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CONTENT SYNDICATION            E-COMMERCE                            business                                             ...
The Fight for Channel                       Marketing Effectiveness                       Whether you work for a digital m...
The Need to Close the Gap                                                Between Partners and Content                     ...
Your clients need a solution that’s simple and automated so it’s easy for                           small partners to mana...
control which agents see what content                                      Channel marketing for VARs and long-tail partne...
Conclusion: Guide Your Clients to                          Better Channel Marketing                          Companies acr...
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Whitepaper elevate your client-relationships-by-solving-the-channel-marketing-challenge


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‘Even if the company is maintaining an existing brand, it’s often a struggle to ensure updated branding and messaging on partner sites’

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Whitepaper elevate your client-relationships-by-solving-the-channel-marketing-challenge

  1. 1. CONTENT SYNDICATION E-COMMERCE business BUSINESS INTEGRATION integration BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Elevate your Client Relationships by Solving the Channel Marketing Challenge For Consultants and Agencies For Consultants and Agencies Website: E-mail: E-mail:America: +1-800-624-6354 North PhoneAmerica: +1-800-624-6354 North USA: +1-781-272-4252 Europe: +31-20-658 90 00 Phone+61-41-185-8810 Asia: Europe: +31-20-658-9000 Europe: +31-20-658 90 00 Phone Asia: +61-41-185-8810 Asia: +61-41-185-8810 1 TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Solutions
  2. 2. The Fight for Channel Marketing Effectiveness Whether you work for a digital marketing agency, when it comes to maximizing the value of their partner relationships. After all, nearly every organization with a and resources keeping these relationships active, up-to- business focus, these companies must address two key challenges in managing these relationships: maintaining bandwidth and/or expertise.‘Even if the company Every organization wants to control its brand messaging. Yet this is easier said than done. When a company acquires or launches a new brand, itis maintaining an must often bring on new partners while encouraging existing partners toexisting brand, it’s update messaging. Even if the company is maintaining an existing brand, it’s often a struggle to ensure updated branding and messagingoften a struggle to on partner sites.ensure updated At the same time, it’s not unusual for your client to dedicate just one orbranding and two channel marketing managers to handle dozens, hundreds, or evenmessaging on thousands of partner relationships. These managers almost always lack the time and resources needed to keep all partners updated with thepartner sites’ latest content and messaging. To complicate matters, the partners are focused on making sales to boost the bottom line – leaving little to no time for marketing-focused efforts. Even a partner with a dedicated web development team often lacks the resources to update its site with a company’s latest and greatest messaging. That’s because, in many cases, the partner is selling multiple solutions for multiple vendors – and needs to maintain and update messaging for all of them.2 TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Solutions
  3. 3. The Need to Close the Gap Between Partners and Content In spite of these challenges, now more than ever, it’s critical for agencies and consultancies such as yours to help clients bridge the gap between their partners and their content. One reason is that your clients’ potential customers are researching and purchasing through multiple Three channel avenues – including via partner sites. To make the shortlist of possible marketing solutions, your clients need to market effectively via every channel, including partner sites. “Omnichannel marketing is about being present imperatives: or available across the consumer’s behavioral path: each potential Provide high-quality content contact point integrated with all others…. The implication for marketers Make the content accessible is to start building the infrastructure to deliver an integrated experience in multiple digital locations in the omnichannel world or face the prospect of being left behind.” 1 Ensure partners understand the impact of content These days, effective marketing often hinges on providing top-notch content that prospective buyers can easily access and consume. After all, with today’s buyers in control of the purchase process, your clients are increasingly relying on their content to make a connection with and impression on prospects as they conduct online research. Consider that IDG Connect’s research found that poor content reduces the likelihood of a vendor making the shortlist by 30%.2 It’s no wonder 9 out of 10 B2B organizations are marketing with content.3 At the same time, more organizations are turning to agencies and consultancies such as yours to help them address their marketing challenges. It’s projected that digital marketing agencies will double in quantity in 2013 due to growing demand.4 In fact, more than half of marketers surveyed by PulsePoint said they expect to increase their relationships with digital agencies in the next twelve months.5 The Solution: Channel Content Syndication partners updated with the latest content, but this sends visitors away from the partners’ sites. Plus, the content is not rendered optimally for the site visitor because it was not developed with the partner’s site design in mind. Other companies use unsophisticated content distribution methods, but these are often costly and hard for partners to install.1 Content Marketing Institute, 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, Forbes, Follow The Money: Digital Marketing Trends For 2013, December 20, 2012, Digital Marketing Depot, Digital Agencies 2013: A Buyer’s Guide, TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Solutions
  4. 4. Your clients need a solution that’s simple and automated so it’s easy for small partners to manage themselves, yet high tech enough to satisfy the most demanding, savvy partners. Fortunately, you and your clients can take advantage of a proven approach to effectively addressing these challenges: channel contentOne company spent 6 distribution of digital content to partner websites. But this distributionmonths building a mas- feeds, or web content or digital asset management systems. With channelsive XML feed, and only content syndication, companies can easily publish, control and trackfour partners are using rich content experiences on a limitless number of third-party websites. Moreover, they can simplify marketing processes, enhance the overallit – and it took 3 weeks experience within the channel and, in some cases, generate implement just onepartner. On the other possible for consultancies and agencies such as yours to help theirhand, a telecommunica- clients address these requirements. Because the platform is cloud-basedtions company used TIE and adaptability to support your small and large clients, even as needsKinetix platform change and grow. This enterprise-capable platform featuring advanced functionality is used by some of the world’s biggest brands to manageand quickly registered1,000 partners. analytics that provide insight into how content is being consumed. Channel Content Syndication Across Industries Channel content syndication is used by a range of companies to great popular ways of using content syndication include: Channel marketing for insurance companies Content monetization for publishers and media companies Channel marketing for insurance When it comes to syndicating content, many large insurance companies go through a build-versus-buy decision-making process. Insurance companies are very concerned about control, automation, and streamlined processes that tie into multichannel marketing because of HIPAA compliance laws that require them to update policies on agent sites. In fact, they usually assume no third-party solution can address their needs. TIE Kinetix can integrate into all platforms and gives insurance their focus to an area that is not their core expertise, these companies can take advantage of the sixth iteration of the TIE Kinetix platform, Publish ‘mass updates’ across agents’ existing websites agent’s website TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Solutions
  5. 5. control which agents see what content Channel marketing for VARs and long-tail partners Vendors that work with channel partners want to help these partners market their products, whether that means generating interest or and keep all their partners engaged and productive. By tapping into the TIE Kinetix platform, they can easily provide their partners with updated content and even leads, while empowering their partners to maintain a With TIE’s channel syndication solution, vendors can provide partners and campaign updates instantly. Vendors can dynamically deliver co- Why your clients should build content syndication techno- action buttons and lead capture forms where appropriate, helping to logy into their global partner strategies. Content syndication helps ensure: Partners are using content channel partners can integrate targeted lead lists, deploy a co-branded as intended and at the right time. All partners present automated, co-branded email campaigns directly from the vendor. consistent content, to avoid confusing prospects and customers. critical moment by displaying syndicated content, whether a photo, Information hits the marketplace in real time. channel partners are often long-tail partners underserved by channel enablement efforts6, the ability to syndicate content to sway a purchase is a tremendous opportunity for vendors. Content monetization for publishers As publishers see a decline in print and advertising revenues, they’re seeking ways to get into the digital revenue stream by monetizing their existing content and relationships. For example, some are packaging their content, such as product reviews and tours, and selling it to vendors to use on their own sites. Using content syndication, publishers can easily monetize their content by: based data Providing an added value to the web experience, which helps convert Instantly updating and tracking with award-winning web analytics65 TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Solutions
  6. 6. Conclusion: Guide Your Clients to Better Channel Marketing Companies across industries are seeking to maximize the value of their partner relationships. Increasingly, these companies are turning to agencies and consultancies such as yours to address this requirement. toward addressing your and your clients’ unique challenges and goals.Did you know? and robust of marketing tools. TIE Kinetix has vast experience working‘TIE Kinetix Content with consultants and agencies such as yours: we understand yourSyndication Solutions business model and how your clients rely on you to guide them onare consultant-friendlyand geared towardaddressing your and check out this short informative video:your clients’ Contact us For more information on Content Syndication please contact: TIE Kinetix Website: E-mail: North America Europe Asia TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Solutions