic Arts the discretion of the advertising manager, Babies R Us publisher and editor. Disney/Pixar Nintendo GANGZ 2 A written cancellation of an advertisement Warner Bros. must be sent to the advertising manager at Nickelodeon Takara Tomy least 30 business days prior to the start of Munky King production, otherwise the advertiser will Occupied be subject to a 50% penalty. Hasbro Mattel 3 If the advertiser misses the cancellation Personal & Infant Care deadline, the advertisement will run in the Kimberly-Clark publication as scheduled. Procter & Gamble Terrassentials Johnson & Johnson Bugaboo 4 Cover advertisements are non-cancellable. Olay Aveeno Biotherm 5 All advertisements must be clearly identifiable as such. Those advertisements Lush that, on the opinion of KIDO, too closely Arts & Literature resemble editorial features in the magazine Elmers shall bear the mention “Advertisement” at Pottery Barn Crayola the top of the page in 12-point size font. Kids Books Chapters/Coles Sophia Books 6 KIDO magazine may cancel or reject any advertising for any reason at any time Fashion without liability, even though previously Nike acknowledged or accepted. Publisher does Armani not accept tobacco or any illegal substance Christian Audigier Banana Republic advertising in any form. H&M Zara Tutu Couture 7 Advertising space must be booked a Twice Shy minimum of two months in advance of the Gap Kids desired issue’s release. All images, graphics, Prada Kids text and other elements must be submitted D&G Junior Pepe Jeans 15 days after the mentioned advertising United Colors of Benetton closing date specified in the Issue & Closing Barney’s NY Dates card. Deisel 7 For All Mankind Versace Playtime Paris 8 Rates do not include taxes. The federal government requires that we collect goods and Dillards Nautica services tax on all advertising and services. Tommy Hilfiger Coach Premier Kids 9 In order to guarantee booking of space, a Dandelion Kids signed contract is required. Modern Kid Food 10 Advertiser represents and warrants Kellogg’s that all advertisements and other materials Nestle submitted to KIDO shall be original Heinz and shall not violate any law or infringe Christie Foods Dairyland any copyrights. Advertisers and its agencies assume all liability for content of Other (Shows, Non Profit) advertisements, and agree to indemnify Cirque Du Soleil Bubble Trade Shows and hold KIDO harmless against any and Oxfam all claims, losses, liabilities and expenses. Warchild 24
  22. 22. Advertising Potential Advertisers Size Colour Type Prada Kids Spread Full Colour Fashion D&G Junior Spread Full Colour Fashion Dandelion Kids 1 Page Full Colour Other Heinz 1 page Full Colour Food Versace Spread Full Colour Fashion Kids Books 1 page Full Colour Arts & Literature Banana Republic Spread Full Colour Fashion Armani Spread Full Colour Fashion H&M Spread Full Colour Fashion Zara Spread Full Colour Fashion Dairyland 1 Page Full Colour Food Warchild 1 Page Full Colour Other Pottery Barn 1 Page Full Colour Arts & Literature Apple 1 Page Full Colour Toys & Electronic Entertainment Cirque du Soleil Spread Full Colour Other Bugaboo 1 Page Full Colour Personal & Infant Care Nintendo 1 Page Full Colour Toys & Electronic Entertainment Versace 1 Page Full Colour Fashion Occupied 1 Page Full Colour Toys & Electronic Entertainment Disney-Pixar 1 Page Full Colour Toys & Electronic Entertainment Nestle 1 Page Full Colour Food Olay 1 Page Full Colour Personal & Infant Care Kimberly-Clark 1 Page Full Colour Personal & Infant Care Sophia Books 1 Page Full Colour Arts & Literature Diesel Spread Full Colour Fashion Crayola 1 Page Full Colour Arts & Literature Electronic Arts Spread Full Colour Toys & Electronic Entertainment Mattel 2 Pages Full Colour Toys & Electronic Entertainment Proctor & Gamble 2 Pages Full Colour Personal & Infant Care Barney’s NY Spread Full Colour Fashion Christian Audigier 1 Page Full Colour Fashion LEGO 1 Page Full Colour Toys & Electronic Entertainment 25
  23. 23. Advertising Rate Card Page size 9in X 11.75in Number of columns 6 Sizes Width Depth 1 Page 9’’ 11.75’’ Double Page Spread 18’’ 23.5’’ Colour Rates Frequency 1X 2X 3X 4X Discount — 5% 10% 15% Full Page 26,900 25,555 24,210 22,865 Double Page Spread 40,350 38,333 36,315 34,298 *There are no extra charges for right-side page ads. Covers 2nd (inside front 37,980 36,081 34,182 32,283 3rd (inside back) 37,980 36,081 34,182 32,283 4th (back) 42,200 40,090 37,980 35,870 C-spread 56,970 54,122 51,273 48,425 Issues & Closing Dates Issue Ad Close Material Due On Sale Spring-March December 6 December 21 February 1 Summer-June May 10 May 25 May 1 Fall-September June 11 June 26 August 1 Winter-December September 6 September 21 November 1 CPM (Cost Per Thousand) (Total advertising cost per year)/(Total # of magazines circulated per year/1000) *Circulation increases each year by 35% **Advertising costs increase by 30% each year Year 1: $83.85 Year 2: $80.74 Year 3: $77.75 Year 4: $74.87 26
  24. 24. Basic Assumptions Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Number of Issues 4 4 4 4 Circulation/Issue 35000 47250 63788 86113 Total Circulation/Year 140000 189000 255152 344452 Subscription Price $28.24 $37.67 $37.67 $37.67 Newsstand Price $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 Newsstand Sales % 35% 45% 50% 55% Total Newsstand Sales 25725 59535 76545 113669 Total Pages/Issue 208 208 208 208 Edit Pages/Issue 104 104 104 104 Ad Pages/Issue 104 104 104 104 Ad/Ed Ratio 50/50 50/50 50/50 50/50 Advertising CPM $83.85 $80.74 $77.75 $74.87 Total Cost/Copy of Printing $3.73 $4.02 $3.47 $3.38 Magazine Cost/Copy of Printing $2.78 $3.22 $2.70 $2.61 Insert/Issue 1 1 1 1 Total Pages/Insert 32 32 32 32 Insert Cost/Copy of Printing $0.95 $0.81 $0.77t $0.77 27
  25. 25. Cash Flow Projections Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Revenue Advertising $4,883,424 $6,348,102 $8,247,720 $10,714,196 Subscriptions $889,560 $2,135,889 $3,844,637 $5,190,210 Newsstand $384,589 $890,048 $1,144,355 $1,699,353 Total $6,157,573 $9,374,039 $13,236,712 $17,603,759 Expense (Salary) Publisher $97,700 $103,562 $109,776 $116,362 Editor $65,600 $69,536 $73,708 $78,131 Art Director $78,250 $82,945 $87,922 $93,197 Controller $62,700 $66,462 $70,450 $74,677 Production Manager $63,500 $67,310 $71,349 $75,630 Advertising Manager $61,750 $65,455 $69,382 $73,545 Marketing Manager $66,700 $70,702 $74,944 $79,441 Circulation Manager $66,100 $70,066 $74,270 $78,726 Freelance Illustrators (4) $88,000 $93,280 $98,877 $104,809 Freelance Photographers (4) $96,000 $101,760 $107,866 $114,338 Freelance Writers (4) $48,000 $50,880 $53,933 $57,169 Freelance Web Designers (2) $6,400 $6,784 $7,191 $7,623 Administration $57,500 $60,950 $64,607 $68,483 Total $858,200 $909,692 $964,274 $1,022,130 Production Expenses Launch Event/Major Events $1,930,000 $1,460,000 $1,460,000 $1,460,000 Magazine Production Cost $389,060 $608,100 $689,660 $898,940 Insert Production Cost $132,588 $152,480 $196,904 $264,360 Website $16,200 $10,800 $10,800 $10,800 Marketing/Promotion $1,520,000 $1,520,000 $1,520,000 $1,520,000 Contests and Gifts $789,000 $845,000 $977,000 $1,170,000 Advertising $1,180,000 $980,000 $980,000 $980,000 Circulation/Distribution $678,000 $915,300 $1,235,655 $1,668,134 Total $6,634,848 $6,491,680 $7,070,019 $7,972,234 Administrative Expense Research $998,000 $782,000 $782,000 $782,000 Legal $128,700 $128,700 $128,700 $128,700 Rents $762,000 $762,000 $762,000 $762,000 Utilities $88,000 $88,000 $88,000 $88,000 Capital Costs $535,000 $207,000 $207,000 $207,000 Office Supplies $126,000 $105,000 $105,000 $105,000 Miscellaneous $110,000 $83,000 $83,000 $83,000 Total $2,747,700 $2,155,700 $2,155,700 $2,155,700 Total Revenue $6,157,573 $9,374,039 $13,236,712 $17,603,759 Total Expense $10,240,748 $9,557,072 $10,189,993 $11,150,064 Net Cash Flow -$4,083,175 -$183,033 $3,046,720 $6,453,695 Cumulative Cash Flow -$4,083,175 -$4,266,208 -$1,219,489 $5,234,207 Note: Subscription Price will be Yr 1: $28.24 Yr 2 Yr 3 and Yr 4: $37.67 Newsstand Price will be $14.95 for all 4 years Breakeven on 4th year 28
  26. 26. Production Budget Paper Size: 9” x 11.75” Total Pages: 208 pages, plus cover Cover: Four pages, four colour press (soy-based inks) both sides plus overall gloss UV coating outside, on 100lb Arbor Web Gloss Text, 30% PC, FSC-certified Binding: Perfect bound Text: Four colour press (soy-based inks) throughout on 70lb Arbor Web matte Text, 30% PC, FSC-certified We provide: Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher PDF files with laser proofs made from PDF files Supplier gives: Folded imposition proof, contract colour proofs, and CTP output Kido Magazine Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Circulation (per issue) 35,000 47,250 63,788 Production budget (annual) $719,916* $1,012,168* $1,430,240* *Some years may vary dependent on whether the insert has less or more than the budgeted 48 pages. 29
  27. 27. 03
  30. 30. h ello HAYAO by matthew tsang
  31. 31. KIDO HELLO HAYAO “I am an animator. I feel like his latest movies and the part Disney plays in increasingly successful animated feature distribution, I will shortly state my personal films, to which I will now turn my attention. I’m the manager of an anima- preferences within his collected works. In many ways too short to credit Miyazaki’s tion cinema factory. I am not Finally, a conclusion is drawn. storytelling abilities, I will however try to give an executive, I’m rather like a Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo a description of these movies. This material on January 5, 1941. He received a political relies upon the excellent online compendium foreman, like the boss of a team science and economics degree from Gakushuin created at Nausicaa. Starting of, Nausicaä of of craftsmen. That is the spirit University, but even before that, after seeing the Valley of Wind tells us a story about a of how I work.” the first full-length Japanese animated movie princess, Nausicaä, in a world that is tangled Hakujaden, Miyazaki knew he had to become in war and destruction. In an adventurous an animator. Starting work as a novice animator struggle, Nausicaä tries to save this world and at the animation studio Toei-Doga (which is its last remnants of human population from now called Toei Animation) in 1963, he was self-destructing and from an alarming spread from then on involved in the production of of a mysterious disease. the “early classics of Japanese animation” such In Laputa: The Castle in the Sky a boy as The Adventures of Hols, Prince of the Sun rescues an unconscious girl with a glowing F (1968) and Panda! Go Panda! (1972). “From the pendant aroung here neck that he sees or me, Japanese animator and director beginning, he commanded attention with his descending from the sky, and in doing so they Hayao Miyazaki is a man who creates incredible ability to draw, and the seemingly- embark on a dangerous journey to a kingdom worlds. When I first saw Princess endless stream of movie ideas he proposed.” on a floating island in the sky. My Neighbor Mononoke, I was truly stunned. I Together with his colleague Isao Takahata, Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service seem to could not describe why this movie made such who would also become a renownded director be made for a child audience especially, the an impression on me, but ever since, and seeing of animated movies, Miyazaki then moved to former being about children encountering a more of his work, I have wondered about studio A Pro and later Tokyo Movie Shinsha, forest spirit and becoming friends with it, the this. Time and time again, he drew me into were he worked on scene design and scene latter being about a 13 year old witch who has his curious and amazing worlds. Having to organization for Heidi (1974) and then became to learn how to live indepentently. “Made for write an essay for the Visual Design course of director for Future Boy Conan (1978) and Lupin a child audience” in Miyazaki’s case does not 2006 at the Vrije Universiteit, I thankfully use III: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979). mean that these are exclusively interesting this opportunity to explore and pass on my In 1984 Miyazaki released Nausicaä of the for children. Adults, mostly parents, seem fascination for his work. Valley of Wind, which he wrote and directed. to enjoy these movies for their near-perfect This essay will first give a short overview It was primarily based on the manga (comic) reflection of the behavior of children. “For of Hayao Miyazaki’s career and work, after series with the same title he started working on the people who used to be 10 years old, and which the themes and characteristics of his in 1982. Miyazaki always had the feeling that he the people who are going to be 10 years old.” work are described. Together with recurring would like to have more freedom in elaborating as Miyazaki said about one of his later movies, themes, a theoretical thought Miyazaki has his own thoughts. With Nausicaä of the Valley Spirited Away. regarding popular Japanese animation, that of Wind becoming a great success, Miyazaki Porco Rosso, in contrast explores a mix of “loss of motives”, is examined. Then the perceived this as a chance to start his own of more serious themes, such as war and visual style Miyazaki uses will be described, animation studio. The result was that, in 1985, fascism, with Miyazaki’s fascination with pigs, along with another theory that is called he co-founded Studio Ghibli. Since then, he as an Italian Air Force pilot leaves service due “excessive expressionism”. After defining the has directed, written and produced a range of to the rise of fascism and becomes a bounty use of computers in the production of his increasingly successful animated feature hunter. Losing faith in humanity and due to 03
  32. 32. MATTHEW TSANG Sr. Art Director ...was a six-year-old trouble maker whose heroes were Optimus Prime, Michael Jordan and Batman. Spare time was spent falling off skateboards, terrorizing his baby sister and doodling giant robot wars on the bedroom walls. a fourth year business student whose heroes include Optimus Prime, Steve Nash and David Lynch, respectively. He has a passion for all things art & design and a penchant for old school hip-hop. Countless hours spent polishing his skills in fine arts and years slaved away in the advertising industry made Matt a natural fit for Kido’s Art Director. JIN FAN Publisher / Asst. Art Director ...was a one month old baby who enjoyed eating, sleeping, moving and smiling (especially in front of the camera). a third year design student at SFU who also studied art in China and New Zealand. She has lead and managed a wide range of creative projects. With her management experience and her passion CONTRIBUTORS in art & design, she was an ideal choice for Publisher of Kido magazine NADIA KASENDA Editor ...was a five year old in Singapore climbing on monkey bars, watching Captain Planet and playing princess (specifically, sleeping beauty) with her unfortunate younger cousin, who was always forced to be the wicked witch/ villain/ugly person. a Marketing and Communications student, posed to close the university chapter of her life at the end of this year and embark on her plan to change the world. Her obsession with documenting every aspect of her life coupled with the newspaper articles she’s written for various university clubs and her passion to become more ‘erudite’ and use big words made her a perfect fit for the editor role. 35
  33. 33. NATHAN SINGH Advertising Manager / Asst. Art Director ...was born in North Vancouver. As a child, he loved watching The Transformers and other Saturday morning cartoons. Other hobbies included drawing, swimming and skating. He was known for his fun personality and imagination. a fourth year SFU student with a passion for creativity and savory Cajun chicken burgers. As a joint major in Communication and Interactive Arts and Technology, Nathan’s future is open to endless possibilities in the media and technology field. Excellent networking skills, in addition to past retail sales and volunteer experience made him more than qualified to be an outstanding advertising manager. Meryll Ho Marketing & Circulation Manger ... A shy and quiet girl who loved to play with her barbies while eating her favourite after-school snack - Sodalicious. an economics student with a zest for life and a love for food. Meryll has spent 4 years working in sales and consequently she has gained much understanding about marketing and promotions. More importantly, she loves interacting with people and developing amazing marketing strategies, which is why her roles as marketing and circulation manager fits her perfectly. 36
  34. 34. TARA MA Production Manager ...was a rambunctious child with a carefree spirit. She was regularly caught on the playgrounds just causing some trouble. a a Criminology student who has a lot of experience working with financial budgets. Also, she has acquired many cost-efficient ideas from her many years as a full-time student living on a “shoestring” budget. FRANKIE CHAN Controller ...Smiling was the key to Frankie’s success. All he had to do as an adorable one year old was smile to catch your attention. See? It’s working.. a fourth year SFU student majoring in Economics, his great accounting skills and experience in the financial world overlooking clients’ financial plans taught him how to avoid potential financial problems. As a controller, he works closely with the production, advertising and circulation managers to ensure KIDO’s in the black. Once he graduates, he plans to be the next Warren Buffet. 37