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How to build a brand


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Having a product is great but do you have a brand that captures consumer imagination and is built for the long-run?

In the startup world, especially, the focus on short-term growth often means that investment in longer-term elements, ie brand, fall by the wayside. Whether a startup or trillion dollar business, you should never stop investing in your brand.

A brand is so much more than a logo or a colour scheme and your values have to mean more than some post-its stuck on a wall. It's everything you do, say, think and create. It's how you hire, retain staff, build culture, provide solutions to problems and acquire customers.

With increasing competition and greater consumer demand for brands to stand for something, to neglect investing in your brand because it seems too hard, time-intensive, costly or simply, unimportant, is a mistake.

Here are some simple steps to help you think about and build greater structure into the brands you're building and the stories you're telling along with examples of brands who nail purpose and some who miss the mark.

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How to build a brand

  2. 2. Spot the difference…
  3. 3. Really Shit Purpose
  4. 4. How to build a purpose powered brand
  5. 5. Where to begin… Why do you exist? + Where do you sit in the market? + How do you express yourself? = BRAND
  6. 6. What do you do, who for and why?  Purpose  Vision  Mission
  7. 7. Purpose The ‘why’ • Why do you get out of bed every day to invest your time, energies and efforts into building your business? • Why is that important? • Why should anyone care?
  8. 8. Vision The ‘What’ • What is it you do, make, sell or provide? • What is it you don’t do? • What would someone tell their friends/colleagues about you?
  9. 9. Mission The ‘How’ How will you get to the heights you’re trying to reach?
  10. 10. Tell me a story What’s the brand narrative? What are the key brand messages? What are the key product messages?
  11. 11. Positioning Where do you sit in the market? How do people around you look, sound, feel and behave? What channels are they using? Where is the window to carve out a unique, ownable and believable position?
  12. 12. Values What are the core brand values? These are NOT just words you stick on the wall. They underpin every element of your behaviour and your culture. Make them REAL.
  13. 13. Personality How do you brand values bleed through to your personality and in turn your tone of voice? THINK does this resonate with your target audience?
  14. 14. TARGET ING.
  15. 15. Who is the target customer?  Where does your brand sit on the curve?  Who is the primary target?  Where are they? What do they sound like? What other brands do they engage with? What’s the best way to reach them?  Who could be the growth audience? Use your data, insight, market knowledge & common sense!
  16. 16. Audiences & the potential challenges  Identity some of your target audiences and the potential challenges in reaching them/selling to them  What might their reasons be for not engaging?  What are the messages/activities/approaches you can take to overcome them?
  17. 17. Cross-channel approach There is not one golden channel to reach your customers. How are you creating repeatable and scalable activities that can work across the following: • DIRECT MARKETING • EVENTS • REFERRAL • PRESS • ADVERTISING • CONTENT MARKETING • PARTNERSHIPS • SOCIAL MEDIA • PAID MEDIA
  18. 18. Brands who nail purpose
  22. 22. POSITO NING.
  23. 23. What does the market look like?
  24. 24. How can we create standout?
  25. 25. WHAT’S THE STORY?
  26. 26. Emotional & Rational
  27. 27. What’s the unique position? DIVISIVE HERITAGE MAVERICK MISSIONARY
  28. 28. PERSON ALITY.
  29. 29. Pronto Eat First: Chef made meals, delivered to you Take Eat Easy: London’s favourite restaurants, delivered Ad campaign: Go home hungry (we’ll do the rest) Deliveroo: Proper food. Proper Delivery Ad campaign: From our chefs to your door Godo: Food that delivers emotions Maple: Stay in, eat up We know the food and food delivery space is a crowded market. There’s multiple brands vying for people’s attention and all with a very similar message. This is why we have to create standout with a product and brand proposition that will put Pronto front of mind for Londoners when deciding what to eat for lunch or dinner.
  30. 30. What are we here for? SOLUTION Create a new food infrastructure to provide restaurant-quality food you can live off at the touch of a button by using technology to underpin every element of the process; from the sourcing of ingredients and use of predictive analytics to reduce wastage to the creation of a highly efficient delivery infrastructure and the most convenient ordering experience. PROBLEM We need food to survive but we’re surrounded either by unhealthy and uninspiring options that are nutritionally unbalanced and unsatisfying or by unaffordable and inaccessible food that costs too much to live off.
  31. 31. Why do we exist? To provide a global food solution where anyone, anywhere, can access high-quality, affordable and nutritious food in the most convenient way possible.
  32. 32. We sum it up in one line… PRONTO: FEEDING LONDON We hope this will grow into: Feeding Berlin, Feeding Manchester, Feeding Amsterdam and – one day - Feeding the World
  33. 33. Brand Essentials PERSONALITY Witty Bold Individual Approachable Trusted Aspirational VALUES Positive Change Innovation Relentless Inclusive ESSENCE Simplicity
  34. 34. Pronto key brand messages ● Pronto puts the joy back into food and enables you to spend more time doing what matters to you by creating healthy, affordable and delicious meals brought to you in the most convenient way possible ● Pronto takes London’s favourite meals and recreates them using fresh, natural and real ingredients to make them as nutritious and great tasting as possible. ● Pronto revolutionises the way people consume food through world-leading technology, exceptional customer service and full control over the entire experience to ensure the highest quality at every touchpoint. ● Pronto was created by three founders, passionate about creating a more affordable and sustainable way to eat that focuses on food as a fundamental source of nourishment that maintains our vitality, our health and our lives.
  35. 35. KELIS X PRONTO