Documentation woes are bogging down physicians, the way out!


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Scribes and transcribers are making the workdays of doctors lighter. So what is the best choice for medical practices? Read on...

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Documentation woes are bogging down physicians, the way out!

  1. 1. Documentation woes are bogging down physicians, the way out! MedicalTranscriptionsService
  2. 2. Medical transcribers; the better choice for physicians! • A highly digitized workplace was supposed to make physicians’ workdays better. • But there are very few medical practitioners who are happy with the recent changes in the healthcare space. • Physicians are groaning that they feel like puppets. Puppets whose strings are drawn by the Government and insurers…
  3. 3. Typing fast, a pre-requisite for physicians? • There was a time when physician needed to be, apart from certified, caring and attentive. Now one of the major qualities a physician should have is to type fast. • And we all know how difficult it is to type into a computer and yet pay undivided attention to the person across the table. • With the slant being on spotless documentation, an increasing number of physicians are hiring professional transcribers and scribes, to keep their heads above water.
  4. 4. Scribes versus transcribers! • Scribes, shadow physicians all day and type out medical data even as the doctor is talking to patients. They quicken the documentation process and make medical records instantly available. But they may not be a perfect solution as hiring scribes can be an expensive proposition.
  5. 5. Scribes more expensive • Most of them work for agencies and charge per hour. The salary for a scribe ranges from 20 to 26 dollars an hour. An unusually relaxed Wednesday makes no difference. As scribes are not paid, according to the volume of work that has to be transcribed and inputted into the EMR.
  6. 6. The other person in the room… • This is one of the major drawbacks of hiring scribes. Most patients who visit the doctor’s office are not comfortable with the person typing put what they say, sitting a few feet away. It can make patients nervous and distinctly uncomfortable. It could make patients hide or omit a few facts from physicians.
  7. 7. Medical transcription • Medical transcription has been around forever and a day. It works out relatively cheaper as physicians pay according to the number of minutes in the recording. Most transcribers follow a cost per line pricing structure, so there are no nasty surprises for the doctor when the bill arrives.
  8. 8. EMR integrated medical transcription • Major transcription companies have upped the ante and offer EMR integrated transcribing solutions. Medical data is transcribed and directly entered into the EMR the medical practice uses. And yes, patients needn’t worry about a person sitting in the room, typing away while they speak!
  9. 9. For details call 877-272-1572 or visit
  10. 10. For details call 877-272-1572 or visit