IT professionals from Ukraine (relocation services)


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Intercomputer GS offers HR companies in Germany cooperation, in which we help filling the positions with specialists from Ukraine with all relocation papers settled.

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IT professionals from Ukraine (relocation services)

  1. 1. Relocation package and legal/organizational support included
  2. 2. Germany faced a shortfall of 117,300 skilled workers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, according to the Cologne Institute of Economic Research's Spring report, which predicts a gap of nearly one million skilled staff by 2020 (The Wall Street Journal, any-grapples-with-growing- shortage-of-skilled-labor- 1402064223).
  3. 3. • There is a huge demand in Germany for IT resources. • Companies need resources, but don’t want to take the risks and organizational efforts of relocation. • And here is where we can help
  4. 4. What if we tell you it is possible to close even the most challenging positions – without having to search the whole Germany trying to spot the right candidate? All you need to do is partner with us and get access to the rich pool of Ukrainian IT resources, who are: experienced, motivated, hardworking, having all the documents in place.
  5. 5. We are a German IT company with experience of 14+ working on Ukrainian market with head office in Dortmund Technology Center,Dortmund. We speak English and German from one side and Russian and Ukrainian from the other side and have our own development office in Ukraine. We know the IT labor market in Ukraine perfectly well. We have the unique ability of offering chosen candidates relocation packages (visa,travel permission,help with the language and place of living, etc). Result: you can freely offer them to your clients,thus growing your business by developing innovative ways of solving actual problems
  6. 6.  Free search of suitable candidates based on requirements from the Client  Test of skills and knowledge of chosen candidates  Organization of preliminary interviews by the agency specialists  Control of execution of test tasks by the Candidates  Organization of onsite or online interviews for the Company or end Client  Having the 3 months trial period with 20% discount  Concluding official contract with our company for candidate employment by the client (outstaffing)  Possibility of moving the Blue Card candidate from Agency to the Client company after 1.5 years of work (stated in agreement) • Cutting costs on expenses you spend on searching candidates (including time and payment for work of HR personnel and/or agencies) • Cutting salary costs during employment term of the Candidate • Cutting supplementary costs (taxes, insurances, etc) which you have with usual employment
  7. 7. • European mentality, • close geographically, • profound University education, • leading places among countries with booming IT outsourcing, • excellent IT resource pool, • active people looking for new opportunities.
  8. 8. Offices in Germany and Ukraine Reputation, maturity, certification, 14+ years on the market Deep understanding of both markets Attentive detail-oriented approach Excellent team
  9. 9. We agree on partnership You inform us about the vacancies you need to fill We offer the resources, conduct and organize interviews. Once the candidate is approved, we prepare all the documents and bring the candidate to Germany. We guarantee the candidate replacement and take all the risks on us, if there appear any. You get your client satisfaction and filled positions
  10. 10. Contact us: Tel.: +49 (231) 97675 – 870 Fax: +49 (231) 97675 - 880 Intercomputer Global Services GmbH Emil-Figge-Str. 80, 44227 Dortmund, Germany