ADV 420 Project - Hemlock Semiconductor Digital Marketing Strategy


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ADV 420 Project - Hemlock Semiconductor Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Hemlock SemiconductorDigital Marketing StrategyNEW MEDIA DRIVERS LICENSE ▫ NATASHA WHITE ▫ APRIL 16, 2012
  2. 2. About Hemlock Semiconductor• What We Do ▫ We produce safe, sustainable, reliable, & high-purity polysilicon for large semiconductor, solar wafer, and fiber optic cable manufacturers. ▫ Founded in 1961 ▫ U.S. locations in Hemlock, MI & Clarksville, TN• Target Audience ▫ Manufacturers/businesses actively involved with HSC’s specialized polycrystalline silicon product ▫ Local community members  Reputation is very important to a company as large as HSC. This group will be the focus of our strategy.
  3. 3. Campaign Challenges and Goals• Challenges ▫ Our product is targeted to a small niche market, not to everyday consumers. ▫ Local community outreach and feedback can be difficult to achieve for a company in our industry. ▫ Very low social media presence• Goals ▫ Engage local community via various social media platforms, online advertising, blogs, and mobile applications. ▫ Make HSC a world renowned name
  4. 4. Current Social Media Tactics• Hemlock Semiconductor currently has the following: ▫ Website  gives a general overview of the company, history, and sustainable products. ▫ Twitter  Although HSC has a twitter account, there is irrelevant information posted that does not engage the local community ▫ LinkedIn
  5. 5. HSC’s Digital Marketing Strategy• HSC must implement a mix of strategies: ▫ Social Media  Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, FourSquare, Yelp! ▫ Internet Marketing  SEO/SEM via Facebook Ads & Google AdWords ▫ Blogging ▫ Mobile Marketing  Create a mobile app, QR codes
  6. 6. Key ComponentsSocial Media Platforms(Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Tumblr, YouTube, Google +) • Utilize social media platforms to appeal to both audiences by giving a “sneak-peek/behind the scenes” tour of the company • Add a “human edge” to the brand • Examples Include: ▫ Employee focus interviews, sharing pictures/videos of employees at their jobs, product news, competitions, polls, live Q&As, photos of new building renovations, updates on charity events/campaigns, and utilizing “check-ins”
  7. 7. Key Components (Cont.)Online Advertising(Google Adwords, Facebook Ads)• Improved SEO & ability to reach people who are looking for them specifically• Campaigns run on a pay-per-click format ▫ Advertisement reaches consumers but only paid for when clicked on• Example: Hemlock Semiconductor in Hemlock, MI Polycrystalline silicon development and production Supplier for your semiconductor or photovoltaics business
  8. 8. Key Components (Cont.)Mobile Marketing• Develop an “app” ▫ Possible app features include: PR/news section, product section, communication section, promotional section, competitor section, and community outreach section.• Create a QR code ▫ QR codes can be directly linked to HSC’s blog, twitter account, website, etc.
  9. 9. Digital Strategy Budget & Timeline• Budget ▫ $150,000-500,000 dollars  $90 k: Two Social media/marketing manager salaries  Create/maintain Twitter, Facebook, Google+, a blog, and any other social media presence  ~ $40 k: Run Google AdWords & Facebook Ad campaigns  Approximate budget of $50/day ($2 bids/keyword)  ~ $10 k: Develop an App  Free: Create and maintain a QR code.• Timeline ▫ Continuous user-generated content ▫ Since this is a pretty steady industry, peaks are not common  Holidays, Festivals, local events, and summer months would be most popular.
  10. 10. Measuring for Success• Google Analytics ▫ Tracks a variety of metrics from page visits to time spent on each page• Facebook Ads Manager ▫ Data on impression, “likes”, and clicks ▫ Age, gender, location information• Increase in “likes”, +1’s, re- tweets, check-ins, followers, and website/blog hits, hits on YouTube.