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Team A Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Team A Presentation

  1. 1. Team A | Week 6 | AET 510
  2. 2. Visual Learners Auditory Learners Kinesthetic LearnersBlended LearningAiding Learning Styles
  3. 3. Why useBlendedLearning?
  4. 4. Benefits
  5. 5. 10Relationships 70 20FormalExperiential
  6. 6. Student LearningLecture 5% RetentionReading 10%Digital Delivery 30%Discussion Group 50%Discussion Experiential Learning 75%Teaching Others 90%
  7. 7. Cognitive Load
  8. 8. Pre-workTutorial AssessFormal Class Tell Show DoWorkboo Revie Lecture Multimedia Exercise Assess k w sExperiential LearningPodcast Multimedi Mobile Collaboratio s a n
  9. 9. Creating the Course The BlueprintCourse Description Instructional MethodGeneral Course Goals Organization of the Course ContentLearning Objectives Defining Interaction and AssessmentLearning Outcomes Communication Logistical Considerations
  10. 10. Class Scenario Tammy Teacher is doing a lesson plan on the history of war. Her class consists of students ages 18-50. 70% of the class has taken an online class. 27% of the class define themselves as kinesthetic learners, 41% visual, 32% auditory
  11. 11. Lectures ReadingVideo WBTsWeb & Audio casts Group CollaborationRole Play MentoringCase Study Intranet & InternetStory Telling Flash AnimationGames AssessmentProblem Based Job AidsDebates Blogging/ForumsPresentations Mobile LearningWriting Action Projects Components of Learning
  12. 12. Cookie Cutter