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Kiril Lazarov - Interactive postcard


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My hero on interactive postcard

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Kiril Lazarov - Interactive postcard

  1. 1. KIRE LAZAROV MY HERO Marija Cvetkovska- VIII3 Primary School Joakim Krcovski Kriva Palanka Macedonia
  2. 2. FamilyBiography Personal data Professional career Career World and European Championships Photos Bibliography Back
  3. 3. Kiril Lazarov (in Macedonian: Кирил Лазаров) who was born on the 10th of May 1980, is Macedonian handball player who plays for Barcelona. He is the captain of the Macedonian national handball team as well. He holds the record for scoring the most goals at one World Men’s Handball Championship . He is also the best scorer of all times in the Champions League. Because of his strength he is considered one of the best handball scorers of all times. Back Biography
  4. 4. Name and surname Kire Lazarov Born 10 May 1980 Sveti Nikole Nacionality Macedonian Height 1,93 Weight 98kg Playing position Right back Personal data Back
  5. 5. When he was 17 years old he met his future wife Ljubica, who was born in Gostivar. They got married in June 2006 after their long relationship, and now they have two children, a son Blagojche and a daughter Lana. His brother Filip Lazarov is a famous Macedonian handball player, too. Photos with the family The Family Back
  6. 6. Kire with his wife Kire with his brother Filip Kire with his childrenBack
  7. 7.  Lazarov is the captain of the Macedonian national handball team and plays on the position of right back. He is also the best scorer of all times in the history of the World Handball Championships.  During his career, Lazarov played for many handball teams across Europe such as:.  HC Ovche Pole (1991-1994)  HC Borec Veles (1994-1997)  HC Pelister (1997-2000)  HC Zagreb (2000-2002)  HC Vesprem (2002-2007)  HC Zagreb (2007-2010)  Atletico Madrid BM (2010-2013)  HC Barcelona (2013 – now) Professional career Back
  8. 8.  In 2010 Lazarov signed a contract with the team Atletico Madrid from Spain for the amount of 125.000 euro. In 2013 he went to play for “Barcelona”.  In January 2015 the Croatian media published the information that Lazarov’s annual salary in “Barcelona” was 450.000 euro and that he is the third best paid handball player in the world after Domagoj Duvnjak and Nikola Karabatich. In February 2015 he signed another contract with Barcelona for the next two years till the end of the playing season in 2016/2017. Career Back
  9. 9. World Men’s Handball Championship 2009 European Men’s Handball Championship 2012 European Men’s Handball Championship 2014 World and European Championships Back
  10. 10. On the 29th of January 2009 Lazarov scored 92 goals and set a new world record on the World Handball Championship that took place in Croatia. He broke the world record set by the Korean player Kjung- Sin Juna on the World Handball Championship that took place in Iceland where he scored 86 goals. World Men’s Handball Championship 2009 Back
  11. 11. On the 27th of January 2012 Lazarov set another record as the best scorer at the European Men’s Handball Championship 2012 which took place in Serbia , where he scored 62 goals and broke the record from 2002 set by the Icelander Olafur Stefanson and the Swedish Stefan Lovgren at the European Handball Championship in Sweden where they scored 57 goals. European Men’s Handball Championship 2012 Back
  12. 12.  At the opening of the Championship the Macedonian national team lost the game against Denmark with 21-29 where Lazarov only scored 7 goals but two days later at the game against the Czech team which ended 24-24 , he was the best scorer once more scoring 12 goals which is half of the total goals scored by his team.  At this game he was announced to be the best handball player in the Macedonian national team. At the whole European Championship Lazarov scored 38 goals in 5 matches ( on the last match against Spain he did not play). European Men’s Handball Championship 2014 Back
  13. 13. Back
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