Analyze what you did and why


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Analyze what you did and why

  1. 1. Analyze what you did and why How might you make this more creative and show off more skills? Language: Typography, tone, positioning, amount of text, subheadings, anchoring text. • I’ve anchored the text to the contents page pictures well. • I chose a serif text to make the school look more modern and professional although it’s an arts school it should be taken seriously. • I used two different fonts in the contents page to make the subheadings stand out. I kept with the serif style font though. • I only included 3 cover lines so as to not make the front page too crowded. • I could’ve added more effects on the text such as a gradient overlay or a stroke. Images: camera angles, image manipulation, • I successfully included a medium close-up and I used lighting from the top right hand corner to make it look as if she’s looking into a spotlight because it’s a school of the arts. • I took these pictures with lighting because I wanted to make them look professional to give the school a more professional look. • Including more pictures with different angles would have shown off my skill more and made it more interesting. Use of software: layering, effects, editing • I edited the pictures in photoshop to make the colours more intense. I also put a pale yellow and grey gradient map over the picture to change the colours completely as I wanted it to look more neutral. • I think my use of effects was good as I didn’t use too many but I could’ve added more effects on the text in the contents page to make it more interesting. Content: appropriate images, contents, • All my images on my contents page are anchored to text • If I used more spontaneous pictures I think it would have made my magazine look better and would be more content appropriate. Mise-en- scene, lighting, setting. • For my contents page I just simply tried to make it look as if the girl was looking into a spotlight because it’s a performing arts school. • The contents page pictures were all taken in a school setting to make it more personal. • The girl on my front page doesn’t look as if she’s in school so I could have chosen more appropriate clothing to make it look as if she was at school or in a drama production. Finish. Is it polished? Does it look professional? Quality of photographs. • I think the photos are professional looking but I could’ve printed it on better paper with a better printer because that has taken the quality of my images way down. • I need to print it off on better quality paper and also cut off the white border to make it look like a magazine.