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Facebook Fundamentals


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This deck was presented at UCSC Silicon Valley as part of the "Web 2.0: Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing" Class. It gives an introduction to Facebook for business. A deeper dive is available in the "Advanced Social Media Marketing Course".

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Facebook Fundamentals

  1. 1. Cnfidential Social Media Marketing: Facebook Instructor: Natascha Thomson @NaThomson
  2. 2. Cnfidential Unit 2 – Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest 1. Demographics 2. B2B vs. B2C 3. Profiles vs. Pages 4. Facebook Products 5. Promotions & Advertising 6. Measurement 7. Best Practices 2
  3. 3. Cnfidential Impact: How do You get Your message to Your audience? Create a campaign strategy, including objectives & metrics:  Share relevant content  Engage the audience  Entertain and Delight  Calls-To-Action (CTA)  Convert  Create loyalty loop (content & sharing) Share relevant content with the right audience at the right time. The 3 Marketing Pillars Brand You Profile/Page Communicate Your Value Reach/Engage Your Audience Portray: Who are you/ your company?  Identity  Promise/Differentiator Create and maintain consistent look and feel; be recognizable. Convince: Why does it matter?  Clear understanding of target audience and needs  Unique Selling Point  Differentiators  Products & Services Create relevant content in formats that your audience likes to consume. Awareness, Engagement, Conversion 3
  4. 4. Cnfidential Demographics
  5. 5. Cnfidential Conduct Research: Is your target audience on this social network? If yes, how do they use it?
  6. 6. Cnfidential 6 Global
  7. 7. Cnfidential 7 Global
  8. 8. Cnfidential USA
  9. 9. Cnfidential USA
  10. 10. Cnfidential 10 USA
  11. 11. Cnfidential content/uploads/2015/05/Social- Demographics-facebook.png content/uploads/2015/05/Social- Demographics-facebook.png USA
  12. 12. Cnfidential 12 Global
  13. 13. Cnfidential 13 The Mobile Revolution 68% of Facebook Users Access the Network via Smartphones. -staggering-social-media- statistics-on-the-big-nine/
  14. 14. Cnfidential The Facebook App (on iPhone 6S) 14 App used more often than desktop. Below: Personal Profile, Profile Navigation, Notifications.
  15. 15. Cnfidential The Facebook App Newsfeed (on iPhone 6S) 15 When you make a post, keep in mind that the majority of people will see your posts in their own newsfeeds, not on your profile page. Post for the newsfeed. Think how your posts will fit into the flow of other updates your audience sees on their timeline from friends, publications, advertisers. Does the content work on a tiny mobile screen? Why are they on Facebook? Don’t interrupt them with a message that is out of place, e.g. don’t blatantly make a sales pitch but build trust.
  16. 16. Cnfidential The Facebook Algorithm 16
  17. 17. Cnfidential Create Your Personal Facebook Profile 17 To understand and explore Facebook, you need your own account. • If you already have a Facebook Profile, you can use it. • If you don’t have an account yet or don’t want to use your existing one for this class, create one. You can set up an account under a fake name (as a “sandbox”), if you prefer. I created the FB profile “Instructor Thomson” for this class. Make sure to remember the birth date etc. you give, if you decide to set up a “fake” account. Explore all settings on your Facebook page and all tabs. IMPORTANT: Decide if you want your account to be private (and how private) or public. Unit 2 – Participation: Share FB page URLs with the class in the forum and friend each other on FB.
  18. 18. Cnfidential How to Set up a Facebook Profile 18
  19. 19. Cnfidential 19
  20. 20. Cnfidential Please “Friend” the “Instructor Thomson” Facebook Profile 20
  21. 21. Cnfidential Create a Facebook (Business) Page 21
  22. 22. Cnfidential Good Blogs about FB Pages 22 1. business-page 2. Create-a-Facebook-Business-Page-in-5-Simple-Steps-With- Video.aspx
  23. 23. Cnfidential 23 Finding Images to Use on Social Media NEVER use pictures or graphics that might be copy-righted or owned by somebody else. You might end up getting your company sued. Instead, either use stock pictures your company already owns, PURCHASE IMAGES, or look for sites that let you use pictures license- free, sometimes with attribution. Make sure the license allows commercial use. sources-list
  24. 24. Cnfidential B2B vs. B2C
  25. 25. Cnfidential 25 Source: Our Digital Coach.
  26. 26. Cnfidential 26
  27. 27. Cnfidential 27 reasons-use-facebook-profiles/ Find and read more related articles in the “Resources” Portal under “Unit 2 / Course Reading Assignments”.
  28. 28. Cnfidential 28 B2B
  29. 29. Cnfidential 29 B2C
  30. 30. Cnfidential Profiles vs. Pages
  31. 31. Cnfidential Watch Video: Profiles
  32. 32. Cnfidential Homework: Unit 2 - Assignment 1 • Unit 2 – A1: If you don’t have a Facebook account yet or don’t want to use your existing one for this class, create one. • Unit 2 – P1: Share your Facebook page URL with the class in the forum and friend each other on FB. 32
  33. 33. Cnfidential Watch Video: Pages
  34. 34. Cnfidential Homework Unit 2 – Assignment 2: 1. Leveraging the learning from this unit, create a Facebook Business Page 2. Post the Page URL in the UCSC Discussion Forum and briefly state: – Your business objective behind the page, target audience you are trying to reach and 2-3 tactics you could use to reach your objective (300 words or less). 34
  35. 35. Cnfidential 5 Key Facebook Tactics 1. Connect via authentic emotions and visuals 2. Post for the “News Feed” not your Page 3. Know when your audience is online 4. Include a Call to Action (CTAs) 5. Post regularly and respond to every post
  36. 36. Cnfidential Source: Social Media Examiner. Show a Sense of Humor
  37. 37. Cnfidential Products
  38. 38. Cnfidential 38 Global Facebook Video
  39. 39. Cnfidential 39 - For PAGES ONLY.
  40. 40. Cnfidential 40
  41. 41. Cnfidential Facebook Live: Live-Streaming • 5 Best Practices: ocial-networks/5-best-practices-using- facebook-live • Live Maps: 41
  42. 42. Cnfidential Measurement & Tools
  43. 43. Cnfidential Example Success Metrics 1. Follower growth rate (%) 2. Likes / Shares / Comments 3. Conversion Rates
  44. 44. Cnfidential Just a Few Tools • Bitly is a link- shortener & measures CTR • Buffer schedules your posts • Larger Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) like Sprinklr can do anything from listening, scheduling and analytics to reporting.
  45. 45. Cnfidential Facebook Insights: Watch FB Page Video
  46. 46. Cnfidential Paid Promotions/Ads
  47. 47. Cnfidential Owned vs. Earned vs. Paid • Owned – Facebook Profile – Facebook Page – Organic posts – Content • Earned – Engagement in Facebook Groups – Engagement with people who liked the Page – Sharing of content – Commenting on posts • Paid – Boosted Posts – Advertising Source:
  48. 48. Cnfidential 48 Video
  49. 49. Cnfidential Best & Failed Practices
  50. 50. Cnfidential 50 B2C
  51. 51. Cnfidential 51 B2C
  52. 52. Cnfidential 52 B2B
  53. 53. Cnfidential Maersk: Social Media Strategy • Strategy: Tell stories about the business – Each social channel has its own approach • ROI: – Increased brand awareness – Higher employee satisfaction – New market insights – Closer to customers 53
  54. 54. Cnfidential Maersk Campaign Example • Story : How Maersk shipping containers navigate the frozen Baltic Sea • Campaign: FB > Landing Page > (Gated) Brochure on anti-freeze services • ROI: 150 “Hot Leads” passed to Sales 54
  55. 55. Cnfidential Maersk Social Media Strategy: Each Maersk social channel has its own approach – Instagram: Followers can post pictures of ships, #Maersk – LinkedIn: Maersk posts articles about work culture & jobs Outcome Study: Maersk second only to Lego in terms of Facebook engagement (1.5m FB fans, 15% customers). 55
  56. 56. Cnfidential 56
  57. 57. Cnfidential 57
  58. 58. Cnfidential 58
  59. 59. Cnfidential Failed Practice: Heifer Non-Profit: Heifer International • Spent: £2,800 on Facebook Ads • Reached: 6.4 million Users • Engaged: 1,000s of Likes & Shares • Effect: 30 Donations • ROI: £13.50 spent for every £1 raised 59 B2C
  60. 60. Cnfidential Facebook Pro Tips As the Maersk success story highlights, an integrated marketing strategy is key to social media success. Don’t look at your Facebook page as a silo but think about how you can integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. This is more efficient and creates impact. As the Heifer case study shows: While it is important to count shares, likes and engagement on your FB page, if Facebook “success” does not translate into your company achieving their business goals (e.g. more revenue), your strategy is NOT working. If you have 10,000 followers but none of them converts into a paying customers, it’s no good. Don’t get hung up on social media metrics, they are a means to an end and there to help you understand how you can optimize your marketing to reach higher level goals. Your stats are there to inform you how to convert from input (resources) to meaningful output (revenue). 60
  61. 61. Cnfidential Homework Assignment 2 Unit 2: Write a 200-300 words article, answering the question : “Is Facebook more suitable for B2C or B2B marketing?” You are expected to take a position based on all the materials covered in Unit 2 and support your opinion with facts. 61